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Tier 1: most reliable[edit]

Peer-reviewed publications[edit]

  • Peer-reviewed articles in academic journals, e.g. Science [1] or Nature [2]
  • Literature reviews, systematic reviews, and other review articles
  • Peer-reviewed conference papers
  • Examples:
    • Malawey, Victoria (2014). "'Find out what it means to me': Aretha Franklin's gendered re-authoring of Otis Redding's 'Respect'". Popular Music. 33 (2): 185–207. doi:10.1017/S0261143014000270. S2CID 161360928.
    • Lordi, Emily J. (2016). "Souls intact: The soul performances of Audre Lorde, Aretha Franklin, and Nina Simone". Women & Performance. 26 (1): 55–71. doi:10.1080/0740770X.2016.1183981. S2CID 194498055.

Academic books[edit]

Tier 2: more reliable[edit]

Non-peer-reviewed academic publications[edit]

Mass-market books[edit]

Highly-reputable international journalism[edit]

Tier 3: reliable[edit]

Tertiary sources[edit]

Other generally reliable news sources[edit]

Expert self-published[edit]

Tier 4: limited use[edit]

Non-expert self-published[edit]

Questionable sources[edit]

Primary sources[edit]

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