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Keep It Simple, abbreviated KIS, is an alternative userbox system whose components take up much less space. This could be useful for Wikipedians who prefer their user page to have a simple layout. Some may see no need for fancy userboxes and affiliation flags, but because of that choice, have no way to show in a simple way to which WikiProjects they are members of, assist with, or which languages they speak. Others could like to display well deserved awards received from WikiProjects or from other editors, but don't know how to do that without displaying the awards as received, in full size. We try to mirror most useful userboxes, but any editor is free to add a KIS label.

How to help[edit]

There is no registered membership in this WikiProject, because everyone with the required skills can help. Just take a userbox from a WikiProject, Babel or other skills-defining box, make a template (using {{WP:KIS/label}}), and add it to this page or a subpage alphabetically and by category. Then go and tell others where to find it. (Of course, check to see if there is a KIS Label for that specific use available already.)


Due to the sheer volume of userboxes, if you'd like a specific userbox, and do not see it here, please request it on the project's talk page, with a link to the original userbox.

Displaying labels[edit]

To display your label, simply add the following to your user page:

{{WP:Keep It Simple/tray top}}
your labels go here
{{WP:Keep It Simple/tray bottom}}

You may find it helpful to include {{WP:KIS/KIS}} as your first label, which gives some extra information to readers:

Layout themes[edit]

There are several themes for displaying user labels with a different appearance. One example is shown below:

For instructions on how to use that theme, and additional theme varieties, please see the Theme Gallery.

K.I.S. Label Gallery[edit]

WikiProject Keep It Simple participants and contributors[edit]

Meaning Result Code
KIS contributor || {{Template:WP KIS}} || Transclusions

And for those who enjoy userboxes but nevertheless contribute to this project:

This user enjoys userboxes, but also helps the Keep It Simple project.


Languages* - Babel (B:)[edit]

See Wikipedia:Keep It Simple/Babel.


Meaning Result Code
BASIC || {{User:PC-XT/KIS/BASIC}} || Transclusions
CSS || {{User:PC-XT/KIS/css}} || Transclusions
HTML || {{User:PC-XT/KIS/html}} || Transclusions
LISP || {{User:PC-XT/KIS/lisp}} || Transclusions
PHP || {{User:PC-XT/KIS/php}} || Transclusions
Python || {{User:PC-XT/KIS/Python}} || Transclusions
Java || {{User:Enterprisey/KIS/Java}} || Transclusions
JavaScript || {{User:Enterprisey/KIS/JS}} || Transclusions

Interests and tastes (Int:)[edit]

Meaning Result Code
Color || {{User:PC-XT/KIS/color}} || Transclusions
Diamond || {{User:I'm Aya Syameimaru!/kisdiamond}} || Transclusions
Earth || {{User:I'm Aya Syameimaru!/kisearth}} || Transclusions
Electronic music || {{User:I'm Aya Syameimaru!/kiselectronic}} || Transclusions
Go/Weiqi/Baduk || {{User:PC-XT/KIS/Go (board game)}} || Transclusions
Specific article {{User:PC-XT/KIS/interest}} Transclusions
Math || {{User:PC-XT/KIS/math}} || Transclusions
Midtown Madness || {{User:I'm Aya Syameimaru!/kismidtm}} || Transclusions
Need for Speed II || {{User:I'm Aya Syameimaru!/kisnfs2}} || Transclusions
Favorite number || {{User:PC-XT/KIS/number}} || Transclusions
Red diamond || {{User:I'm Aya Syameimaru!/kisreddiamond}} || Transclusions
Techno || {{User:I'm Aya Syameimaru!/kistechno}} || Transclusions
The KLF || {{User:I'm Aya Syameimaru!/kisklf}} || Transclusions
The Need for Speed || {{User:I'm Aya Syameimaru!/kistnfs}} || Transclusions

Life, status, and situation (L:)[edit]

See Wikipedia:Keep It Simple/Life, status, and situation.

Wikipedia-related (W:)[edit]

Meaning Result Code
Administrator || {{WP:KIS/wikipedia/Administrator}} || Transclusions
Account age || {{User:PC-XT/KIS/Wikipedian for}} || Transclusions
Autoconfirmed user || {{User:I'm Aya Syameimaru!/kisaco}} || Transclusions
Did you know || {{User:I'm Aya Syameimaru!/kisdyk}} || Transclusions
Extended confirmed user || {{User:I'm Aya Syameimaru!/kiseco}} || Transclusions
Edit count || {{User:PC-XT/KIS/editcount}} || Transclusions
Featured articles || {{User:I'm Aya Syameimaru!/kisfa}} || Transclusions
Good articles || {{User:I'm Aya Syameimaru!/kisga}} || Transclusions
General Wikipedia-related things {{User:PC-XT/KIS/Wikipedia related}} Transclusions
AutoWikiBrowser || {{User:Enterprisey/KIS/AWB}} || Transclusions
No Biting Zone || {{WP:KIS/BeKind}} || Transclusions

WikiProjects (WP:)[edit]

See Wikipedia:Keep It Simple/WikiProjects.

Lapel Pins[edit]

See Wikipedia:KIS/Barnstar for these barnstar alternatives.


Meaning Result Code
Help pages {{User:CatSkald/KIS/Help_page}} Transclusions
Special pages {{User:CatSkald/KIS/Special_page}} Transclusions