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The Mentorship Committee is was an informal, self-selecting, self-organised committee set up to mentor people put on probation or mentorship by either the Arbcom or the Wikipedia community. Those watched will be informed by us. A bot will be run in a channel on freenode to watch over the contributions of selected users. Our goal is to make ourselves a pool of available mentors, and to utilize a bot in #wikipedia-probation to watch over specific people. It is to be noted though that we are not every Wikipedia mentor, just as the Wikipedia:Mediation Committee does not include every Wikipedia mediator.

Mentorship tasks  (edit) (changes)
Unassigned cases
Active cases
ψJarlaxleArtemis (talk · contribs · logs) to 11/12, 2006
 Mentored by Linuxbeak,
 Cool Cat, Spum
ψOnefortyone (talk · contribs · logs) Indef.
 Mentored by Marudubshinki,
  NicholasTurnbull, FCYTravis
Cases needing ArbCom attention
Requests for mentorship

Some ground rules[edit]

  • The purpose of the committee is to monitor and act upon an editor who is under probation.
  • Aside from whatever powers each member may possess (eg. if they are admins, they may independently block a user for an egregious edit), this committee has no actual power, and will take no actions: its role is to revert any objectionable edits a user on probation may make, and report these edits to ArbCom.
  • Probation is a privilege, as compared to being outright banned. If the same deeds are done which caused the probation, it shall be considered a blockable offense.
  • If the Arbcom assigns someone else mentorship, we will not interfere.


Currently on Probation/Mentorship[edit]