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This is an archive of Wikipedians in order of arrival in 2001.

By date of registry[edit]

January 2001[edit]

  • WojPob (inactive since June 2003)
  • AstroNomer (semi-active since 2011)
  • Josh Grosse ( inactive since 2006)
  • AyeSpy (inactive since before the move to phase III)
  • RoseParks (inactive since 2009)
  • Tim Shell - And I can prove it :) (inactive since 2006)
  • BryceHarrington - Joined up with Wikipedia after the brief GNUPedia episode and its mention on Slashdot. Did some of the first Britannica copying. Pimped wikipedia a bit on Indymedia and some other sites. (semi-active since 2014)
  • Larry Sanger (earliest edits as LarrySanger)
  • Jimbo Wales (Founder)

February 2001[edit]

March 2001[edit]

April 2001[edit]

  • Koyaanis Qatsi (based on the revision history of Bahrain. Followed over from a comment on slashdot)
  • rmhermen -anonymously until May 10, came over from the link on Nupedia
  • Kpjas (subscribed to on Mon, 9 Apr 2001 14:12:51 -0700)

May 2001[edit]

July 2001[edit]

  • TwoOneTwo
  • The Cunctator (July 26, the day of the big Slashdotting)
  • AxelBoldt (July 26, the day of the big Slashdotting)
  • BrantEaton (July 26, Slashdot effect was my first article!)
  • Dmerrill, another one from the Slashdotting
  • James F., yet another Slashdotter (though the account is newer)
  • Tim Goodwin (guess which well-known blog appears on my Personal Toolbar)
  • Simon J Kissane (thinks he arrived just before slashdotting)
  • Kowloonese as anonymous et al. (since first week of July, 2001)
  • Claudine not from Slashdot, but from the Kuro5hin article that might have led to it
  • snoyes (k5 article)
  • DrBob Due to either the Kuro5hin or Slashdot articles

August 2001[edit]

September 2001[edit]

  • Chuck Smith (discovered in March, started contributing now)
  • Tsja
  • JHK
  • Eob (after reading the article in the New York Times, September 20)
  • Bignose
  • Manning I was here a day or two before JHK... I thought it was earlier than September, but maybe not.

October 2001[edit]

November 2001[edit]

December 2001[edit]