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Artificial Intelligence[edit]


  • Cognitive robotic abstract machine (CRAM) is a plugin for the ROS robot control software which formulates high level tasks. Fluents and events are created in the Lisp language.[3] The software was developed at the Technische Universität München for the restricted domain of controlling the robot Rosie.[4]
  • Cranfield assembly benchmark It's a standardized assembly task in robotics to compare different robot software implementations. [5] It was invented in 1985.[6] The Cranfield benchmark isn't able to control a robot, but it measures if a given control software works accurate.
  • Crystal island (video game) is a serious game about an epidemic outbreak on an island.[7] The narrative planning is realized with the shop2 HTN planner.[8] The goal recognition of the human player works with bayesian networks.
  • Curriculum learning increases the efficiency of a neural network learning algorithm. It uses domain heuristics, for example a vocabulary in natural language. to adapt the neural network better to the underlying problem.[9] In the context of robotics the idea is, that the robot learns parameterized skills similar to multimodal learning.[10]
  • Differentially Private Stochastic Gradient Descent - The foundational technique for solving optimization problems with gradient descent privately. Used in training Artificial Neural Networks. Applies Differential Privacy to machine learning.
  • Execution monitoring in robotics, a software is used to control the robot. In most cases, the software isn't able to handle all cases. The gap between the desired actions and the wished actions are determined with a formalized model. [11]
  • Factored grammars are used to create valid paraphrases in natural language generation [12]
  • FightingICE is an AI challenge for implementing a two player fight game. The software was created at the Ritsumeikan University, japan to test different game AI strategies like monte carlo tree search for playing video games with Artificial Intelligence. The system has much in common with the OpenAI gym platform which is also a game based environment for developing AI bots.[13]
  • Fuzzy boom Was a period in which Fuzzy logic was researched with an optimistic attitude. The first Fuzzy boom was in Japan from 1984-1990 in which large tech companies like Fuji Electric have created consumer products and home applications. The second boom was in Europe from 1990-1995.[14] [15] Draft:Fuzzy boom in preparation
  • Fuzzy identification, creating the forward model by analyzing the input and output of a system. The concept is similar to system identification in the model predictive control domain but it is working with fuzzy models instead of differential equations. The numerical values of the input/output set are clustered and transformed into fuzzy predicates.[16]
  • Fuzzy q-learning A model free learning algorithm to control complex systems. The input space is mapped to the action signals with the help of fuzzy rules.[17]
  • Fuzzy state automaton, mathematical model of computation which is allowed to reach in-between states described in natural language. It's sometimes called a Fuzzy state machine or a Fuzzy Automaton.[18]
  • Fuzzy turing machine A fuzzy set is converted into a command which is executed on a computer. It is a tool to analyze fuzzy algorithms. In contrast to normal turing machines, uncertainty is handled on a machine level.[19]
  • Gaussian mixture regression is an interpolation algorithm to determine trajectories from existing clusters. An application is imitation learning in robotics.[20] The method is preinstalled in the Scikit-learn library.[21]
  • Goal oriented action planning (GOAP) A method for AI planning in video games similar to the STRIPS planning system. A path is generated through the symbolic states of the game. GOAP was invented in 2005 for controlling non-player characters in the game F.E.A.R.[22]
  • Goal stack, in a cognitve architecture a goal stack is similar to a rule stack and the working memory a module in the problem solving process. The STRIPS symbolic language is using a goal stack for managing subgoals. [23][24]
  • Grid world (simulation) is a simulated ecosystem to investigate artificial life algorithms.[25] Its realized with a 2d game engine for visualizing the behavior of agents.[26]
  • Hyper-redundant manipulator is a snake-like robot arm with a large amount of kinematics redundancy, it generates a control problem with a high amount of degree of freedom [27] [28]
  • Knowledge container - used in case based reasoning for storing information vocabulary and cases.[29] Traces of past experiences can be hold in knowledge containers as well.[30]
  • Knowledge to text - technique of converting ontologies, given in the RDF format, into textual content, written in natural language.[31] Its some kind of verbalizing algorithm to generate different natural language output.
  • 'Less than one'-shot learning - An extreme few-shot learning problem setting where a learner must recognize more object categories than the number of examples it is shown. This is different from both one-shot learning and zero-shot learning. One way to achieve 'less than one'-shot learning is to label a small number of examples using soft labels so that each example simultaneously provides information about multiple classes. This technique works with both neural networks and classic machine learning algorithms like the k-nearest neighbors algorithm. 'Less than one'-shot learning can reduce the data and compute requirements for AI development. [32] [33] [34]
  • Mario AI - Artificial Intelligence platform and competition to create an ingame NPC, which is able to play a jump'n'run game autonomously [35]
  • Matlab fuzzy logic toolbox is plugin for Matlab to build fuzzy control systems, annual license cost is 430 US$, it provides a graphical user interface to create fuzzy rules and adjust the membership function, according to the amount of papers in which the software was mentioned it's the de-facto standard in creating fuzzy systems in an educational context [36] [37]
  • Motion graph a motion capture recording is converted into a directed graph for storing the human trajectories in a database [38]
  • Neutrosophic logic is an extension of Fuzzy logic invented in 1995. It contains of truth values plus a separate false value taken from the interval zero to one.[39]
  • Non-axiomatic reasoning system (NARS), an example for Artificial General Intelligence which contains of inference rules and self-control [40]
  • Qualitative physics Common sense knowledge about the mechanical world is expressed in machine readable models. It is often combined with a linguistic representation and allows to predict future events. [41]
  • Reward shaping in reinforcement learning "is supplying additional rewards (separate from the desired final goal) to a learning agent to guide its learning process".[42] A decent (but dated) starting point would be the brief "reward shaping" subsection from this 2009 survey.[43] Should be a child article or subsection (depending on length) to Reinforcement learning.
  • Soft gripper is an under-actuated robotic hand made of rubber material. Sometimes it has the shape of an octopus robot.[44]
  • Task specification language is a corpus of actions which are grounding a robotics problem at a semantic level.[45] A user interface is provided which accepts commands in natural language.[46]
  • Temporal abstraction is a method in reinforcement learning to reduce computational complexity. Options are included in the action space to express different time intervals which allows to build hierarchical reinforcement models.[47]
  • Tracking control, used in robotics in a semi-autonomous mode to bring a mobile robot towards a goal trajectory provided by the human operator. It is the ability of a system to follow external goals under disturbance. The underlying theory was developed in 1980.[48] There is a simple linear tracking control available and more advanced model-based systems as well.
  • Truck backer upper problem A control problem in robotics which contains of a truck and a trailer. Its a nonlinear complex domain with a practical application and was investigated with many potential algorithms. [49]
  • Universal subgoaling The SOAR cognitive architecture is a general problem solver which allows to create agents. An agent has a subgoal structure and the task is to define the next goal.[50] Another mechanism which goes into the same direction is chunking and goal reasoning.[51]
  • Vision zone is a region in a computer game, in which the player can see the opponent.[52] Non player characters need a model of perception to act intelligently.[53]
  • Wikikreator a computer program which converts Wikipedia stubs into normal articles [54] It's using a word graph for the knowledge base.
  • Wikitology is a knowledge base which was extracted from the Wikipedia encyclopedia [55] The information is stored in the RDF-triple format which can be parsed by natural language understanding systems.
  • Yaps is symbolic process simulator which was developed to control the JACK virtual human. A symbolic model is created which acts as a middle layer between graphics rendering and high level goals.[56]



  • ACTUNIV – Computer training software company. [22][verify notability]
  • Altimesh – Compiler technology company. They produce a compiler named Hybridizer which translates C# to CUDA. [23]
  • AppBrain - Android intelligence and developer services platform founded in 2010. Lifehacker NYTimes, provides free statistics frequently linked to from news articles (e.g. ArsTechnica and Entrepeneur) and scientific publications.
  • AppDirect – network of app stores [24].
  • Appuals - website increasingly seen in Google search results.
  • – Mac search spyware [25]
  • Artivatic – First End to end Insurtech AI company. [26] [27][28].
  • Aura (software) - antivirus
  • BeanOX – PC tuning software development company from Germany. [29]
  • Berkeley Speech Technologies[30][31]
  • Bitfury – Bitcoin mining company and blockchain software provider founded in 2011. [32]
  • BlockIDE – Easy to use Smart Contract platform that allows users to create and manage Smart Contracts on multiple networks [33]
  • BlockTrack – A monitoring solution for IT systems. [34]
  • CarKnow - Open-source hardware and software to connect existing vehicles to a brand-agnostic Internet application development platform. [35] [36] [37] [38]
  • Cinchy is a Toronto based dataware software company that provides a platform enabling enterprises to embrace a data centric development methodology.
  • Codehaus - Now defunct, once popular repository for Java applications. [39] [40] [41]
  • Colocation America - Colocation hosting provider.
  • - A very good C++ reference site, seems to have no advertising and does have reliable information.
  • Crokes – Founded in 2014, Crokes is a social network for authors and readers to connect with each other. Ranked best startup in Victoria (Australia), 17th best in Australia and comes in top 700 startups of world. [42] [43] [44] [45]
  • CrowdAI - Founded in 2016, CrowdAI was named as one of Forbes 2021 Most Promising AI Companies. CEO was Devaki Raj (Forbes 30 Under 30) and Chief Operating Officer was Paige Kassalen (Forbes 30 Under 30). Founders were Devaki Raj, Nic Borenstzein, and Pablo Garcia. [46] [47] [48] [49] [50]
  • CS+Social Good - student organization at Stanford.
  • Cyph - Free, signup-less, cross-platform encrypted communications. [51] [52] [53] [54]
  • Cytora Ltd – Data analytics company that uses machine learning and unstructured web data to help insurers quantify, select and price risk. [55]; [56]; [57];[58]; [59]
  • Cylex - is a company that offers online business solutions through its main products: business directories. It was founded in 1998 and operates business directories in more than 30 countries/, most well known in UK [60] and Germany [61]
  • dB Performance - Wi-Fi fast-roaming software provider. [62] [63] [64] [65] [66]
  • Design Computation Created DC-CAD, a DOS-based Printed Circuit Board and Schematic CAD program that regularly won 'shoot-outs' against better-known names in PCB CAD software. Based in New Jersey; not sure when they started, but their heyday was the late 1980s. I think they folded in the 1990s. I can give you the name of one of their principal engineers, who could provide much detail for this page.
  • Digital West - American internet service provider. There are currently 57 pages (not counting this very page) that have a link for this company in them.
  • FlashVOS - a virtualization technology pioneer.
  • Electric Rain
  • EMPIEZO – Data science industry
  • Enterra Solutions - Cognitive company specializing in big data analytics. [67]
  • FORMVERSE Inc. - Using Patented Active Structured Email to create digital forms and workflow automation right within existing email infrastructure - [68] [69] [70]
  • FamilyAlbum (app) - a family-oriented photo and video sharing application [71] [72] [73] [74] [75]
  • Golem Network - a decentralized computational network. [76]
  • Groundswell Cloud Solutions - business and technology consulting firm headquartered in Vancouver, BC. They are a Salesforce partner. [77] [78] [79][80] [81]
  • GroupGets - crowd purchasing platform that allows users to create or join group buying campaigns for existing products or services. [82] [83] [84]
  • Greentwip - Game company founded by former Gameloft employees. [85] [86]
  • Hedvig Inc. - a software-defined storage startup based in Santa Clara, California. Founded by Avinash Lakshman in 2012 [87] [88] [89]
  • HeyFlock - website/company that hosts daily standup meetings [90]
  • Helprace - SaaS community helpdesk provider [91]
  • IBL-Unisys - Enterprise Solution Provider [92]
  • Ideamarket - Ideamarket is a trustless, permissionless, and provably fair system for managing public narratives. [93][94][95][96]
  • INAIC - The Internet Names Authority and Information Center, the authority overseeing new public and corporate Top Level Domain applications
  • Impressions Mobile Application First mobile application using deepfake technology to generate celebrity deepfakes. [97][98]
  • International Workshop on Peer-to-Peer Systems (IPTPS) Currently a redirect to Marc [99]
  • Jide Technology - Started by 3 ex-Googlers in 2014, Jide is a software company that makes its own hardware whose mission is to build products based on Android that allow for familiar productivity experiences in the mobile era of . [100] [101]
  • JSCAPE - FTP software, such as AnyClient and JSCAPE MFT Server
  • - website notorious for its design [102] [103] [104] [105]
  • Logic Supply - Global manufacturer and distributor of industrial, fanless computers [106] [107] [108] [109] [110] [111] [112]
  • Machine Learning Department - Notable research institute, ranking as number one for graduate education in machine learning and AI, a pioneer research education institute in AI and machine learning. [113] [114]
  • Melissa Data Corp. - Data Quality Software [115]
  • MetaRam - company that aims to quadruple computers' maximum RAM limits; [116][verify notability]
  • MetroNet (telecommunications company) - American fiber-optic telecommunications company providing services in Indiana and Illinois. [117]
  • Micantro Pty Ltd - Australian game-design studio based in Newcastle NSW; makes iPhone games, console games, PC games
  • Microhardxce – Canadian-based software company specializing in free educational and computer protection software. [118]
  • – Online mood board software.
  • SEO Expert – Sri Lanka based SEO Optimization company that helps people to climb up in the search platforms. [119]


  • National Injection Services - an IT services and consultancy company operating in AI, Big Data and Industrial IoT. It offers blueprint technology solutions for cloud integration in different sectors. [120]
  • netBlazr - Boston-based startup broadband company using wireless broadband technology. Offers packages for houses, apartment/condo buildings, and businesses. [121] [122] [123] Official website: [124] Supports net neutrality and has simple terms and conditions. [125] [126]
  • Netreo - IT Infrastructure Monitoring Platform company. They have been in market for 20 years. They have development centers in Irvine CA, USA and Bangalore, India[127]
  • Netsweeper - A Waterloo, ON, Canada based software company, also based in The Hague and Dubai, supplying surveillance software to schools, companies, governments, notably to ISPs in Yemen, the UAE, Pakistan and Qatar, according to the Citizen Lab.
  • Notion Ink Design Labs - Consumer Electronics; Maker of the Adam [128] and Adam II Android tablets and more recently the Cain 2 in 1 Windows device; [129]
  • ParcPlace Systems - (currently a redirect) smalltalk company
  • Pluribus Networks - company specializing in networks, network operating systems, hypervisors and network virtualization; [130]
  • Primate.js - open source project dedicated to giving engineers a truly polymorphic development platform
  • Prolific Interactive - We partner with startups and leading brands to create incredible mobile products. [131]
  • Proxima Software
  • PuppetLabs - company sponsoring the development of Puppet open source configuration management software; formerly known as Reductive Labs
  • Rivet Networks - Austin, TX based company producing Networking Hardware and Software for consumer and commercial markets. [132]
  • Rosedu (Romanian Open Source Education) - open-source organisation from Romania
  • RubyApks - Marketplace to download and publish varieties of software for free. [133]
  • Sambreel - San Diego, CA-based software company; received substantial media coverage for its browser add-on products; in 2011,received mainstream television, newspaper, and online coverage for its products Drop Down Deals, PageRage, and OverApps; in late 2011, substantial media attention focused on a disagreement between the company and popular social network website Facebook about the operations of its product, PageRage; [134]
  • Security Certified Program – company that issues the SCNS, SCNP and Security Certified Network Architect professional certifications.
  • SE Labs a security company
  • Service Strategies Corporation – company that issues the Service Capability & Performance standards.
  • Shareware Industry Awards Foundation
  • silex labs - non-profit organization; based in France; dedicated to open source web applications; official maintainer of Silex, [135]; Oof and Flog; offers open-source projects to help with their communication; [136]
  • Silverton Consulting, Inc - a storage analyst firm, headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado. The company was incorporated in April 2004 and is in the business of providing marketing collaterals to storage and system's companies. Ray Lucchesi, the Founder, has been in the data storage business since 1979 and is a co-host on the GreyBeardsOnStorage podcastand blogs at information on Silverton Consulting services can be found at Silverton Consulting's home page.Silverton consulting also provides a monthly infrastructure newsletter signup page.
  • SmartBox Web Marketing - a national private dental digital marketing agency headquartered in New Albany, Indiana. The company was listed on Inc.'s 2016 list of fastest-growing private companies in the US. SmartBox uses SEO, PPC, blogging, reputation enhancement, video, automated email marketing, and other digital tools to help dentists attract new new dentists. [137] [138] [139] [140] [141] [142] [143]
  • Snap Limited - New Zealand-based ISP (Internet Service Provider). [144]
  • Sound Particles, Lda. (Sound Particles is a software house that develops audio software and plugins in November 2016, based in Leiria, Portugal. Its core software, Sound Particles, an audio software that brings the power of computer graphics to the sound world, is used in major Hollywood productions such as Star Wars 9, Frozen II, Game of Thrones and Ready Player One. The company also has available two innovative plugins Doppler and Air.) ([145][146][147][148] [149][150][151])
  • SproutVideo - An internet video hosting service for businesses offering tools to manage video security, engagement analytics, marketing, player customizations, and branded video websites. [152] Based in Brooklyn, NY, SproutVideo is a privately held company founded in 2010 by Adam Podolnick. [153] Along with companies like Wistia and Brightcove, SproutVideo is commonly listed as an alternative for business video hosting [154], rather than larger services like YouTube and Vimeo [155], which often focus more on sharing video content widely rather than keeping videos private or restricted to a select group of people. [156] [157]
  • Steel Wool Studios - currently a redirect, a Californian video game development company best known for their work on Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted and Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach. [158] [159][160]
  • Stratus Cloud Consulting - South African based Cloud Consulting Firm. [161]
  • Telecoms Cloud - cloud communications company headquartered in Liverpool, England, which provides a Telecoms API which enables the Internet of Things, giving software developers a telecoms toolbox with tools across Voice, SMS, Data Intelligence, Storage and Fax, accessed and triggered programmatically in websites, mobile apps and Internet-connected devices [162][163][164]
  • Tkprobix - An all-round digital content creation company created by Testimony Tunmibi in 2020. Tkprobix creates various digital products ranging from games to sites and others. [165]
  • Transceptor Technologies, Inc - Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA company, founded in 1986 by people with backgrounds in medicine, visual rehabilitation, telecommunications, computer design and education, developed the Personal Companion computer [166] - also see The Power (Snap! song)
  • Ufanet - Russian Internet service provider; Ufa city, Bashkortostan; [167]
  • Userify - Enterprise Security software company, designers of an encryption key and sudo management application with a unique, decentralized design. Userify Website
  • Vewd Software AS - Vewd [168] is a company based in Oslo, Norway that develops software (List of smart TV platforms and middleware software) to enable the playback of OTT and streaming content on connected and hybrid TV devices such as Smart TVs and set-top boxes. Vewd was created when Moore Frères & Company took a majority stake in the Opera TV business unit of Opera Software ASA (now called Otello Corporation) in December 2016 [169]. The resulting company changed its name to Vewd in September 2017 [170]. As well as its Vewd Core and Vewd OS software for TV devices, Vewd offers the Vewd App Store which hosts a wide range of TV apps that can run on the Vewd platform. Vewd is a member of the HbbTV Association, and won an award for Best Multiscreen HbbTV Service in 2017.
  • Viv Labs - Developers of "Viv: the Global Brain"; Chicago Tribune article; Wired magazine article
  • VoiceThread; [171]
  • Vtiger - (currently a redirect) Developers of Vtiger CRM, an open source CRM application that grew to become the most downloaded open source CRM application on SourceForge. [172]
  • Vultr - A cloud infrastructure provider based in the United States providing cloud instances for consumers. [173]
  • Webteh - Slovenian software company that produces BS.Player


Computer books[edit]

  • devMAG [174]
  • Javapro aka JavaPro aka Java Pro Magazine [175]
  • Mike Murach & Associates, 4340 N Knoll Ave Fresno, CA; publishing books for professional programmers since 1974.[176][177][178][179][180][181][182]doi:10.1145/1113487.1113498
  • What to Do When You Get Your Hands on a Microcomputer - ISBN 0830600825; published 1982.

Computer architecture[edit]

Computer languages[edit]

  • AntLang - programming language inspired by APL using M-expressions
  • Chameneos-Redux - program used to measure programming language processing efficiency
  • CUE (programming language) - Configure Unify Execute - language similar to JSON that can be used for defining, generating, and validating data [191] [192] [193] [194]
  • dylan.NET - new language for .NET and Mono; [195]; [196]; [197]
  • EMC-SNAS EMC filesystem? EMC Scalable Network Accelerator in front of their storage?
  • G15 PMN (programming language) - G15 PMN is a "first-hand programming language", because its emphasis is as much direct relationship to data as possible. Programs are put in small cards, rather than files, and the programming style is vertical. The compilation method is similar to Forth and like Forth, it uses stacks but not heavily. Instead of objects it has "warps" (pointers). With its algorithmic network FCM, it can be used in robotics and for formal illustrations. Its platform is the concept of a minimal green Personal Computer with its own G15 CPU, which may run virtually on other types of PCs. Numerous apps incl games exist for it. [198]; [199]; [200]; [201]
  • Gura Programming Language - an iterator-oriented programming language; [202]; [203]
  • Juliar Programming Language - a free to use open source high level multi-platform semi-functional programming language and compiler that that runs on almost every platform; [https:/]
  • kryonet - Java external libraries intended for networking
  • Kvikkalkul - the secret programming language of the Swedish Navy; [204]; [205]
  • Playbasic - powerful 2d programming language using the BASIC dialect; [206]
  • WhizBase - WhizBase 5 is a hypertext pre-processor for Windows®-based web servers; [207]


The Internet[edit]

  • 9Anime is a site where you can watch Japanese anime
  • Broadcast Internet - a telecommunications term used by the broadcast television industry & the FCC, related to datacasting (broadcast distribution of digitally encoded data)... Is there a clear definition of "Broadcast Internet" & is it two-way communication? If not, can one-way conduits of information still be considered "internet"? (If so, how? Isn't it just broadcasting?) Although usage in regulatory language seems already widespread & increasing, the term seems either poorly defined or contradictory. A description derived from usage across multiple sources might be very beneficial here. [229];[230]
Multicast has been part of IP for a long time, though not so well used. Broadcast, as in over the air, is an efficient way to get a high bandwidth signal to many people. Separate IP streams are not. Maybe that is related. Gah4 (talk) 23:46, 11 December 2020 (UTC)[reply]
  • Browscap.ini - a standard for conveying browser capabilities
  • Canonical Text Service - A internet based decentralized persistent URN reference system for citation of text passages in digitised / digital documents.
  • Coding for a Cause - a movement of open-source technology advocates supporting not-for-profits by building them websites for free; [231]; [232]
  • Comparison of website change detectors - There are countless of sites and software for this, which would be quite useful an article that compares their characteristics. This could be a good starting point.
  • Colistor - a web service that manages lists and collections to organize the information the user needs to remember everyday; [233]
  • Conversion Pixel - a blank 1x1 pixel image used to track users behavior on a website; [234]
  • - one of the older Category:Web annotation systems, funded by the Foresight Institute around 1997 as a form of ?Category:Social information processing, discontinued long ago but likely to have influenced the attempts that followed it. Sole link in now is Computer-supported collaboration#Link semantics, old sample of how it looked date chosen at random. Followed in time by Smart tag (Microsoft), preceded or concurrent with other software listed under "Related Projects and Software" on its homepage. ([235] [236])
  • Discovery engine - [237] Discovery engines are special type of search engines like Stumble Upon and Pinterest.
  • DocuIndex was a BitTorrent tracker of documentary films
  • Drop-in video chat rooms
  • eduladder - a group of people who believe education should be free and accessible for everyone and they designed a web application called openlearning system. [238]
  • Explainer Web Site - A new type of web site/page making its appearance in 2014-2015 and often originating with various news organizations. These are sites that devote themselves to clear, often step-by-step and simple explanations of complex thoughts, ideas, processes and events. Examples include The Economist [239], The New York Times, Nate Silver's Fivethirtyeight. There's an article on the subject at Awl that also ranks quite a few such sites. [240]
  • Floating browser – There is a whole category of mobile browsers, at least on Android, called "Floating browsers". Two of the most popular, among many others are "Flynx" and "Flyperlink". [241] [242] [243]
  • Glosbe - website
  • Good Guy Greg - meme
  • HakuNeko is a site where you can direct download Japanese manga
  • Infinite scrolling, also called endless scrolling or scroll forever - currently redirects to Scrolling - approach to web design where browsing sets of content continually dynamically adds new material to the bottom of the page as the user scrolls downward. This is in contrast to pagination, for which there is already an article. Scrolling does not address this particular topic at all. An article on this topic needs descriptions, examples, history, philosophies, design arguments for and against, and of course references.
  • Internet keyword - "a newly emerged technique for visiting network names". The description here on the China Registry website is pretty inscrutable.
  • - website where you can upload files to check for viruses. (Who owns it?)
  • Link Management Protocol - a link management protocol (LMP) that runs between a pair of nodes and is used to manage traffic engineering links (from RFC 4204)
  • List of countries by mobile Internet usage There are rankings about Internet, mobile phones but there isn't an article about usage of Internet mobile
  • Listado Manga is a database of Japanese manga published by Spanish editorials
  • Log-in / Log-on Loop - Where successful attempts at logging in to a website / webpage with a user name and password results in being returned to the initial log-in request. Can also encompass initial log-in privileges, with privileged results as account information; but returning to the initial log-in request when delving into a deeper subsection of log-in privileges (i.e. initial privilege: "My Account", subsection privilege: "My Account/Billing Information"). (One example: [244])
  • MaidSafe (software libraries) -- A suite of Dual Licensed libraries in c++ that implement a fully distributed network and serverless network akin to a darknet. [245] [246] [247] [248]
  • MangaFox is a site where you can read Japanese manga
  • MangaLife is a site where you can read Japanese manga
  • MangaSee is a site where you can read Japanese manga
  • MangaTraders was a site where you can direct download Japanese manga
  • Mark of the Web (browser security feature) [249]; [250]
  • Midwest Internet Cooperative Exchange (MICE) - non profit internet exchange point in Minneapolis, MN; [251]
  • Partly Cloudy Technology - term created by Jeff M. White, Robert Linton and Colleen Rudio, about having a balance between cloud computing and local computing; primarily focused upon protecting the users software and data under any disaster or technical failure; [252]
  • Paymo Time Tracker - a popular free time tracker, went to do a background check on Wikipedia but there's nothing here. I found it mentioned on a bunch of sites and blogs; [253]; [254]
  • PopJam (PopJam is a Kids Social Media website where kids can make posts, rejam other posts, and more) (,,
  • seekweb - malware browser extension [255]
  • Series9 is a site where you can watch TV series
  • Spam404 - An internet abuse report platform which allows it's users to report abusive content such as phishing, spam and survey scams. Spam404 have already helped remove thousands of articles of abuse from leading internet websites such as YouTube, Weebly and SlideShare. MyWOT, URLVoid and Scamvoid use the blacklist provided by Spam404 [256]; [257]; [258]; [259]; [260]
  • Tapatalk - forum host
  • Tower of Babble BBS - Milwaukee, WI, Online Data Systems BBS, and Metro Big 10/Big 12 BBSes; notable BBSes (see Archives:BBS Addition (Dec 2008)
  •, Official website a domain acting as a tld similar to [261][262]
  • WOMBAT - A Usenet-era acronym for a process or programming task that is so overcomplicated, trivial, or otherwise devoid of usefulness to not be worth the speaker's time to implement. Frequently applied to work done for governmental agencies. [263]; [264];


  • is a site where you can watch cartoons
  • xRTML - (Extensible Real Time Markup Language) New markup language based on HTML that allows developers to add real time to their websites; [266]; [267]; [268]

Operating systems[edit]

  • CMX RTOS - adding links CMX, RTOS, CMX RTOS
  • DietPi - a highly customisable, high-performance minimal distro for the Raspberry Pi and other ARM SBCs; [271]
  • EYRX - [272]; real-time operating system by Eyring Corporation
  • feren OS - A Windows and macOS replacement Linux distro based on Linux Mint (which is based on Ubuntu), featuring a theming engine capable of replicating the look of various versions of Windows and macOS, and a few Linux distros.
  • GE Advantage Workstation (Operating System) - For use with workstations, as a component of devices of GE HealthCare.
  • Init scripts - topics on scripts in /etc/rc.d on a Unix/Linux OS, naming conventions, how to create one, etc.; [273]
  • Lighthouse Linux - a CD-based distro designed for speed, simplicity and lightness; currently at version 0.0.1; [274]
  • Linux 4.4 kernel- an operating system kernel that provides support for open-channel SSDs
  • Modern X - Linux Distro built to be modern; [275]
  • Paranoid Linux - a distro designed for privacy and security, that "assumes that its operator is under assault from the government ... and it does everything it can to keep your communications and documents a secret."; [276] -- Update: Cite given ( ) is dead/parked as of this date. Fnord.
  • PicUntu -
  • RTOS-UH Real Time Operating System-University Hannover using a DIN 66253-2 language called PEARL. The article is locked, because it was deleted sometimes ago; [277]; we are talking about a real operating system, and not vaporware
  • RuggedOS - mission-critical operating system developed and deployed (in, among others, SCADA applications) by Ruggedcom, a Siemens subsidiary; has recently been criticized and targeted by many articles for the undocumented presence of a backdoor and an embedded private key
  • Security Onion - Linux Distro of security monitoring tools for networks; [278]
  • TalkingArch - And eyes-free Linux distrobution TalkingParabola ISO, Download site
  • Techtocore Xplore OS - An robust Distro specifically customizable for the requested needs; [279]
  • Tock (operating system) - A security focused emedded operating system with support for kernel extensions and untrusted applications; [280] [281] [282]; [283].
  • TOSS Linux - Popular all new Linux Distribution being developed entirely by CSE Dept of Thiagarajar College of Engg. aiming Engineers and developers; [284]
  • TrentaOS - An Operating System that aimed to fill to bring commercial-grade user interfaces and experiences to the free desktop. Linux based.
  • ubnhd2 - ARM-compiled and Ubuntu-based Pentest OS for the HTC HD2 phone [285]
  • Ulux Corporation - Enterprise Operang syting Systems and more []
  • wattOS - lightweight Linux operating system remastered from the core Ubuntu Linux build. It focuses on a small footprint, low power, and a simple interface that you can easily add just about anything. [286][287]
  • Windows Research Kernel - Windows kernel source code for research
  • Windows Temporary User Profile - temporary user profile is generated when the user attempts login and Windows is unable to load the user's permanent (local) profile. Though the user's files are not deleted, he/she is unable to use them until the problem is fixed. [288]


A–L (by last name)[edit]

  • Arjun Sharda - Founder/fullstack developer/Open Source mantainer/contributor to various different organizations across the globe SearchorPasseoMORE
  • Devaki Raj - Founder and CEO of CrowdAI, a computer vision start-up that was named as one of Forbes Most Promising AI companies in 2021. She is a powerful woman leading the charge in the AI world. Devaki made the Forbes 30 Under 30 List and's list of top 100 Female Founders for her work in AI. [345] [346] [347] [348]
  • Greg Linden

M–Z (by last name)[edit]



Real-time computing[edit]

Searching; search engines[edit]

  • Inquiry Nepal (a local business directory or search engine for users to find contact information of businesses available in Nepal.)(
  • DASL or DAV Searching and Locating - a protocol for searching WebDAV repositories; [445]
  • Entireweb - one of the largest crawler-based, second-tier search engine
  • - Expertscape uses the National Institute of Health's PubMed database to objectively identify and rank medical expertise across more than 26,000 biomedical topics. [[] [The Patients Playbook, by Leslie Michelson, p. 113, 132] [446]]
  • FuzzFind - web meta search mashup; combines the leading search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) and social bookmarking sites (, with personalizable results; [447] [448]; [449]; [450]
  • - largest global hospitality product and service search engine with global postcode filtering [451]; [452] [453] [454] [455] [456]
  • Marginalia (search engine) A search engine that I really like personally run by some Swedish guy
  • Reverse SEO - combination of SEO and online reputation management; while a positive topic is written on, the negative topic is basically optimized via unethical black hat tactics in order to lead to a ban
  • - search engine; based on opensource software nutch; online since 2009
  • site search - a service for finding information on a specific site; for example, the search in Wikipedia is a site search, working only on the information in; site search engine is a big class of search engines, that should be right next to web search engine and probably even before enterprise search in the listing of search; [457]; [458]; [459]
  • - search suggestions from the major providers on the net; provided in a visually appealing fashion; first site to focus on helping the user get to the best search terms; [460]; [461]; [462]; [463]; [464]; [465]
  • Speedy Spider - from Entireweb; apparently a large Swedish search engine; purpose?
  • Video search engine optimization (VSEO)
  • Qsearch - not a real search engine, but a potentially unwanted program that earns money from redirecting searches to another search engine. I can't find anything about it on reliable sources, but several websites explain how to remove it. Those sites encourage people to buy antivirus software, from which the site may receive a commission so they aren't to be trusted. Possibly worth mentioning at Potentially unwanted software if reliable sources can be found.








  • DeskDeco - free wallpaper management software; [575]
  • DevelSoftware assembler x86-64 - freeware x86-64 assembler
  • DisplayCAL Open-source software that allows a user to commit color calibration [576] [577] (in Chinese)
  • Dygraphs (JavaScript library for making charts; charting software) ([578])
  • Dyplo - a distributed, robust and failsafe embedded infrastructure enabling seamless software and FPGA integration including Linux API, FPGA infrastructure and partial reconfiguration management.; [579]; [580]; [581]
  • Dictator (software) - [582]; for on-screen reading of text files
  • Disco Project - erlang/python mapreduce+ framework; [583]
  • DNSKong - "is an Internet privacy filter, which uses simple text files. The program filters Domain Name Server requests on a local machine or home router. DNSKong comes in a version 1 with visual cues and version 2 w/o visual cues and more advanced configuration."; [584]
  • Dodontof - online text-based system
  • Dr.Explain - a help authoring tool which can automatically document application screens; [585]
  • Driver Genius Professional Edition - [586] a sound device manager and updater
  • DriverPack Solution Since I myself was preparing an article about hw-probe, I was on the Internet looking for device information on the go. I came across the website of this program written for Windows DriverPack Solution, which is offered at least on the websites and [] and according to the provider's website, the number of worldwide users is currently indicated with 46,0085,000. , and offer it probably already for download, even if the thing due to unclear funding, would be possible Symantec, since I have also seen a hint, which refers to this, and with installation of adware such as the Opera browser, one Russian Firefox version and Avast antivirus protection should be considered at least with caution with a possible download size of 2.68 GB. Some protection programs, like Malwarebytes, also seem to regard it as a kind of virus, others, like Kaspersky, seem to rate it as good. Should not we, because of the number of program installations that have already taken place, be obliged to also offer an article about it? But I will not be able to do that because I deal almost exclusively with Linux myself. The author could perhaps take an example on the ru: DriverPack Solution(Russian) or fr: DriverPacks (French) Wikipedia. --Peter Littmann (talk) 00:58, 7 December 2019 (UTC)[reply]
  • Dyre (malware), malware used to steal bank login credentials (and also the name of the group that created it). Used by Wizard Spider cybercrime group. Refs: SecurityIntelligence, Forbes
  • eDexter - "is an Internet privacy filter-supplement, working with DNSKong, to reduce unnecessary & unwanted graphic-file downloading. The program speeds up web-page display by replacing remote images with smaller, local ones."; [587]
  • CoinIMP miner (CoinIMP is an in-browser miner that provides webmasters with a cryptocurrency JavaScript miner that can be embedded in a website so visitors can allow cryptocurrency mining as they navigate through the site. It brings the concept of responsable website mining) (



[667] [668]

  • ifupdown network interface manager for linux
  • Indigo-rose - software development tools; [669]
  • Indimile - Web-based project management / client engagement tool for freelancers; [670]
  • InfiniSQL - Free/Open Source Massively Scalable Relational Database Management System (RDBMS); [671]; [672]; [673]; [674]; [675]; [676]
  • Insight Remote Support (HPE Insight Remote Support is a monitoring software developped by HPE focused on HPE hardware and integration with HPE software like HPE OneView.) ([677] )
  • iPDF - Some sort of definition would help readers understand articles where this term is used.
  • iSPY (open source webcam surveillance/monitoring software)
  • jDisk Report - java software to monitor disk usage
  • Jiangmin
  • Jinzora - PHP internet jukebox manager
  • JSCAPE MFT Server - platform independent managed file transfer server
  • JuMP (modeling language) - Julia for Mathematical Optimization is an Algebraic modeling language developed by the MIT Operations Research Center, for mathematical optimization embedded in Julia. It currently supports a number of open-source and commercial solvers for a variety of problem classes, including linear programming, mixed-integer programming, second-order conic programming, semidefinite programming, and nonlinear programming [678] [679];
  • Justis (software) - Database of Case law. First ever to provide PDF's online and contains exclusive online worldwide content. Similar in form to Westlaw. ; [680]
  • JioGate (Apartment security management application. Its an Indian app launched by Reliance Jio.) [681], [682], [683], [684]


  • Kangas Sound Editor - An open-source Java program for creating music and sound-effects from scratch, by specifying harmonics and inharmonics which are stored in a database; [685]; [686]; [687]; [688]
  • KillCopy
  • Kizoa - An online movie maker for the creation of videos and digital collages; [689]; [690]; [691]; [692]; [693];[694]; [695]; Lewell, John.Digital Photography for Next to Nothing: Free and Low Cost Hardware and Software to Help you Shoot Like a Pro. Wiley. 2010 pp. 213-214.
  • Kohana (web framework) - an open-source, object-oriented MVC web framework; [696]; [697]
  • Kontalk - A community-driven open-source encrypted messaging project de:Kontalk [698]
  • Konvertor - a file viewer/converter supporting conversion among 2483 3D, image, photo, animation, audio, video and text formats quickly and easily; nominated Epsilon Award 2010
  • Koteret-Lakoach-Nachas-Zefa - Hebrew for koteret = title, lakoach = client/customer, nachash = snake, zefa = viper. It is a name of a service window in Mercury Winrunner Web Add-In. WinRunner is a software testing tool. I think the particular module has been developed by somebody from Israel (Possibly by Dan Tsirlin).
  • LBackup - backup system aimed at systems administrators; [699]; [700]; [701]; (mentions Lucid Information Systems, currently key contributor)
  • LBMMPS (Location Based Mobile Multimedia Pusher System)
  • Legendre Moments - Moments used for computer image processing. [702]
  • Lelogiciel - language lab software; India; [703]
  • lexiCan - client which allows knowledge distribution across a company network, e.g., for instructions, course material, faqs, manuals. As found on Hane, Paula (2009-06-29). "New Version of Knowledge Management Software: lexiCan 3". Information Today. [704].
  • libexo. Some library that my updater installed on kubuntu linux just now.
  • libhogweed. Some library that my updater installed on kubuntu linux just now.
  • libxerces - another library that my updater installed on kubuntu linux just now. I think this one parses XML but am not sure (and certainly not competent to write an article on it).
  • lightIRC - A popular web-based IRC client written for the Adobe Flash Platform. [705]
  • Lively Wallpaper - Free and open-source software for playing animated desktop wallpaper. [706]
  • Linux Tycoon - Linux Distro Building Simulator; [707]
  • Litterati - App gamifying picking up litter. [708]
  • Little Apps - Our aim is to create free, open source, redistributable programs. We license our programs under the GNU General Public License, which means that we will never charge you and it allows (you) the customer to edit the software. One of our noted programs is Little Registry Cleaner. [709]
  • Log Analyzer: Trends - website statistics software; nominated for Epsilon Award 2010
  • Logstash - The log parsing engine for Elasticsearch (our Elasticsearch article already contains a link to the missing Logstash article). Official home page: [710]. Wikitech article: [711].
  • National Instruments Lookout
  • LPMT – we are working on a free software video tools manual and I found there is no page or mention of this projection software. Given that there will be a task and case study published soon it would be great for there to be a Wikipedia page. [712]
  • Luakit - Highly configurable microbrowser that uses Lua as a configuration language. [713]




  • Qemu Manager - an easy to use management tool,a compact front end for the fantastic QEMU emulator for Windows & WINE
  • qualxserve service agreement
  • Qlikview
  • Quibids - auctioning website
  • Quick Format
  • Quick Notes Plus - a desktop note program for Windows which has fewer functions than Notezilla (but is cheaper)
  • Radmin - Remote administration software, remote pc access and control, remote techsupport software - [816], [817], [818], [819]
  • Raven DB - [820]
  • Raece Conquest
  • Rama (software) - mobile application for self-guided historical walking tours; ranked among BBC's "Top Ten New Travel Apps"; created by Crimson Bamboo; would require a note in the disambiguation page
  • Rapture3D an Ambisonic OpenAL driver bundled with DiRT 2. There's a first attempt without adequate sources at User:Rfurse/Rapture3D.
  • RailsBricks - [821] - an app creator for the Ruby on Rails framework
  • RecentX - tool which lets users quickly open any document, folder, program or bookmark; nominated for Epsilon Award 2010
  • Reflex ERP - a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution that has been developed to leverage the latest .net framework in order to deliver highly functional, adaptive software that can run on virtually any device and can be hosted either on-site or in the cloud. [822]
  • Remote Development
  • Report Manager - a free and open source reporting application (Report Manager Designer) and a set of libraries and utilities to preview, export or print reports. Include native .Net and Delphi/C++Builder libraries, ActiveX component and also standard dynamic link library for use in any language like GNU C. [823]
  • Resource Tuner - a tool which lets users view, extract, replace, edit, and delete the embedded resources of executable files: icons, strings, images, sounds, dialogs, menus
  • Resource Tuner Console - a command-line tool which enables developers to instantly change different resource types (version numbers, icons, images and strings) in large numbers of compiled 32- and 64-bit EXE or DLL files from the batch files
  • RaidCall - online voice communication software
  • ranqit - user-driven top ten lists; [824]
  • rapget - downloader for file-sharing sites (Rapidshare, megaupload, ...)
  • RBAU
  • RD Tabs - third-party Windows remote desktop application (tabbed like Firefox)
  • RealProducer
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform
  • REKURSIO - free editor xml files for Windows [825]
  • Reloaded (software type)
  • REMnux
  • Remindo - SaaS corporate company network; [826]
  • - an open-source team chat platform. Draft exists as Draft:Rocket.Chat, but has (for somewhat unclear reasons) been repeatedly declined.
  • Restoro - linked from Appuals. Is this program legitimate or is it malicious?
  • rsnapshot - open-source filesystem snapshot utility for making backups of local and remote systems; [827]
  • Rspamd - open-source spam filtering system; [828]
  • RT Se7en Lite
  • Ryujinx - a Nintendo Switch emulator
  • Rubedo CMS - Rubedo is a full featured open source Enterprise Content Management System, built on MongoDB [829] and Elasticsearch with Zend Framework, AngularJS and Boostrap. It offers a complete set of back-office tools to easily manage galaxies of responsive, flexible and performant applications or websites. [830] - [831]
  • Raptor Launch Groups - Raptor Launch Groups is a UWP app for Windows 10. It allows the user to create Launch Groups to group folders and files together. Once a Launch Group has been created, the user can click or tap it to open all the folders and files associated with the Launch Group. [832]
  • Rufaydium-Webdriver - Rufaydium is a WebDriver Library written in Autohotkey to support browser automation using WebDriver;[833][834][835][836]




Software engineering[edit]


File formats[edit]


  • Big Data Management - [967], article about the evolving practice of ingesting, transforming, cleansing, blending, mastering, securing, and delivering big data using NoSQL and Hadoop platforms for trusted advanced analytics.
  • Dgraph - An open source, low latency, high throughput, and distributed graph database with native GraphQL support.[968][969][970][971]
  • Eloquera Database - [972], article about Eloquera Database - a native object database for .NET environments; and Eloquera Cloud based on Eloquera Enterprise Database.
  • GemFire - [973] Pivotal GemFire is a memory-optimized, distributed data store and data management platform.
  • Gyxi - [974] Document Database as a Service with an open API that can be used by generating a guid. Unique because no prior registration is required.
  • The Integrated Data Hub -- I ma very surprised that there is not page explaining the concept of Integrated Data Hub. See book on Amazon in different articles fron its inventor: Dario Mangano
  • Linux SQL Databases and tools - [975]--Even as Linux has garnered support by all of the major commercial database vendors, the freely available open source databases have grown in sophistication and features. Below follows a partial list of some of the more popular of these.
  • List of serverless database management systems - there should be a page listing database management systems that don't use a server-client model such as Sqlite.
  • OracleDBConsole - Would like info about this and other services of Oracle DB's.
  • Rdb/ELN - VAX Rdb/ELN [976]
  • SubstratumNet - [977], "Substratum is an open-source network that allows anyone to allocate spare computing resources to make the internet a free and fair place for the entire world"

Theory and theorems[edit]

Widget toolkits[edit]


Wikiprojects with lists of missing computer articles[edit]


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