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Welcome to Articles for improvement!
(And you thought all the juicy articles had already been written...)

We identify and collaborate upon underdeveloped articles that require improvement. Our goal is to use widespread collaborative editing to improve articles over a short time frame. So far, we have improved hundreds of articles; some have even been promoted to good or featured article status! Boldly edit the current article for improvement, or join the project today!

This week's article for improvement is:

The arts

Previous selections: Motion · Juice · Antebellum South

How to contribute[edit]

  • Check out the project's Articles for improvement page. Just start editing and help to improve our selected articles!
  • You can nominate an article for us to work on.
  • You may join the project by adding your name to the members list, and can sign up for weekly notices.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to ask at our talk page, and also at the Teahouse or Help desk.
  • If you are new to Wikipedia, you may find Wikipedia's tutorial useful - it covers the basics of Wikipedia in under an hour.
  • Be bold! Articles here can be edited at any time by all users, regardless of project membership status.


The project's four main tasks are to:

  • Coordinate and collaborate to improve articles.
  • Identify candidate articles.
  • Select the order they appear on the community portal in the Articles for improvement section.
  • Assess and track our accomplishments.

Project organisation[edit]


Articles follow the following process to be selected as an Article For Improvement:
Nominations page Articles list
  1. Articles are submitted and approved by participating editors at the nominations page.
  2. Successful nominations are listed at the articles list. Articles on that page can be improved at any time.
  3. One article is randomly selected from the list of articles each week, which is placed in the schedule.
  4. A few weeks later, it's that article's turn to be the week's selected AFI article!

Project accomplishments[edit]

Some of our notable accomplishments include:
Article Accomplishments Notes
Entertainment Expanded from Start-Class to Good Article. Promoted to GA on 27 February 2013
Writer Expanded from Stub-Class (c.4K bytes to c.66K bytes).
Sea Expanded from Start-Class to Featured Article Promoted to FA on 5 October 2013
Life sciences Expanded from Stub-class to C-class (c.3K bytes to c.76K bytes)
Solar activity Did you know? article for 21 Sep 2014
Animatronics Did you know? article for 21 Sep 2014
Steak Expanded from Start-class to Good article (c.8K bytes to c.37K bytes). Promoted to GA on 25 November 2014
Solar activity Expanded from a Disambiguation page to a C-class article. (c.1K to 70K bytes)
Deep frying
  • Expanded from Start-class to B-class (3.7kB to 13kB)
  • Improved to Good Article as a further collaboration (14kB, ~2,400 words)
  • Did you know? article for 15 November 2015 (diff), having qualified per being promoted to GA status
Promoted to GA on 17 September 2015
Hors d'oeuvre
  • Improved from start-class to c-class.

Did you know? article for 15 January 2016

  • Improved from start-class to c-class.

Did you know? article for 9 February 2016

– See the Accomplishments page for additional articles.


The project member list is located at the Members page.


Our assessment criteria and procedure are explained on the Assessment page. Like many other WikiProjects, AFI assesses the articles it is involved with. Unlike other projects, we only assess the article's state before and immediately after its week of collaborative editing – that improvement is one (but not the only) measure of our success.

Automation and templates[edit]

AFI makes use of various templates. See the Automation page for details, including banners, talk page messages, user and project maintenance templates. The project's bot tasks are also listed here, currently undertaken by MusikBot.



The Articles for Improvement archives are split over several pages:

  • Nominations (including both successful and failed nominations)
  • Scheduled pages that appeared as the AFI
  • Holding area (historical, 2013–2015), consisting of articles that were successfully nominated but never selected as the AFI

The accomplishments page also includes a record of selections since 2013 alongside other information. Some archives of a predecessor version of this project that existed c. 2012 are located as subpages. This project was previously known as "Today's article for improvement" (TAFI), and there may be a few remnants of the renaming in places.

Project management[edit]

AFI Scheduling (automated checklist)
Item This week Next week Week after
1. Weekly page created Yes Yes Yes
2. Article specified Yes Yes Yes
3. Picture/file chosen Yes Yes Yes
4. Caption written Yes Yes Yes
It is currently week 40 of 2023. Purge this page to refresh the checklist.

See the Project management page for information.

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