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Future Science Group

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Future Science Group is a publisher of medical, biotechnological and scientific research. For more information see their website.

They are offering access to two journal collections:

  • Future Science, comprising Bioanalysis, Clinical Investigation, Future Medicinal Chemistry, International journal of Pharmacokinetics, Pharmaceutical Bioprocessing, Pharmaceutical Patent Analysis, and Therapeutic Delivery
  • Future Medicine, comprising Aging Health, Biomarkers in medicine, Breast Cancer Management, Clinical Lipidology, Clinical Practice, CNS Oncology, Colorectal Cancer, Concussion, Diabetes Management, Epigenomics, Future Cardiology, Future Microbiology, Future Neurology, Future Oncology, Future Virology, Hepatic Oncology, HIV Therapy, Imaging in Medicine, Immunotherapy, International Journal of Clinical Rheumatology, International Journal of Endocrine Oncology, International Journal of Hematologic Oncology, Interventional Cardiology, Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine, Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research, Lung Cancer Management, Melanoma Management, Nanomedicine, Neurodegenerative Disease Management, Neuropsychiatry, Pain Management, Pediatric Health, Personalized Medicine, Pharmacogenomics, and Regenerative Medicine

There are up to 30 accounts available to Wikipedians through this partnership.


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Example citation

{{cite journal|last1=Berger|first1=Vance W|last2=Antsygina|first2=Olga|title=A review of randomization methods in clinical trials|journal=Clinical Investigation|date=December 2015|volume=5|issue=12|pages=847–853|doi=10.4155/cli.15.53|url=}}{{subscription required|via=Future Science Group}}
  • Berger, Vance W; Antsygina, Olga (December 2015). "A review of randomization methods in clinical trials". Clinical Investigation. 5 (12): 847–853. doi:10.4155/cli.15.53. – via Future Science Group (subscription required)