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SAGE Stats

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Sage Publications is offering access to two statistics-related resources:

  • SAGE Stats, a data platform containing social science data covering geographies within the United States and topics such as healthcare, crime, education, employment, religion, and government finances. For more information, see its website.
  • US Political Stats collection, which provides data visualizations and research tools related to US Congress, the US Supreme Court, and the US Presidency. For more information, see its website.

There are 10 one-year accounts available to Wikipedians.


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Example citation

{{cite web|title=Sotomayor Nomination – Confirmation (in Senate) by State|date=6 August 2009|accessdate=12 March 2015|work=US Political Stats|publisher=SAGE|url=,154876}} {{Subscription or libraries|s}}
  • "Sotomayor Nomination – Confirmation (in Senate) by State". US Political Stats. SAGE. 6 August 2009. Retrieved 12 March 2015. (Subscription may be required or content may be available in libraries.)