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This is a list of topics from Easton's Bible Dictionary [1] [2] which do not have articles at Wikipedia. Despite the name, many of the entries in Easton's are encyclopedic in nature, though there are some dictionary definitions.

Do not simply dump text from Easton's, because it contains a Protestant Christian point of view (see WP:NPOV) and because some of the 19th century wording is archaic.


  • check to make sure that the topic does not already have an article in Wikipedia, if so make a redirect (Romanization of Hebrew and Transliteration of Greek into English may offer insights into alternative spellings)
  • fix spelling or other errors, and clean up obstruse wording to improve clarity and flow (see: Wikipedia:Manual of Style)
  • add {{Eastons}} to the article (this is for both reference as well as making it easier to find articles imported from Easton's)
  • Consider placing minor biblical characters, such as those with only one sentence and one or so biblical references, onto the List of minor Biblical figures page. This list is a page for characters that do not meet notability guidelines for wikipedia, and shouldn't have their own page. After placement, create an appropriate re-direct or disambiguation link, using the # to link to the specific section.
  • Consider tagging minor structures (such as monuments, walls, present-day ruins etc) as "Middle Eastern building and structure stubs" - using {{MEast-struct-stub}}

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Many of these names are mentioned only in passing in one or two verses of the Bible and as such are not encyclopedic in nature. Such people are marked with NN (Not noteworthy) (a few were merged into List of minor Biblical figures)

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