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The templates in this list are created with template {{Progress box}}. Note that a limited number can be transcluded on a page at one time, due to restrictions on expensive parser functions (see mw:Help:Magic words#Parser functions).


  1. {{Accuracy progress}}
  2. {{All articles to be split progress}}
  3. {{Article sections to be split progress}}
  4. {{Articles containing potentially dated statements progress}}
  5. {{Articles lacking in-text citations progress}}
  6. {{Articles lacking reliable references progress}}
  7. {{Articles lacking sources progress}}
  8. {{Articles needing additional categories progress}}
  9. {{Articles needing additional references progress}}
  10. {{Articles needing cleanup progress}}
  11. {{Articles needing expert attention by month progress}}
  12. {{Articles needing expert attention progress}}
  13. {{Articles needing link rot cleanup progress}}
  14. {{Articles slanted towards recent events progress}}
  15. {{Articles sourced by IMDb progress}}
  16. {{Articles sourced only by IMDb progress}}
  17. {{Articles that may be too long progress}}
  18. {{Articles that may contain original research progress}}
  19. {{Articles to be merged progress}}
  20. {{Articles with a promotional tone progress}}
  21. {{Articles with broken or outdated citations progress}}
  22. {{Articles with close paraphrasing progress}}
  23. {{Articles with unsourced statements progress}}
  24. {{Articles with weasel words progress}}
  25. {{Attempted de-orphan progress}}
  26. {{BLP articles lacking sources progress}}
  27. {{Categorization progress}}
  28. {{Cleanup by month progress}}
  29. {{Copyedit progress}}
  30. {{Current events progress}}
  31. {{Dead link progress}}
  32. {{Dead-end pages progress}}
  33. {{Deprecated templates progress}}
  34. {{Dispute progress}}
  35. {{Expand progress}}
  36. {{Merge progress}}
  37. {{Minor POV progress}}
  38. {{Wikipedia neutral point of view disputes progress}}
  39. {{Notability progress}}
  40. {{Orphaned articles progress}}
  41. {{Recently revised progress}}
  42. {{Self-contradictory articles progress}}
  43. {{Splitting progress}}
  44. {{Trivia progress}}
  45. {{Uncategorized stubs progress}}
  46. {{Unreferenced BLP progress}}
  47. {{Unreviewed new articles progress}}
  48. {{Use British (Oxford) English progress}}
  49. {{Use British English progress}}
  50. {{Use dmy dates progress}}
  51. {{Use mdy dates progress}}
  52. {{User-created public domain images without user-name progress}}
  53. {{Userspace drafts progress}}
  54. {{Verification progress}}
  55. {{Weasel progress}}
  56. {{Wikification progress}}
  57. {{Wikipedia articles needing clarification progress}}
  58. {{Wikipedia articles needing rewrite progress}}
  59. {{Wikipedia articles needing style editing progress}}
  60. {{Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention progress}}
  61. {{Wikipedia articles with possible conflicts of interest progress}}
  62. {{Wikipedia cleanup progress}}
  63. {{Wikipedia external links cleanup progress}}
  64. {{Wikipedia references cleanup progress}}
  65. {{Wikipedia spam cleanup progress}}

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