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Sausage makers creating the next sausage to be submitted for tasting

Welcome! Thank you for joining the judges panel at Sausages for tasting. We are a diverse group of sausage aficionados who have volunteered our time to bring the world the best tasting sausages. Sausages with our mark of approval are available to everyone, free of charge.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of our taste testings:

Taste first[edit]

Above all else, we only recommend a sausage if it tastes good. It must be made with quality ingredients that deliver a full flavor experience.

Sausage factories[edit]

During all taste testing, judges are to remain neutral in regards to how the sausage is made. Issues with a sausage makers connections or trading in the farming and livestock markets should be taken up with the Sausage Integrity Board or the Sausage Makers Senate, and have no bearing on the taste of the sausage.


We are not here to judge the quality of the packaging. All sausages should be removed from their packaging and placed in the standard black box before tasting. Issues with markings on sausage casings can be fixed with our patent-pending sausage casing cleaning process. In extreme cases, a sausage casing replacement may be used.

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