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The Wiki Wiffle Bat

The Wiki Wiffle Bat is an award given to those who have shown exceptional skill in the area(s) of logic, rationality, dispute resolution/mediation particularly in the face of flames and general animosity. These people keep swinging in the face of long odds and distant goals! This award was introduced by Reene on November 29,2004.

What is a Wiffle Bat?[edit]


The requirements for giving someone the Wiki Wiffle Bat are:

  • They must have exhibited qualities befitting of the Bat, including but not limited to:
    • General coolness or awesomeness as demonstrated over an extended period of time
    • Logic or the ability to reason under the heat of flames
    • The ability to stand ones' ground despite being faced with a person or people that could be easily mistaken for solid brick walls.
  • The image of the Bat must be displayed on their user page. Therefore the person must consent to receiving the Bat.
  • You must add their name to the list on this page as well as your reasons for awarding it.

People who have been awarded the Wiki Wiffle Bat[edit]

  • AlexR – General awesomeness and willingness to stand his ground despite tedious opposition
  • Comaze – For holding his own against a one-year siege of puppets and personal attacks, and refusing to stoop to the methods of his antagonists.
  • Dr Zen – General awesomeness and a great sense of humour
  • DV8 2XL – For having played wack a rat with bad science, spam and other nonsense on a regular basis.
  • dysprosia – General awesomeness and a good attitude
  • func – General awesomeness and a good attitude
  • GhostPirate For dedication in marking inappropriate pages while staying cool in the face of insults
  • Mackensen – For this fine discussion of what's gone wrong on Wikipedia
  • Ombudsman – General awesomeness and willingness to stand his ground despite tedious opposition
  • RickK – General awesomeness and for exceptional skill in the areas of logic and rationality, and a general attitude that betters Wikipedia as a whole
  • shamir1
  • silsor – General awesomeness and besting Reene in a battle of wits and gross pictures
  • Spylab – For continually applying exceptional logic and rational skills in editing the Millwall brick article to the betterment of that article in the face of flames and heated scrutiny and challenges to just about every fact posted and every reference cited.
  • Folic Acid and Nat.tang for maturity and civility when dealing with continuous insults and abusive editing, and efforts to engage in constructive dialogue with their attacker.
  • Jayjg – For having displayed extraordinary skills as an editor, admin, and as a member of the arbcom, often in the face of, and in spite of, harsh attacks against his superlative work.
  • Coppertwig – For your exceptional logic, endurance, civility, and especially neutrality in the face of relentless irrationality.
  • Duke – For his patience, endurance and forgiveness, even when I tried my best to enrage him. I played him as many jokes as the raindrops in a storm but he never even yelled at me.