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Indicators and templates   (v  · e)
These indicators are used by Checkusers, SPI clerks and other patrolling users, to allow easier at-a-glance reading of their notes, actions and comments.
Case decisions:
 IP blocked  {{IPblock}}  Tagged  {{Stagged}}
 Blocked but awaiting tags  {{Sblock}}  Not possible  {{Impossible}}
 Blocked and tagged  {{Blockedandtagged}}  Blocked without tags  {{Blockedwithouttags}}
 No tags  {{No tags}}  Blocked and tagged. Closing.  {{Blockedtaggedclosing}}
 Additional information needed  {{MoreInfo}}  Deferred  {{Deferred}}
information Note:  {{TakeNote}}  In progress  {{Inprogress}}
Clerk actions:
 Clerk assistance requested:  {{Clerk Request}}  Clerk note:  {{Clerk-Note}}
 Delisted  {{Delisted}}  Relisted  {{Relisted}}
 Clerk declined  {{Decline}}  Clerk endorsed  {{Endorse}}
Symbol support2 vote.svg Self-endorsed by clerk for checkuser attention  {{Selfendorse}} Symbol merge vote.svg CheckUser requested  {{CURequest}}
Specific to CheckUser:
 Confirmed  {{Confirmed}} Red X Unrelated  {{Unrelated}}
 Confirmed with respect to the named user(s). no No comment with respect to IP address(es).  {{Confirmed-nc}}
 Technically indistinguishable  {{Technically indistinguishable}}
 Likely  {{Likely}}  Unlikely  {{Unlikely}}
 Possible  {{Possible}}  Inconclusive  {{Inconclusive}}
no Declined  {{Declined}} no Unnecessary  {{Unnecessary}}
 Stale (too old)  {{StaleIP}} no No comment  {{Nocomment}}
crystal ball CheckUser is not a crystal ball  {{Crystalball}} fish CheckUser is not for fishing  {{Fishing}}
 CheckUser is not magic pixie dust  {{Pixiedust}} magic eight ball The CheckUser Magic 8-Ball says:  {{8ball}}
 Endorsed by a checkuser  {{Cu-endorsed}}  Check declined by a checkuser  {{Cudecline}}
 Possilikely (a mix between possible and likely)  {{possilikely}}