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There have been many Wikipedia:Templates for discussion (TfD) debates over the years. This page summarizes how various types of articles, subjects, and issues have often been dealt with on TfD. It is modeled on the equivalent pages for AfD and RfD. However, there are significant differences between AfD, RfD and TfD, chiefly that the other debates are often focused on whether the topic is notable, whereas there is no standard or requirement for notability of templates.

Citing this page in TfD[edit]

This page summarizes what some editors believe are the typical outcomes of past TfD discussions for some commonly nominated types of templates. This page is not a policy or guideline, and previous outcomes do not bind future ones because consensus can change. All templates should be evaluated individually on their merits and their usefulness to readers. As guidelines and actual practice change, this page should be updated to reflect current outcomes.

Don't rely too much on these "common outcomes" when stating a case at Templates for discussion. Precedent can be useful to help resolve these debates, but editors are not bound to follow past practice. Furthermore, for most examples on this page, counter-examples exist. This page describes some past practices; it does not prescribe mandates for the future.

This page simply attempts to summarize Wikipedia's common daily practice in template debates. If you feel that a common outcome for the type of template you are discussing does not apply, then give a common-sense reason, or another guideline, for why it shouldn't apply.


Squad navboxes[edit]

Consensus has generally held that teams placing 4th or lower in a competition (Summer Olympics, Basketball World Cup, etc) do not merit a navbox for the squad members.

Examples of previous discussions

Single-game templates[edit]

With the implementation of labelled-section transclusion, it has become easier to transclude specific blocks of code from one article to another. Prior to 2019, a single match (generally for tournaments or leagues in sports such as cricket or football) would be stored as a template and transcluded to 2-3 locations: the main "schedule" article, and the articles of the teams' seasons.

While there have not been enough discussions on these templates from before 2019, the emerging consensus is that new/upcoming seasons should have the match results on a centralized page, which can then be transcluded to the individual team articles as necessary,

Wrapper templates[edit]

Unused templates[edit]

Unused templates are generally deleted, especially if the creator is inactive, the template has been replaced (either by a better template or via WP:LST in the original article), it is full of redlinks, etc (basically if there is no reasonable use for it).

In rare cases, a user may request that the template be userfied/draftified so that it can be worked on.

Track listings[edit]

Hidden track listings, such as those that appear in {{infobox album}}, are generally deleted if there exists a navbox containing the same (or similar) information. These templates are also often deleted if they do not have many bluelinks.