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French mutilé, 1918[edit]

In 1917 the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement received the only Nobel Peace Prize awarded during World War I. Most of the publicity material for Red Cross chapters from that period features pretty young women in nurses' uniforms. This disturbing pair of images is an example of the hard work they performed. 7 million European soldiers suffered permanent disability from the war. This is the only high resolution matching set from a series of images in the Library of Congress about masks provided by the American Red Cross for French soldiers whose faces had been badly maimed. Restored version of File:French mutilé with mask.jpg and File:French mutilé without mask.jpg
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International_Red_Cross_and_Red_Crescent_Movement#The_ICRC_during_World_War_I, World_War_I#Aftermath, Prosthesis
unknown, possibly American Red Cross
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