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The new landing page proposal is a series of video conferences held with the WMF Growth Team in 2022–2023 as a result of the new page patrol open letter. The topic of discussion is to create software that gives brand new users trying to make an article from scratch a better experience.

The team[edit]

List of meetings[edit]

Kudpung's ideas[edit]

Account creation successful[edit]

  • A page to be displayed after a new user registers, perhaps after the survey
  • Mockup: User:Kudpung/New LP
  • This looks similar to Wikipedia:New user landing page, but is different. We want to insert it into the "account creation successful" flow, not the "non-autoconfirmed user tried to create article in mainspace" flow.
  • Approximate # of pages to be created from wireframes: 1
  • Will have popup tooltips that need to be programmed in JavaScript. See screenshot for popups.

Your first article[edit]

Article wizard[edit]

  • New "Article wizard" page
  • Mockup: TBD
  • To replace: Wikipedia:Article Wizard, which replaced Wikipedia:Article wizard/version1
  • Approximate # of pages to be created from wireframes: 10?
  • Will be truly interactive. The current wizard is merely a click-through check list. It offers no help or advice for building a first article page and is therefore a misleading misnomer.
  • Will have popup tooltips that need to be programmed in JavaScript and other conditional features probably using JS.
  • Will use a library of up to around 60 thematic article templates (Template:Article templates).
    • These were created on a grant, ostensibly for use at editathons
    • These are based on a previous template that was frequently used by an older version of Wizard
    • These use standard page elements to choose from, in the right layout and order, appropriate infoboxes, and placeholders for images
    • Their talk pages could additionally be preprepared with the appropriate BLP warnings and Wikiproject banners.
    • The templates could also include popup tooltips whose code would be automatically removed when the draft is saved.
  • The new Wizard would be an indispensable tool for onboarding creators of their first article.
    • It is not to be confused with mentoring schemes.
    • It will greatly enhance a new creator's UX and encourage user retention.
    • In doing so, it addresses the Foundation's goals, but eliminates the creation of as many articles as possible with disregard to the quality.
    • It therefore reduces the burden on NPP and AfC and the number of disenchanted new users.

Sdkb's ideas[edit]

Enterprisey's ideas[edit]

  • Enterprisey has expressed interest in making a prototype. Will place here if/when it is created.

Current new user flow[edit]

  1. Create account page
  2. Survey
  3. Main page, with a popup pointing at Special:Homepage
  4. Special:Homepage, with a popup that says "welcome to your homepage"

Clicking the email verification link also directs to Special:Homepage

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