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Repeating the same task over and over can be really tedious

Robotic editing is the manual performance of the same or similar edit to multiple, perhaps numerous pages. It is not technically robotic, but is done humanhandedly when needed. It can be monotonous with little or no thought about what is being done after a while.

When is robotic editing necessary?[edit]

Some examples of when robotic editing is necessary are:

What you should know[edit]

Here are some things you should know if ever you edit robotically:

  • Remember what you are doing: If you get too carried away, you may unintentionally mess up, thereby necessitating many more similar edits.
  • Use the edit summary to let others know what you just did. You can make it very simple if you want to edit efficiently, such as "+cat" or "+nav."
  • If marking the edits as "minor," be sure that these edits meet Wikipedia's minor edit guidelines. Otherwise, do not mark them as minor.
  • You may be considered a bot, and may be subject to the bot policy on bot-like editing. Make sure your edits have consensus, and that their purpose is well-explained in the edit summaries.

Show appreciation[edit]

Robotic editing is challenging not in the information that is provided. In most cases, the information in a robotic edit is quite simple. But it sure can wear one down.

In the event that another editor performed a series of robotic edits that you had planned on, it is strongly recommended that you award a barnstar to that editor. The Working Man's Barnstar is appropriate for these situations.

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