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This proposal has been released as a public policy poll for the community. Please vote there, not here.


Most of the current proposals regarding userboxes have been very extremist- either delete all the NPOV templates, subst them onto userpages, or keep them all. This proposal attempts to create a policy that will fit everyone - alas, not an easy task, but one which hopefully might happen.


Here's what this proposal does:

  1. Creates the Userbox: namespace as an official Wikipedia namespace, which will be declared to have legal POVs (much like the User: namespace).
  2. Moves all UBX to the Userbox: namespace.
  3. Enables UBX in the Userbox: namespace to be usable by the current template tags, in this manner: {{Userbox:UBX_NAME}} (much like how currently one can create a template at {{User:USERNAME/UBX_NAME}} and can use it as a userbox).
  4. Allows the use of the Userbox: namespace on all userpages.
  5. Does not allow the use of templates in the Userbox: namespace to be used in articles (aside from on WP:UBX, to show what userboxes are).
  6. Applies the same policy for userboxes that are currently on userpages: if it is blatantly against a specific group, person, etc. (eg, "I want to kill all the __insert_group_here__"), it can be placed up for deletion.


It is my firm hope that this proposal can come to vote and become Wikipedia policy, to finally end this debate which is grimly dividing Wikipedia. A straw poll on this proposal can be found at Wikipedia:TheTrueSora's UBX Proposal/Straw Poll.

Alternative and previous proposals[edit]