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English Wikipedia Guidance Committee
English Wikipedia Guidance Committee

The English Wikipedia Guidance Committee is a group of community members charged with the responsibility of guiding the community to develop the encyclopedia and ultimately toward its destination—to build an encyclopedia freely accessible to every member of the human race.

In particular, the Committee aims to accomplish this through:

  • advocacy—advocating for the project by word of mouth and by acting as an ambassador between the community and the public;
  • assistance—encouraging non-members of the community to become members, and assisting members of the community to contribute and participate constructively and productively;
  • leadership—providing an informal, active, unbureaucratic leadership body that community members can turn to for guidance and for help;
  • organisation and coordination—by organising and coordinating the English Wikipedia with other free content projects, both those that are Wikimedia Foundation projects and those that are not, so that the project's mission may be reached as effectively and efficiently as possible;
  • representation—representing both members and non-members of the community, and empowering everybody to have a fair and reasonable opportunity to voice their opinions and have them heard; and
  • guidance—by listening to, by hearing, by upholding, by supporting the community, the Committee aims to ensure that the English Wikipedia succeeds in its mission to freely bring the sum of human knowledge to every human being.


The Committee aims to facilitate discussion among community members, and generally attempts to do so through encouraging and assisting community members to discuss issues thoroughly, constructively, and productively; the Committee aims to permit everybody to voice their reasonable opinions and have them heard. The Committee has the power to remove all barriers to such discussion and hearing, especially where the barriers are people who are acting in an obstructive, unhelpful, disruptive, or damaging manner.

The Committee generally attempts to transfer responsibility for making decisions to the community, and merely acts as a catalyst for associated discussion. Where requested to do so by the community, however, the Committee can make decisions on behalf of the community and has the power to implement such decisions; such decisions will be determined by Committee interaction with the non-Committee community, discussion amongst the Committee, and, finally, a Committee vote.


Members of the Committee must be experienced community members who regularly contribute constructive content to the English Wikipedia. Members must be fluent in social interaction, know the English language to a high level, be dedicated to free content, be committed to improving the English Wikipedia and supporting the improvement of other Wikimedia Foundation and free content projects, uphold high ethical and moral values, be friendly, approachable, and willing to listen, and be dedicated and committed to striving toward the vision and mission of the English Wikipedia and all other Wikimedia Foundation projects.

Selection of members[edit]

Members of the Committee are elected by the community to six-month terms (the alpha term runs from January 1 to June 30, and the beta term runs from July 1 to December 31). Candidates must write their nominations so that they can be posted for community consideration, discussion, and voting two weeks before the entry of the next term; candidates which receive a minimum of 95% support replace the old members at the entry of the next term.

Current members[edit]

This section lists all of the current members of the Committee along with their account names, real names, and photos.

(Well, just now, um, there aren't any.)

All Colours of Truth[edit]

It appears that the many 'branches' and 'trees"of information can become tools for political colored brushes, that sometimes portray the truth of the matter in black and white terms, all good or all bad, or only one color.

Nothing is perfect so some level of critical analysis must be allowed although at times, not allowed.

--Caesar J. B. Squitti  : Son of Maryann Rosso and Arthur Natale Squitti 15:24, 15 May 2008 (UTC)