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Sometimes on the 'pedia there exists an article that, for one reason or another, there can't be found anyone who cares about the topic. That is not to mean that they are esoteric. We have plenty of articles on math equations that will only matter to a professor. But they will matter to someone. Only articles that can't conceivably be useful should be deleted under the ideas of No One Cares.

Most of the articles that fall under this essay tend to be on the extreme edge of fancruft. There will always be supporters of, say, an article on Dr. Crusher's stunt double but there can never be enough interested parties to write a piece on chemical properties of Mr. Spock's fake ears.

Note that this does not necessarily mean literally nobody whatsoever on the entire Earth cares, but rather that nobody of any importance to Wikipedia, that is, none of the people who write reliable sources, care enough to write such material on it.


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