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The community is a term used by those associated with Wikipedia to describe those who should be considered as being a part of Wikipedia, though opinions vary on who exactly this is. From the point of view of the Wikimedia Foundation, the community normally includes both millions of readers plus hundreds of thousands of past and present editors.

Most editors here at the English Wikipedia include only editors in their concept, such as the 123,092 registered editors who have made an edit during the last month, even though most of the article writing is done by unregistered (IP) editors. (Registered editors create most pages and do most of the formatting and repetitive gnoming.) Some might argue that wmf:Staff are part of the community or that wmf:Chapters are a part as well, though these concepts are not widely accepted.

Some people have a narrow view: to them, the community is only those people who have hundreds or thousands of edits and also publicly participate in discussions in the Wikipedia project namespace, usually meaning people whose names they personally recognize. Some misguided individuals use the term the community as just another way of saying people who agree with them.

A variant term with a different connotation is the communities, which emphasizes a collection of different groups.

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