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Major feature requests[edit]

Major feature requests
Phab ID Created Description Type NPP Priority Status Comments
T92621 2015-03 Automatically review pages that were reverted to a previously reviewed state Feature Low Open Ruled as out of scope by CTT previously
T124396 2016-01 Allow moving to draftspace and tagging accordingly Feature Medium Open Workaround - Draftify script available
T156442 2017-01 New User Landing Page - Article Creation Workflow Feature ?? Open
T207238 2018-10 Special:NewPageFeed - add option to filter by pageviews Feature Low Open CTT says there are challenges
T207438 2018-10 Page curation toolbar: allow a reviewer to mark a page as 'under review' and warn others at Special:NewPagesFeed Feature Low Open
T207446 2018-10 Automatically flag articles that have been overwritten as 'unreviewed' Feature ?? Open
T207757 2018-10 Adding a "Potential COI" alert to the feed Feature Low Open Major scope ticket - rejected by CTT. A smaller scope ticket, T233115 did not get traction from NPP reviewers
T207761 2018-10 Keyword Search for New Pages Feed Feature Low Open Declined by CTT previously
T207759 2018-10 Option in New Pages Feed to 'skip viewed articles'. Feature Low Open
T208256 2018-10 Implement OOUI for PageTriage Tech debt Low Open Tech debt
T218132 2019-03 Add ORES topic prediction to the NewPagesFeed Feature Medium Open
T310974 2022-06 Extend PageTriageMaxAge for unpatrolled articles at enwiki N High In Progress
T312841 2022-07 Detect hoaxes Feature Low Open
T314232 2022-07 Allow Deletion sorting while sending an article to AfD Feature Low Open
T315930 2022-08 Tool to create talk page and tag WikiProjects Feature Low Open Workaround - Rater user script
T317872 2022-09 Handle changes in schema of MediaWiki links tables Tech debt Low Open Tech debt
T318509 2022-09 Move wiki-specific template names to an on-wiki .json Feature Low Open Tech debt
T318522 2022-09 Replace underscore templating system? Tech debt Low Open Tech debt
T321179 2022-10 Noindex banner Feature Medium Open

Open tickets[edit]

Summary of open issues
Phab ID Created Description Bug NPP Priority Status Comments
T38930 2012-05 Moved pages appear with the date of initial creation Y High Open
T39052 2012-05 Page Triage tags descriptions should have the ability to easily include links to policy and help pages feature ?? Open Tags
T39610 2012-06 Avoid changing <img> src from mouse events default Low Open Tech debt
T40054 2012-06 Add review/unreview logs in the info panel of the curation toolbar N Low Open
T40079 2012-06 Transform date in the author line to user preference date format bug Low Open
T40993 2012-08 Curation Toolbar Tag Wizards: Show Previous Tags N ?? Open Tags
T41319 2012-08 Don't allow re-tagging an article that already has that same tag N ?? Open Tags
T41549 2012-08 Make it impossible to add incompatible maintenance tags (e.g. unreferenced and refimprove) feature ?? Open Tags
T41588 2012-08 Prevent the "stub" tag being added to articles with other stub tags default ?? Open Tags
T42264 2012-09 Show which reviewer tagged a page for deletion in the flyout feature ??` Open
T42507 2012-09 Mobile bugs: curation toolbar doesn't open, along with "jumping-around behavior" bug ?? Open
T44650 2012-12 Edit summaries for XfD nominations should include XfD wikilink N Low Open
T44883 2012-12 MediaWiki:Pagetriage-byline should use rawParams() default ?? Open No idea what this is (maybe tech debt)
T49891 2013-04 When marking AFD, the tool sends the user two echo notifications Y ?? Open
T50552 2013-05 Make PageTriage wiki agnostic feature ?? Open Declined by CTT previously
T57791 2013-10 pagetriagelist api module uses numeric keys which break xml formatting default ?? Open ???
T69859 2014-07 Open up Deletion tag log for non PageCuration user scripts feature Low Open
T85029 2014-12 pagetriage-mark-as-reviewed-error requires a parameter, but it's not always given default ?? Open Tech debt
T95050 2015-04 Add GENDER support to pagetriage-byline and friend default Low Open Ruled as low priority by the tech team
T99251 2015-05 Enable Page Curation on Arwiki default Stalled Other wiki
T109555 2015-08 New pages feed incorrectly displays IP user as blocked when article was moved from the talk namespace default Low Open Rare use case
T123866 2016-01 Notify users about deletion tags being added to pages they created (via Notifications) default Low Open Not an NPP issue
T127202 2016-02 Update Page Curation icons to make them consistent N Low Open UI Standardization issue
T131374 2016-03 Page curation toolbar should show redlinks for non-existent user pages N Low Open UI Enhancement
T134073 2016-04 Page curation toolbar should show blue links when there is a global user page N Low Open UI Enhancement
T143286 2016-08 How did a PageTriage review log entry and notification appear a month after initial page-patrol default Low Open No reoccurance since 2016
T152694 2016-12 Add {{merge}} templates to Page Curation tag list default Low Open Tags
T156110 2017-01 Page Curation: Speedy deletion G12 (Copyvio) hangs on blacklisted site (needs better error message) default Low Open
T156595 2017-01 Customize date per language in Special:NewPagesFeed N Low Open
T157048 2017-02 Redirects converted into articles should appear in the New Pages Feed indexed by the date of creation and creator of the article, not of the redirect N High Open
T157051 2017-02 Implement an icon for patrolled pages that have maintenance tags in the New Pages Feed N Low Open
T157747 2017-02 ?action=info incorrectly states that a new page is indexed when not default ?? Open
T159188 2017-02 New pages feed/ page curation Wishlist changes default ?? Open Collection ticket consisting of items submitted during the Wishlist Survey of 2016
T167248 2017-06 API JSON date format default Low Open Tech debt
T167249 2017-06 API JSON formatversion=2 output incorrectly using strings for numbers and booleans default Low Open Tech debt
T196720 2018-06 Move files from cron/ and tools/ directories to maintenance/ default Low Open Tech task
T196954 2018-06 [betalabs]: Page triage: "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'getLogPageTitle' of undefined" for 'Redirects for discussion' default Low Open Wasn't reproduced in the production wiki
T200265 2018-07 Install PageTriage on ml.wp default Low Stalled Other wiki
T205280 2018-09 Refactor duplicated code into a utility module default Low Open Tech debt
T207447 2018-10 Patrolled by Twinkle N Low Open I think the PCSI section should be linked to T157051 and merged to the section called "Notifications: new icon" on that page.
T206037 2018-10 Consolidate articlequality and itemquality models into a "model family" default ?? Open Tech task
T206127 2018-10 Cleanup draftquality data as pages drop off the PageTriage queue default ?? Open Tech debt
T207225 2018-10 Add "welcome newbie" button to Page Curation Toolbar N Medium Open Workaround - Can use twinkle
T207237 2018-10 Page Curation Tools to add userspace CSD Log/PROD Log/AFD log functionality N Low Open
T207435 2018-10 Add "Decline CSD" option to Page Curation Toolbar N Low Open
T207441 2018-10 Add options to page curation for 'High Quality Submission' (such as template messages) N Low Open
T207444 2018-10 Page Curation tools, option to 'report editor to AIV' for blatantly blockably created pages N Low Open Workaround - Can use twinkle
T207482 2018-10 Curation toolbar opt-out in preferences default ?? Open
T208455 2018-10 page curation should send feedback to editor of specific revision default ?? Open
T209116 2018-11 Fix large screen New Pages Feed display to save space (remove empty white-space to condense entries) N Low Open
T211260 2018-12 Show page assessments in Special:NewPagesFeed default ?? Open
T211829 2018-12 New Pages Feed: toolbar loads inconsistently in Safari default Low Open No complaints since 2018
T215742 2019-02 New Pages Feed: Add filter option to hide pages created by the viewer feature Low Open
T217221 2019-02 NewPagesFeed filter request: accepted AfC drafts N ?? Open
T221269 2019-04 Reduce module registrations from PageTriage N Low Open Tech debt
T224705 2019-05 PageTriage tags table on testwiki missing one of the rows N Low Open Tech task
T225009 2019-06 Message to creator should go to article creator and not redirect creator default ?? Open
T226145 2019-06 Allow filtering AfC drafts by no citations/previously deleted/etc. default Low Open AFC
T227250 2019-07 Incorrect backlog cutoff for redirects in the New Page Patrol queue N Medium Open
T228455 2019-07 Messages sent to article talk page should be in same section default Low Open
T228952 2019-07 Don't create pagetriage_page_tags unless we need to default Low Open Tech debt
T230567 2019-08 Display Number of Pageviews in New Pages Feed N Medium Open
T233115 2019-09 Add 'Username in title' tag and filter for Page Curation [medium] N Low Open A filter for Potential COI
T234077 2019-09 Api: Allow enqueueing without unreviewing default ?? Open
T234575 2019-10 ApiPageTriageList: don't assume talk_page_title is in the 'Talk:' namespace Y Low Open Api issue
T239290 2019-11 Page Curation: Fix Requeue Bug for Redirects & User Pages default ?? Open
T242069 2020-01 Proposed deletion: Details field doesn't go away when switching to BLP prod default Low Open
T251064 2020-04 New page curation tool not appearing: Exception in module ext.pageTriage.views.toolbar: TypeError: _.template is not a function bug ?? Open Intermittent issue - last appeared in May 2020
T256704 2020-06 updatePageTriageQueue doesn't remove old records if the page doesn't exist N Low Open Tech task/debt
T277956 2021-03 Address Voice and Tone issues in PageTriage default ?? Open
T303117 2022-03 NewPagesFeed does not work on mobile / Minerva skin N Low Open
T303124 2022-03 Special:NewPagesFeed times incorrectly show as 1 hour ahead bug Low Open Probably a TZ-DST issue
T306636 2022-04 UserOptionsManager: DBQueryError: Error 1213: Deadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting transaction ([db])Function: MediaWiki\User\UserOptionsManager::saveOptionsInternalQuery error Low Open Tech issue
T309001 2022-05 PageTriage JavaScript code audit and cleanup N Low Open Tech debt
T309008 2022-05 Allow filtering the New Page queue based on previous reviewer feature Low Open
T312480 2022-07 Migrate usage of Database::select to SelectQueryBuilder in PageTriage N Low Open Tech debt
T313178 2022-07 PageTriage does not write AFD page if the AFD daily log page is not created yet bug Low Open
T313280 2022-07 When marking for deletion, logs twice in Special:Log bug Low Open
T313495 2022-07 Concise API call to figure out the reviewed status of a page feature Low Open
T313645 2022-07 When reviewing, make posting to article talk page optional Y Medium Open
T313647 2022-07 Ability to filter by username of creator of last article patrolled N Low Open
T313650 2022-07 Expanded info on previous deletions N Low Open
T313778 2022-07 "No citations" page_tag should not be recorded/displayed for disambiguation pages N Low Open
T314261 2022-07 Allow pagetriage log entries to include wikitext/HTML markup feature Low Open
T314430 2022-08 Maintenance tags should follow MOS:ORDER N Low Open Tags
T314762 2022-08 Removing a disambiguation template should mark article as unreviewed N Low Open
T315082 2022-08 In article previews on Special:NewPagesFeed, the table of contents for the article appears in the interface language of its latest editor instead of the content language bug Low Open
T315206 2022-08 Autopatrolled reviewer tagging a redirect as CSD should not autopatrol the resulting article N Low Open
T315591 2022-08 Undeletion PageTriage hook not correctly applied bug ?? Open
T316301 2022-08 Add Special:NewPagesFeed filter "Nominated for AFD/RFD" N Low Open
T316942 2022-09 pagetriage_page_tags should refresh, especially if the page is moved from draft to mainspace default ?? Open
T320687 2022-10 Don't auto watchlist deletion tagged articles, or allow it to be a setting Y Low Open
T320316 2022-10 CurationToolbar: Show only relevant CSD criteria depending on page type Y Low Open

Closed tickets[edit]

Closed tickets
Phab ID Created Description Bug Priority Close date Comments
T311347 2022-06 Put undeletes back in queue N High 2022-07-11
T41547 2012-08 Autopatrolled filter N High 2022-08-31 First requested at Phab in 2012 by WMF staff
T239714 2019-12 AfD with invalid input Y High 2022-08-31
T313108 2022-07 Prod does not write reason Y High 2022-08-31
T313651 2022-07 Move the “mark as reviewed” checkbox N Low 2022-08-31
T101488 2015-06 When tags with parameters are added but canceled with no input, users cannot add others tags without getting an error about the missing parameter in the canceled tag. Y Low 2022-09-12 Not reproducible on test wiki. Closed as invalid
T145721 2016-09 PageTriage should only include wikitext pages in Special:NewPagesFeed default Low 2022-09-14 Closed as defunct
T304574 2022-03 NewPagesFeed - Article for Creation filter does not work with All option Y Low 2022-09-17 Closed as resolved
T195600 2018-05 Articles that used to be Drafts should not disappear from the new pages feed after 90 days Y Medium 2022-09-20 Not reproducible. Closed
T154115 2016-12 pagetriagelist API does not list any pages default Low 2022-09-21 Closed as resolved
T259835 2020-08 Db-notability-* templates renamed N Low 2022-09-26 Closed as resolved.
T145891 2016-09 Import PageTriage dumps into MediaWiki-Vagrant N Low 2022-09-26 Completed in 2016
T312843 2022-07 Possible ORES outage for PageCuration tags "vandalism", "spam", "attack" bug Low 2022-09-26 Closed as probable false alarm
T231048 2019-08 PageTriage: 'Send wikilove' fails to sign message bug Low 2022-09-26 Couldn't replicate; closed
T241165 2019-12 New pages feed redirect loading problem bug Low 2022-09-29 Hasn't occurred since 2019; closed
T238328 2019-11 Tag not included in edit summary when marking an article for deletion/miscellany for discussion Y Medium 2022-09-29 Hasnt occurred since March 2022; closed.
T217781 2019-03 NewPagesFeed article snippet fails WCAG AA default Low 2022-09-30
T313777 2022-07 "Orphan" page_tag should ignore non-mainspace backlinks Y Low 2022-09-30
T317008 2022-09 In the PageCuration Toolbar, add a "view logs" link to the info tab N Low 2022-09-30
T241098 2019-12 Toolbar: Don't allow sending wikilove with no recipient default Low 2022-09-30
T242324 2020-01 Make it harder to accidentally send unreview message to wrong person default Medium 2022-09-30
T314627 2022-08 "note: this page is only X minutes old" doesn't fire at the right times Y Low 2022-09-30 TZ issue
T316978 2022-09 Maintenance tagging should not mark article as reviewed by default default Medium 2022-09-30
T221514 2019-04 PageTriage: Marking a page as under review shouldn't mark it as patrolled Y Low 2022-09-30
T231541 2019-08 Add a #pagetriage revision tag to wikilove edits made using PageTriage default Low 2022-09-30
T161068 2017-03 Page curation G4 speedy deletion instructions create tag that doesn't work default Medium 2022-09-30
T127335 2016-02 Inline AJAX support for thanking users from links in the notification flyout default Low 2022-09-30 Closed as invalid
T75925 2014-11 PageTriage Echo notifications for basic review/patrol actions are not useful default Low 2022-10-02 Closed as no-consensus to implement
T51027 2013-05 PageCuration: curation toolbar appearing at the bottom of the screen with additional "position: relative;" in element's CSS default Low 2022-10-02 Closed as invalid
T97643 2015-04 Removing the options from the articles for deletion dialog Y Low 2022-10-02 Closed as declined
T313696 2022-07 Don't show subst: in deletion pings bug Low 2022-10-06
T205929 2018-10 NPP: Pages with broken format will break the NPP page format default Low 2022-10-08
T51631 2013-06 PageCuration doesn't use edit summaries when posting to talk pages default Low 2022-10-09
T50414 2013-05 PageTriage: Edit summaries not appearing for some messages default Low 2022-10-09 Closed as duplicate of T51631
T207230 2018-10 Adding some missing features to Page Curation Toolbar for CSD tagging default ?? 2022-10-09 Closed as invalid
T149344 2016-10 Pages incorrectly marked as manually patrolled in certain situations default ?? 2022-10-09 Closed as duplicate of T315206
T165365 2017-05 Special:NewPagesFeed unreviewed filter is also including pages nominated for deletion default Low 2022-10-09 Closed as currently invalid
T310108 2022-06 New Page Feed footer statistics improvements N Low 2022-10-11
T313648 2022-07 Messaging a reviewer (not a page creator) sends message "Thank you for creating..." N Low 2022-10-13
T315208 2022-08 Add redirect CSDs to the speedy deletion tab N Low 2022-10-13
T205741 2018-09 List API and Stats API inconsistencies bug ?? 2022-10-14
T310107 2022-06 New Page Feed filtered article counts inaccurate Y Low 2022-10-14
T204465 2018-09 Allow users to disable Page Curation's "I have unreviewed a page you curated" message N Low 2022-10-14
T46159 2013-01 Text flows out of the widget default Low 2022-10-14
T317737 2022-09 If an article is autopatrolled, display purple check mark in Page Curation toolbar N Low 2022-10-14
T319121 2022-10 Nominating at AfD leaves an edit to the daily log page without an edit summary N Medium 2022-10-14
T227006 2019-07 Set filters button not accessible in Special:NewPagesFeed Y Low 2022-10-14 Resolved
T208683 2018-11 Special:NewPages to not highlight pages if tagged for deletion, even if unreviewed. N Low 2022-10-15 Moved out of PageTriage's queue since it was related to Special:NewPages
T238848 2019-11 Make optional the message sent to reviewer when marking curated pages as unreviewed N Low 2022-10-16 Resolved
T320740 2022-10 AfD'ed articles not marked with the trash can icon Y Low 2022-10-21
T238025 2019-11 Page Curation fails to create AFD page Y High 2022-10-22
T239712 2019-12 AfD tagging behaving inconsistently Y High 2022-10-26
T320852 2022-10 Page feed refresh button doesn't work Y Medium 2022-10-28
T312774 2022-07 Allow "mark as reviewed" & "mark as unreviewed" own articles if you have the autopatrol permission N Low 2022-10-28
T280890 2021-04 PageTriage / Page Curation should allow page creator to mark as unreviewed N Low 2022-10-28
T234681 2019-10 Define behaviour for page creator bug ?? 2022-10-28
T234071 2019-09 After requeueing a page, define behaviour for creator [medium] default ?? 2022-10-28 Closed as invalid.
T85195 2014-12 Page Curation sometimes reports error of "$1" default Low 2022-10-28 Closed as duplicate of T85029
T130943 2016-03 Page Curation doesn't check for existing tags Y Low 2022-10-28 Closed as duplicate of T41319
T313303 2022-07 Add EventLogging to PageCuration default Low 2022-11-04 Closed as invalid
T158513 2017-02 "Open Page Curation" should become "Close Page Curation" as soon as you click on it feature Low 2022-11-15 Closed in favor of T320922 which was also resolved
T319103 2022-10 Tagging "mark as reviewed" checkbox default should match article state feature Low 2022-11-18
T42135 2012-09 Make "redirects" included by default in PageTriage feature Low 2022-11-18 Declined, as current consensus is against this
T207437 2018-10 Add a Special:NewPagesFeed auto-refresh, similar to Watchlist's "Live Updates" Feature Low 2022-11-19
T313649 2022-07 Tag -> Stub should append two line breaks instead of one N Low 2022-11-19
T41377 2012-08 Mark all of the English-Wikipedia specific CSD tags as optional to translate default Low 2022-11-19 For
T216800 2019-02 PageTriage gives deprecation warnings default N 2022-11-29 Closed as declined
T313094 2022-07 Button size on tablets N Low 2022-07-26
T311323 2022-06 Button to reset filters in Special:NewPagesFeed feature Low 2022-12-02
T323348 2022-11 Change 15 minute warnings to 60 minute warnings N Medium 2022-12-02
T318639 2022-09 PageTriage should mark articles that are very new N Low 2022-12-02
T322480 2022-11 Filter screen shows default preferences after page refresh instead of previously set prefs Y Medium 2022-12-02
T319540 2022-10 Placing prod tag should place {{Old prod}} on talk page, like Twinkle does Y Low 2022-12-02
T168350 2017-06 Curation tool marks pages with harv refs as uncited N Medium 2022-12-02
T316478 2022-08 For redirects, maintenance tag menu should contain {{R to}} {{R from}} tags Feature Low 2022-12-14
T319541 2022-10 Placing prod tag should check for {{Old prod}} or {{Old XfD multi}} on talk page, or an AFD on article page, and if present abort Y Low 2022-12-16
T252980 2020-05 Support revision/change tags for PageTriage API actions Feature Low 2023-01-13
T320883 2022-10 CurationToolbar: Add quickfilter ability to some of the screens that have many options Feature Medium 2023-01-13

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