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Discontent Content is a monthly Wikipedia newsletter based around article improvement.


Discontent Content has a three-tier structure categorizing articles by the ways in which they need improvement. This is not a priority ranking, but rather a structure for subscribers to decide what areas they personally are interested in working in.

  • Category 1 is for substandard articles needing to be brought to acceptable minimums
  • Category 2 is for mid-quality articles to be brought to assessed status
  • Category 3 is for articles that have passed a quality assessment (GA or FA) but require a tune-up

Three articles are assigned to each category for each newsletter. Priority is given to articles that lack maintenance from current primary contributors, have high yearly pageviews, or have recently survived AfD.


Interested parties can subscribe at Wikipedia:Discontent Content/mailing list to receive newsletters on their talk page. Subscribers who no longer wish to receive newsletters may opt out at any time by removing their names from the list.

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Discontent Content is maintained by Vaticidalprophet. Questions about the newsletter's maintenance may be raised here (preferred) or at his talk page.