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The feedback request service is a voluntary service to increase awareness of Requests for Comments (RFCs) and other discussions on Wikipedia. This page has a number of lists organized by topic followed by a catch-all list.

For users who wish to give feedback[edit]

By signing up in the section of your interest, you may be randomly selected to receive a user talk page invitation to participate in a discussion in that topic area. If you receive an invitation, you don't need to participate if you do not wish to; if you don't want to receive similar invitations in future, you may remove your name from the list for that topic area. Of course, you are free to participate in any RFC without receiving an invitation!

To make yourself a recipient of the service, copy the template below and then place it in each list below for which you wish to receive a notification of RfCs for that category:

  • {{frs user|{{subst:currentuser}}|limit}}

Where limit is the largest number of requests you would like to receive in a calendar month. (Default limit is 1 request per calendar month.)

This user is signed up for the Feedback Request Service.

You might also wish to use the relevant userbox to promote the service. If you don't visit Wikipedia regularly, you might wish to use the Email notification system for messages on your user talk page.

For users who no longer wish to give feedback[edit]

If you are getting Feedback Request Service notifications in your talk page, then someone (probably you) added you to one of the "Requests for comment" or "Good article nominations" lists below. If you wish to stop receiving these notifications, simply remove your username from the below topics you are no longer interested in, or remove your username from all of them to completely unsubscribe.

Inactive editors are automatically removed from the list.

For users who wish to receive feedback[edit]

A bot will randomly select users to notify. This function is currently performed by User:Yapperbot (as of 2020 BRFA).

Per Wikipedia:Requests for comment#Publicizing an RfC, one may also manually request feedback by posting to the relevant Talk pages of editors listed below. You must select editors from the list at random; you cannot pick editors that will be on "your side" in a dispute. Make sure you adhere to the canvassing guideline.

Requests for comment[edit]

These categories are determined by the RFC system, not by the FRS bot. If the editor starting the RFC assigns the wrong category to it, then other users may receive a notification for something that does not interest them.


Economy, trade, and companies[edit]

History and geography[edit]

Language and linguistics[edit]

Maths, science, and technology[edit]

Media, the arts, and architecture[edit]

Politics, government, and law[edit]

Religion and philosophy[edit]

Society, sports, and culture[edit]

Wikipedia style and naming[edit]

Wikipedia policies and guidelines[edit]

WikiProjects and collaborations[edit]

Wikipedia technical issues and templates[edit]

Wikipedia proposals[edit]


All RFCs[edit]

Good article nominations[edit]

Agriculture, food and drink[edit]

Art and architecture[edit]

Engineering and technology[edit]

Geography and places[edit]


Language and literature[edit]


Media and drama[edit]


Natural sciences[edit]

Philosophy and religion[edit]

Social sciences and society[edit]

Sport and recreation[edit]

Video games[edit]