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I was wondering when this would devolve into subtle accusations of racism against fellow editors. Glad to see I wasn't disappointed I suppose. Don't be that guy.

— PackMecEng, 2020

Pack's law of devolution, also known as Pack's law,[1] is one of several laws of inevitability that states, sooner or later in a heated discussion, someone will accuse a fellow editor of racism. Some of our wisest editors and admins have theorized that the probability of occurrence during non-political discussions is low; however, likelihood increases exponentially if it involves controversial political discussions, some of which have been known to reach phenomenal levels of heated discourse when centered around identity politics and Donald Trump.

In its simplest, most modern formulation, Pack's law states that as a discussion's depth D, pressure P, temperature T, and volume V increase, the probability of an editor accusing another editor of racism P(r) approaches 1, and can be expressed as:

Pack's law is comparable in some ways to Boyle's law in that it also relates to depth, gas under pressure, volume and temperature, but with relative variables. The primary difference is that Boyle's law assumes constant temperature as it applies to scuba diving, whereas Pack's law applies to diving into controversial political discussions which tend to rise in temperature and volume as the pressure rises, more like an exothermic reaction than an ideal gas. Veteran editors have discerned that the further one dives into such a discussion, the more hot air is produced, which not only emits large volumes of toxic fumes when catalyzed by certain elements, it raises temperatures to the boiling point that can lead to explosions. When a discussion reaches that point, people can be burned, both by the heat and caustic emissions that ignite subtle accuations of racism against a fellow editor which further increases pressure and leads to an explosive devolution of the entire discussion.

There is also a level of risk involved that may result in the enforcement of discretionary sanctions, especially when frustration builds, and editors engage in the practice of breath holding, releasing deep sighs in the form of uppercase text, or venting with a rapid succession of inhale/exhale, the latter of which leaves the brain starved for oxygen and inevitably results in unintelligible responses, including a splash of profanity mixed together with unfounded accusations of racism to create the perfect Fukitol cocktail.

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