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A list of all users who are currently administrators (sometimes referred to as "sysops") in the English Wikipedia can be found here. There are 882 (as of now) administrator accounts (active and otherwise), 458 of them active (as of 2023-10-01). Activity is defined as 30 or more edits during the last two months. Administrators who have been completely inactive for over a year or having fewer than 100 edits in the last 5 years are routinely de-sysopped, though they can reactivate their status through a simple request within two years of being de-sysopped. The number of active admins, and the date for it, in this paragraph are updated automatically on a daily basis by Rick Bot.

New administrators are selected through Requests for adminship. To check if the lists below are up to date, check the user rights log for any new admins who have not been added. New selections are recorded at Wikipedia:Successful requests for adminship, and removals of adminship are recorded at Wikipedia:Former administrators.

If you need to contact an administrator about

  • deletions
  • undeletions
  • page protection
  • reporting vandalism
  • … or any other sysop activities,

please see Wikipedia:Requests for administrator attention.

If you wish to discuss something with an administrator directly please visit one or several of the userpages below.

Administrators who have enabled email in their preferences can be contacted by using the "email this user" link on the left side of their userpage or talk page, if you have signed in with an email address of your own.

Many administrators can also be contacted in real time via IRC, see Wikipedia:IRC channels. IRC nicknames used by admins: /IRC nicknames

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These administrators have made 30 or more edits in the last 2 months, although they may be hibernating or otherwise engaged at the moment.

See Wikipedia:List of administrators/Active


These administrators have made fewer than 30 edits in the last 2 months, but at least one edit in the last 3 months.

See Wikipedia:List of administrators/Semi-active


Administrators who have not edited in at least 3 months.

See Wikipedia:List of administrators/Inactive

Time zone

Administrators who have opted to make their time zone public.

See Wikipedia:List of administrators/Timezones


Administrators who can be contacted on IRC.

See Wikipedia:List of administrators/IRC

Former administrators

Editors who previously held the administrator permission.

See Wikipedia:Former administrators

List admin

Administrators are marked with "(Administrator)" in the list of user accounts.

To get an updated count of the number of admins currently, you can either use the magic words {{NUMBEROFADMINS}} or {{NUMBERINGROUP:sysop}} (which both display 882), or use your browser's ordered list counter.

Sysop activity status last checked on 2023-10-01.

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