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For almost as long as the Request for Adminship (RfA) process has existed, there has been significant desire to change it. The many requests for comments (RfC) have gotten varied amounts of response and activity, but largely, no real change has been made. In recent years, RfA reform has been motivated by the lack of people requesting adminship. This is a list of selected RfA reform projects and RfA reform-related pages.

Yearly reforms[edit]

These reform projects are usually large and consist of multiple related WP:RfCs.

  • WT:RFA/R (2007) – compiled a lot of ideas but no concrete proposals were implemented
  • WP:RREV (2008) – compiled many editors' opinions on reforming RfA and some data
  • WP:RFA2011 – compiled large amounts of data, but no concrete proposals were implemented
  • WP:RFA2012 – received a number of proposals, but few were implemented
    • Problems – a list of identified problems
  • WP:RFA2013 – consisted of three WP:RfCs:
    • Round 1 – generated broad categories of problems to be addressed
    • Round 2 – four proposals received solid support, and three went to the next round
    • Round 3 – all three proposals failed by large margins
  • WP:RFA2015 – consisted of two phases (in the form of RfCs):
    • Phase I – out of the problems and proposed solutions, seven went to the next phase
    • Phase II – four out of eleven proposals passed; the question of whether RfA should be clerked was taken to another RfC
      • Clerking RfC – the basic proposal failed, but the closing statement identified consensus for some of the changes proposed
  • WP:RFA2021 – another RfC reform

Other major reforms[edit]

By topic[edit]

Topic Name Date opened Discussion Description Status
Inactivity Initial proposal 31 May 2011 Link Automatically desysop completely inactive admins after a year Passed

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