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Random page patrol is a volunteer-led patrol which refers to the process of regularly and frequently checking randomly selected pages through Special:Random. The primary goal of random page patrollers is to ensure random articles conform to Wikipedia's policies on content and style as well as the related guidelines. Secondarily, that style and formatting are consistent and meet the basic principles laid out in Wikipedia's Manual of Style. (The guidelines for the New pages patrol and Recent changes patrol also apply— only the methodology differs.)

The patrol is entirely voluntary and carries no obligation. Plus it's fun! There are currently 6,814,109 articles on Wikipedia, so you never know what you may come across, and it's always a treat when you discover that one treasure of an article or page. Random-page patrollers are usually also WikiGnomes. If you wish, you can add your name to the list of RP Patrollers.

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Regular RP patrollers may wish to put the RP patrol userbox on their user page by adding {{User wikipedia/RP Patrol}}:

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