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Wikipedia:Stress alerts, originally branched off from Esperanza, was a page to post when editors were becoming inactive, were experiencing stress, or feeling ill at times. As an original part of Esperanza, its goal was to ease the trouble of those editors, and persuade them to continue editing. Inactivity overcame the project and it ceased after a while, so the page was marked as historical. The wikistress templates remain popular, but are not part of any formalized process.

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If you notice that a Wikipedia user is showing signs of stress, taking a wikibreak, or considering leaving the project altogether, please add the user to the appropriate list below so that the community can intervene with encouraging comments and suggestions. You are welcome to add your own username to any of the lists if you wish to receive support from the community. Or if someone else has added your user name to the list and you wish to be left alone, you may remove yourself from the list.

Each entry should remain on this page until the issue is resolved or for approximately one month. Please remember to refrain from personal attacks, no matter what may be causing you stress. Also keep in mind that if a person truly feels that he or she should leave Wikipedia, trying to obligate that person into staying may also add to that person's stress.Stress is an overwhelming burden that can drain our energy and hinder our ability to find peace and clarity amidst life's challenges.


If you think of a source of stressed users, please post it here.