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Summary (view)
Type Non-image Image Overall
vph Article vph Article vph Article
Low 34.6 Iulia Maria Dan 103.2 Opera in Ukraine 34.6 Iulia Maria Dan
Median 228.2 The Random Years 605.2 Bhicoo Batlivala
Comet Kohoutek
245.3 Gemma Frizelle
High 1,276.3 NJGov, Megan Coyne 2,581.9 Royal Navy State Funeral Gun Carriage 2,581.9 Royal Navy State Funeral Gun Carriage


Article Date Image views vph DYK hook
Royal Navy State Funeral Gun Carriage 2022-09-19 61,966[a] 2,581.9 ... that a coffin carriage used in British state funerals (pictured) has been pulled by sailors since an incident at Queen Victoria's funeral in 1901?
Elver Eating World Championships 2022-09-06 26,036 2,169.6 ... that no elvers (examples pictured) are eaten during the Elver Eating World Championships?
Ring theory (psychology) 2022-09-08 22,166 1,847.1 ... that Susan Silk developed ring theory (pictured) when a colleague said that Silk's breast cancer wasn't just about her?
The San Remo 2022-09-22 33,867 1,411.1 ... that the San Remo (pictured) was once described as an "ATM for Democratic presidential campaigns" in the United States?
Lài dog 2022-09-07 16,466 1,372.2 ... that Lài dogs (pictured) were instrumental in the Vietnamese Lam Sơn uprising against Ming China in 1418–1428?
NJGov 2022-09-13 9,813 817.8 ... that when asked who let New Jersey have a Twitter account, its manager simply replied, "your mom"?
Megan Coyne 5,503 458.6
Total 15,316 1,276.3
City Hall station (IRT Lexington Avenue Line) 2022-09-11 14,814 1,234.5 ... that the City Hall station (pictured), intended to be the showpiece of New York City's subway system, has been closed since 1945?
Troy axe murders 2022-09-14 14,100 1,175.0 ... that in the Troy axe murders a former fireman killed his wife, five-year-old daughter, and five stepchildren and left love notes on their bodies?
Philippe I, Duke of Orléans 2022-09-10 14,064[b] 1,172.0 ... that Philippe I, Duke of Orléans, (pictured) was the father of two queens and a French regent, despite preferring his male lovers to his wives?
Adriana Salvatierra 2022-09-23 26,287 1,095.3 ... that Adriana Salvatierra (pictured), the youngest legislator to preside over the Bolivian Senate, accompanied her father to trade-union meetings while still a child?
Murder of Alexis Sharkey 2022-09-09 13,138 1,094.8 ... that Alexis Sharkey's last Instagram post before her murder documented her travels to Tulum, Mexico?
Turkish Airlines Flight 301 2022-09-03 12,858 1,071.5 ... that Turkish prime minister Bülent Ecevit's first order in office was to send the minister of transport to the crash site of Turkish Airlines Flight 301 (aircraft pictured)?
Kauai Plantation Railway 2022-09-12 12,454 1,037.8 ... that when construction began on the Kauai Plantation Railway (pictured), "nobody in the crew knew how to build a train track"?
State hearse 2022-09-19 24,636 1,026.5 ... that Elizabeth II approved the design of the state hearse used in her funeral?
Karen's Diner 2022-09-06 10,980 915.0 ... that customers at Karen's Diner pay to be insulted?
Indie sleaze 2022-09-12 10,502 875.2 ... that the Indie sleaze era, from approximately 2006 to 2012, was described by singer Gwenno as "very debauched, and probably the last moment where kids had been able to do whatever they want"?
Langley Hawkins murder case 2022-09-27 20,527 855.3 ... that a European settler in Kenya who tortured a black employee to death in 1920 was sentenced to just two years' imprisonment?
Buford Dam 2022-09-09 10,206 850.5 ... that Buford Dam (pictured) is maintained in part by a "Chew Crew" of sixteen goats?
Fannie Salter 2022-09-06 9,827 818.9 ... that Fannie Salter (pictured) was personally appointed keeper of Turkey Point Light by U.S. president Calvin Coolidge?
Danny Kaleikini 2022-09-29 11,428 589.1 ... that Danny Kaleikini (pictured) once worked as a singing hotel busboy in Waikiki before becoming the headline entertainer at the Kahala Hilton for 28 years?
The Kahala Hotel & Resort 4,210 217.0
Total 15,638 806.1
Battle of Omagh 2022-09-05 9,572 797.7 ... that one witness claimed that not even God could have prevented the Battle of Omagh?
Tulainyo Lake 2022-09-28 19,037 793.2 ... that in 1937, water from Tulainyo Lake (pictured) was carried by runner, horseback, donkey, covered wagon, twenty-mule team, stagecoach, train, car, and plane to Death Valley to mark a highway opening?
Marysia Nikitiuk 2022-09-26 18,874 786.4 ... that the first film written and directed by Marysia Nikitiuk (pictured) has been called one of the "most iconic" works of modern Ukrainian cinema?
Viking Saga censorship incident 2022-09-21 18,672 778.0 ... that Northwest High School required transgender staff members of the student newspaper to use deadnames in bylines?
Captain John Purves and His Wife 2022-09-08 9,335 777.9 ... that according to art historian Margaretta M. Lovell, Captain John Purves and His Wife (pictured) reflects the late eighteenth century's turn toward companionate marriage?
Arrest of Randal Worcester 2022-09-14 9,321 776.8 ... that a bystander's video of the arrest of Randal Worcester in Mulberry, Arkansas, showed one law enforcement officer holding Worcester on the ground while two other officers beat him?
Rorke's Drift (video game) 2022-09-06 9,224 768.7 ... that the player of a 1990 video game can recreate the 14.5-hour-long Battle of Rorke's Drift in real time, controlling each of the 137 British defenders?
Cheetah Hunt 2022-09-05 9,170 764.2 ... that the design of Cheetah Hunt (pictured) was inspired by a Star Wars film?
Mass card 2022-09-11 8,754 729.5 ... that in Ireland, selling unauthorized Mass cards could lead to 10 years in jail or a €300,000 fine?
Maybole Castle 2022-09-13 8,697 724.8 ... that in the legend of John Faa, styled King of the Gypsies, the Countess of Cassilis was imprisoned for life in Maybole Castle (pictured) by her husband after he killed Faa for attempting to elope with her?
Archie C. Kuntze 2022-09-09 8,640 720.0 ... that Captain Archie C. Kuntze, known as the "American Mayor of Saigon", was court-martialled for living "openly and notoriously in his official quarters" with his Taiwanese girlfriend?
John Jarvis-Smith 2022-09-01 8,560 713.3 ... that when the British government discovered that John Jarvis-Smith was not dead, they gave him a medal?
Court-martial of William T. Colman 2022-09-25 17,020 709.1 ... that the court-martial of William T. Colman, the commander of a U.S. air base, created a storm of protest when he was merely reduced in rank after shooting a black soldier?
LAX Consolidated Rent-A-Car Facility 2022-09-08 8,450 704.1 ... that the LAX Consolidated Rent-A-Car Facility is the second-largest concrete building in the U.S. – behind only the Pentagon?
383 Madison Avenue 2022-09-27 16,431 684.6 ... that at one point in 2008, the Bear Stearns Building (pictured) was worth approximately five times the price offered for the acquisition of Bear Stearns?
Launch and commissioning of the James Webb Space Telescope 2022-09-02 7,938 661.5 ... that getting the James Webb Space Telescope into orbit (launch pictured) consumed far less fuel than was planned, effectively doubling its expected operational life?
Shōjo Club 2022-09-01 7,674 639.5 ... that the founder of the magazine Shōjo Club (issue pictured) hoped that the publication would instill in its readership the "inner modesty and fortitude of samurai women"?
Samuel Fyzee-Rahamin 2022-09-14 7,662 638.5 ... that Samuel Fyzee-Rahamin was born a Jew, became a Muslim, moved to Pakistan and died in poverty?
Any port in a storm 2022-09-11 7,600 633.4 ... that the first known publication of the phrase "any port in a storm" was in a 1749 erotic novel?
Haiti at the 1936 Summer Olympics 2022-09-15 15,045 626.9 ... that though Haiti did not compete at the 1936 Summer Olympics, its presence there made Liechtenstein change its flag?
Haaland v. Brackeen 2022-09-04 7,508 625.6 ... that a pending case at the United States Supreme Court, Haaland v. Brackeen, "could completely erase tribal sovereignty"?
General Electric Showcase House 2022-09-30 13,345 623.6 ... that Nancy Reagan jumped out of her bath when she heard that her husband had been elected President of the United States?
Umma–Lagash war 2022-09-02 7,466 622.2 ... that Professor of History Lorenzo Kamel deems Umma–Lagash the first recorded war in human history?
West Farms Soldiers Cemetery 2022-09-04 7,358 613.2 ... that the soldier guarding the West Farms Soldiers Cemetery went missing for six years?
Comet Kohoutek 2022-09-21 14,660 610.8 ... that Kohoutek (pictured) was the first comet to be proven a dirty snowball?
Bhicoo Batlivala 2022-09-15 14,388 599.5 ... that in 1943, Bhicoo Batlivala (pictured) led a group of Indian women to the House of Commons to request the release of Gandhi from prison?
Eddie Keenan 2022-09-25 14,340 597.5 ... that Eddie Keenan was once the largest American football player?
Sarah Ashton-Cirillo 2022-09-29 11,569[c] 596.3 ... that Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, covering the Russian invasion of Ukraine, said that Ukrainians care less about her being transgender than Americans do?
Henry Grady Hotel 2022-09-08 7,150 595.9 ... that according to Jimmy Carter, "more of [Georgia's] business was probably conducted in the Henry Grady than in the state capitol"?
Vecihi K-VI 2022-09-18 14,180 590.8 ... that after building Turkey's first airplane (pictured), its builder was sentenced to jail for flying it without a permit?
Schiller Woods magic water pump 2022-09-01 7,059 588.2 ... that some regular users of the Schiller Woods magic water pump near Chicago believe that it was covertly blessed by Pope John Paul II in 1979?
Jewish Indian theory 2022-09-16 13,978 582.4 ... that Jewish Indian theory, the erroneous idea that some lost tribes of Israel became ancestors to Native Americans, influenced the Book of Mormon?
Osmond J. Ritland 2022-09-13 6,952 579.4 ... that Osmond J. Ritland (pictured) was one of four men who selected Area 51 as the site for their Lockheed U-2 spy plane project?
Sofia the First 2022-09-04 6,756[d] 563.0 ... that Sofia the First was deemed "risky" but subsequently became the most-viewed program in its category?
Jupiter in fiction 2022-09-06 6,646 553.8 ... that fictional depictions of Jupiter have portrayed human habitation on the planet and its moons both by altering the environment to suit humans and altering humans to be suited to the environment?
Wind power in Turkey 2022-09-11 6,588 549.0 ... that wind power in Turkey (turbine pictured) is so profitable that companies pay the government for licences?
Raid on Kronstadt 2022-09-20 13,004 541.8 ... that 48 of the 55 British participants in the August 1919 raid on Kronstadt received gallantry medals or were mentioned in despatches?
Die Brennessel 2022-09-23 13,000 541.6 ... that Die Brennessel was a satirical magazine devised by the Nazi Party as a propaganda tool?
Vegeta (software) 2022-09-11 6,250 520.9 ... that Vegeta is used to attack HTTP-based applications?
United Nations General Assembly Building 2022-09-01 6,248 520.6 ... that according to one account, planners put a dome above the United Nations General Assembly Building (interior pictured) so the UN headquarters could be funded more quickly?
Bailundo (kingdom) 2022-09-22 12,323 513.5 ... that Ekuikui V was deposed as the king of Bailundo in 2021 and sentenced to six years in prison?
Warg 2022-09-14 6,143 511.9 ... that in Norse mythology, the sun and moon are each chased by a warg?
Willie Hernández 2022-09-04 6,068 505.7 ... that Puerto Rico's Willie Hernández (pictured) became the highest paid player in Detroit Tigers history after winning Cy Young and Most Valuable Player awards and a World Series?
Abbas II of Persia 2022-09-20 12,028 501.2 ... that the reign of Abbas II of Persia (pictured) was marked by peace with neighbouring nations, except for a war with the Mughal Empire in 1649 to recover the city of Kandahar?
Battle of Benfleet 2022-09-18 11,913 496.4 ... that evidence of the battle of Benfleet was found in the 19th century in the form of charred timbers and human bones?
MacEnhancer 2022-09-26 11,900 495.9 ... that Microsoft made a Mac enhancer?
IBM PS/2 Model 25 2022-09-23 11,669 486.2 ... that when a computer journalist saw the IBM PS/2 Model 25 for the first time, he thought that he "was looking at a deformed Macintosh"?
Oriental Hero 2022-09-11 5,758 479.9 ... that the 1987 video game Oriental Hero was panned as "so incredibly bad it's almost worth a look"?
Rakhel Feygenberg 2022-09-26 11,418 475.8 ... that Rakhel Feygenberg wrote her first novel at age 13, but was forced by her relatives to burn it?
Louise McKinney 2022-09-12 5,692 474.3 ... that Louise McKinney (pictured) was the first woman in the British Empire to be sworn in as an elected legislator?
Sailor Moon (North American live-action adaptation) 2022-09-09 5,592 466.0 ... that there were two failed attempts to adapt Sailor Moon into a Western live-action series?
Barclays House 2022-09-01 5,552 462.7 ... that Barclays House in Poole, England, has been sinking since its construction in 1975?
KRCL 2022-09-14 5,550 462.5 ... that Robert Redford helped the Lion of Zion receive a federal grant?
Can I Get It 2022-09-13 5,494 457.8 ... that Adele moans in "Can I Get It", a song about desire for a real relationship instead of casual sex?
Alien (film) 2022-09-14 5,452[e] 454.4 ... that the working title of Alien was Star Beast?
Leutard of Vertus 2022-09-06 5,368 447.3 ... that 11th-century French peasant Leutard of Vertus is said to have preached heresy against the Catholic Church after dreaming his body had been invaded by bees that entered through his genitals?
Duesenberg 2022-09-20 10,720 446.7 ... that a Duesenberg car was the first American car to win a French Grand Prix, doing so in 1921?
Banking in ancient Rome 2022-09-12 5,330 444.2 ... that temples served as banks in ancient Rome?
Titulus pictus 2022-09-05 5,305 442.1 ... that the Romans would advertise their goods with a type of inscription known as Titulus pictus?
56 Beaver Street 2022-09-07 5,264 438.6 ... that guests to the Delmonico's restaurant at 56 Beaver Street touched a pair of columns at the entrance for good luck?
Antony Hodgkinson 2022-09-04 5,256 438.0 ... that Antony Hodgkinson danced so vigorously onstage with Nirvana at the 1992 Reading Festival that he gave himself whiplash?
Bumper Pool (American football) 2022-09-03 5,234 436.1 ... that Bumper Pool legally changed his name to Bumper when he was 16 because of his father's childhood love for bumper pool?
Epistola consolatoria ad pergentes in bellum 2022-09-24 10,436 434.8 ... that a Carolingian military sermon promises soldiers victory, provided they do not engage in sexual activity or looting?
Vikki Blanche 2022-09-29 8,410 433.5 ... that Vikki Blanche did not take her Neighbours audition seriously, thinking that she would not be cast so soon after graduating from school?
Henry Baylis 2022-09-06 5,048 420.6 ... that Henry Baylis kept the bullet that wounded him, as a good-luck charm?
Jolly Rancher Remix 2022-09-27 10,075 419.8 ... that riders on the Jolly Rancher Remix can smell one of five randomly chosen Jolly Rancher flavors?
Jew of color 2022-09-07 5,003 416.9 ... that a report commissioned by the Jews of Color Initiative described "Jews of color" as "an imperfect, but useful umbrella term"?
Fernbrook Farms 2022-09-09 4,950 412.5 ... that Fernbrook Farms (pictured) was once a model breeding farm named New Warlaby?
Retina (typeface) 2022-09-09 4,922 410.2 ... that by switching to the smaller typeface Retina in the stock listings of their newspaper, The Wall Street Journal was able to save $6 to 7 million annually?
Univel 2022-09-28 9,842 410.1 ... that Univel was an early-1990s attempt to compete with Microsoft on the desktop, but one industry consultant said of the company's goal, "they're dreaming"?
Dorli Rainey 2022-09-13 4,920 410.0 ... that Dorli Rainey, at the age of 84, was pepper-sprayed by police at a 2011 Occupy Seattle protest, making her a symbol of the Occupy Wall Street movement?
Supply-side progressivism 2022-09-29 7,654 394.5 ... that supply-side progressivism is a response to rising costs of housing, healthcare, and other essential goods in the United States?
Trump fake electors plot 2022-09-09 4,720 393.4 ... that Donald Trump and his attorneys John Eastman and Rudy Giuliani spoke to some 300 Republican state legislators in an effort to overturn the 2020 United States presidential election?
Embassy of the Philippines, Lisbon 2022-09-23 9,396 391.5 ... that protesters demanded the closure of the embassy of the Philippines in Lisbon?
Reina Scully 2022-09-06 4,664 388.6 ... that Reina Scully has worked with Crunchyroll because of her skill in translating Japanese anime for English dubs?
Mick Moloney 2022-09-14 4,650 387.5 ... that Mick Moloney (pictured) was a social worker in London before establishing the Green Fields of America, an Irish traditional music ensemble?
Dania Beach Hurricane 2022-09-11 4,610 384.2 ... that someone once paid $750 to enjoy a hurricane?
Streets of New Capenna 2022-09-23 9,099 379.1 ... that the design of the Magic: The Gathering expansion set Streets of New Capenna is inspired by the Five Families of organized crime?
Lake Erie watersnake 2022-09-21 8,974 373.9 ... that following the introduction of the round goby to Lake Erie, the Lake Erie watersnake's population recovered enough to be removed from the U.S. threatened species list?
Michael H. v. Gerald D. 2022-09-15 8,932 372.1 ... that according to Ruth Marcus, the facts of Michael H. v. Gerald D. "more closely resembled a soap opera synopsis than a typical Supreme Court case"?
Operation Tariq al-Qods 2022-09-10 4,456 371.3 ... that the Iranian operation to liberate the town of Bostan during the Iran–Iraq War was described by Ruhollah Khomeini, then Supreme Leader of Iran, as "the victory of victories"?
Marine Air Terminal 2022-09-05 4,452 371.0 ... that overcrowding at the Marine Air Terminal prompted one airline owner to buy a boat?
The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone (1872) 2022-09-17 8,849 368.7 ... that Thomas Moran's 1872 painting The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone (pictured) influenced the decision to preserve Yellowstone National Park for future generations?
Madeleine Swann 2022-09-15 8,808 367.0 ... that Madeleine Swann's name is a tribute to Marcel Proust?
Armstead Otey Grubb 2022-09-21 8,768 365.3 ... that former Lincoln University president Armstead Otey Grubb was robbed and murdered outside his home on campus in 1968?
Hartington Road Halt railway station 2022-09-13 4,374 364.5 ... that Hartington Road Halt in Brighton, which closed after five years, was accidentally opened illegally?
WSTR-TV 2022-09-12 4,370 364.2 ... that a television station spent so little on programming that a media columnist called it the "IOUs of Cincinnati"?
1996 Biak earthquake 2022-09-13 4,368 364.0 ... that the 8.2 Mw Biak earthquake of 1996 triggered disproportionately large tsunamis relative to its magnitude?
Golden logistics triangle 2022-09-03 4,248 354.0 ... that the Office for National Statistics defines a golden logistics triangle in the English Midlands that lies within four hours driving distance of 90% of the British population?
Siege of Wark (1138) 2022-09-09 4,122 343.5 ... that despite a truce, the siege of Wark continued?
Chengalloor Ranganathan 2022-09-03 4,120 343.4 ... that the tallest captive elephant in Asia has been commemorated in verse, sculpture and film?
CLODO 2022-09-02 4,116 343.0 ... that CLODO's initialism is also a French slang term for 'bum' or 'homeless'?
Bronco Charlie Miller 2022-09-08 4,074 339.5 ... that elderly showman Bronco Charlie Miller would light matches, held in the mouths of Boy Scouts, using a 20-ft bull whip?
Tetris Classic 2022-09-12 4,073 339.4 ... that the illustrations in the 1992 video game Tetris Classic are based on scenes from Alexander Pushkin's poem Ruslan and Ludmila?
Spotlight (Xiao Zhan song) 2022-09-08 4,020 335.0 ... that "Spotlight", the best-selling digital single in Chinese music history, saw its Douban rating drop from 10.0 to 3.2 less than two days after its release?
The Papers of Benjamin Franklin 2022-09-17 7,996 333.2 ... that when The Papers of Benjamin Franklin is completed, it is expected to contain approximately 30,000 writings in 47 volumes?
Liberia–United Kingdom relations 2022-09-01 3,980 331.7 ... that neighboring British Sierra Leone and Liberia disputed their border, and the British Empire seized the disputed territory in 1885?
Shaw Farm, Windsor 2022-09-19 7,944 331.0 ... that today's funeral procession of Elizabeth II to Windsor Castle started at the gate to Shaw Farm?
The Century (apartment building) 2022-09-09 3,958 329.9 ... that a conversion plan led to the "Battle of the Century"?
Tobia Nicotra 2022-09-05 3,934 327.9 ... that prolific Italian forger Tobia Nicotra once toured the United States impersonating conductor Riccardo Drigo, who had died two years earlier?
Sean Barber 2022-09-01 3,923 326.9 ... that getting bitten by an eel led Sean Barber to become an umpire?
Harry Lipsig 2022-09-03 3,908 325.6 ... that "King of Torts" Harry Lipsig persuaded a jury that a man had been scared to death by a car?
Sa'd ibn Junaydil 2022-09-12 3,898 324.8 ... that Saudi Arabian historian Sa'd ibn Junaydil took high school graduation exams with his students, as he had yet to obtain a high school diploma?
Me and the Spitter 2022-09-16 7,756 323.1 ... that Gaylord Perry (pictured) admitted that he had cheated in baseball in his autobiography Me and the Spitter?
Getbol, Korean Tidal Flats 2022-09-25 7,750 322.9 ... that Getbol, Korean Tidal Flats (pictured), a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an important migration stopover for the critically endangered spoon-billed sandpiper?
John Davies Bryan 2022-09-22 4,484 186.9 ... that the shop in Cairo designed by Robert Williams for the Davies Bryan Company became a site of "pilgrimage for all Welsh travellers" to Egypt?
Robert Williams (architect) 3,235 134.8
Total 7,720 321.6
Mildred Newman 2022-09-13 3,828 319.0 ... that American psychologist Mildred Newman and her husband treated so many celebrities that the two were known as "therapists of the stars"?
Dave Wasserman 2022-09-02 3,822 318.5 ... that an article by Dave Wasserman two months before the 2016 U.S. presidential election correctly predicted that Donald Trump would win despite losing the popular vote?
280 Broadway 2022-09-03 3,793 316.1 ... that 280 Broadway (pictured), once called the "cradle of the department store", later hosted The Sun newspaper and then the New York City Department of Buildings?
2009 Maine Question 1 2022-09-22 7,532 313.8 ... that in 2009, residents of Maine voted to repeal a law that would have legalized same-sex marriage?
James O'Donnell (organist) 2022-09-19 7,520 313.3 ... that Westminster Abbey's director of music James O'Donnell, who is responsible for the singing at the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, is scheduled to become a professor at Yale University in 2023?
Keith Sheen 2022-09-08 3,760 313.3 ... that educationalist Keith Sheen learned how to kill rats with a frying pan at his first job?
Zack Kelly 2022-09-14 3,748 312.3 ... that Zack Kelly received a $500 signing bonus, lost money in his first professional seasons, and was released by two organizations before he made his Major League Baseball debut?
State visit by Elizabeth II to Spain 2022-09-19 7,434 309.7 ... that in 1988, Elizabeth II became the first British monarch to make an official visit to Spain?
Mihi Edwards 2022-09-03 3,710 309.2 ... that Mihi Edwards did not use her own name as a young woman because of discrimination against Māori people in New Zealand?
Quest (game) 2022-09-04 3,678 306.5 ... that players of the fantasy play-by-mail game Quest once voted on the game's "most useless item"?
Citizen Sleeper 2022-09-10 3,598 299.8 ... that the developer of Citizen Sleeper was inspired by the feeling of people coming together and their own experiences as a non-binary person struggling to make ends meet through the gig economy?
Emma Dean Powell 2022-09-03 3,582 298.5 ... that Emma Dean Powell received a pass from General Ulysses S. Grant to accompany her husband to battlefield camps during the American Civil War after he lost his arm?
1972 Turkish Airlines Adana crash 2022-09-30 6,377 298.0 ... that a Turkish Airlines aircraft that crashed in 1972 had been due to carry Turkish prime minister Nihat Erim later that day?
Eva Duldig 2022-09-11 3,574 297.8 ... that Eva Duldig, who was interned by Australia during the Second World War, later represented the country at the Wimbledon Championships?
The 30th 2022-09-16 4,914 204.8 ... that Billie Eilish released two songs in July 2022, one of which was about a loved one's car accident?
Guitar Songs 2,218 92.4
Total 7,132 297.1
Tom Dorrien-Smith 2022-09-14 3,556 296.3 ... that whilst serving in the Royal Navy during World War II, Tom Dorrien-Smith, a former leaseholder of Tresco, was involved in the sinking of the Bismarck?
Riddick Parker 2022-09-12 3,552 296.0 ... that Riddick Parker increased his weight by 26 pounds (12 kg) because he was regarded as "small" for a defensive end, at 274 pounds (124 kg)?
Lim Kok Wing 2022-09-20 7,080 295.0 ... that Malaysian businessman Lim Kok Wing was depicted as "King of Africa"?
Yesenia Yarhui 2022-09-04 3,524 293.7 ... that Yesenia Yarhui, the youngest parliamentarian in Bolivian history, was sworn into the Chamber of Deputies at just 19 years old?
East Somerville station 2022-09-06 3,519 293.2 ... that East Somerville station is planned to open more than 95 years after its predecessor closed?
Abraham Lincoln Davis 2022-09-18 7,024 292.6 ... that Abraham Lincoln Davis cofounded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference with Martin Luther King Jr., serving as his vice president?
Subgroup distortion 2022-09-26 6,972 290.5 ... that subgroup distortion theory, introduced by Misha Gromov in 1993, can help encode text?
E. Virgil Neal 2022-09-11 3,446 287.2 ... that E. Virgil Neal was a teacher, stage hypnotist, fraudster and finally a wealthy cosmetics manufacturer?
Leverton & Sons 2022-09-19 6,839 285.0 ... that Leverton & Sons were given the coffin of Elizabeth II when they were appointed funeral directors to the Royal Household in 1991?
Zita Moulton 2022-09-20 6,764 281.8 ... that actress Zita Moulton first starred in theatre performances after a bet with her fiancé that she would be able to get a stage job within 24 hours?
Fitchburg Cutoff 2022-09-22 6,763 281.8 ... that Pedro II of Brazil examined the signal system on the Fitchburg Cutoff?
Khayyam satellite 2022-09-03 3,375 281.2 ... that Russia launched an Iranian satellite into orbit just three weeks after Putin and Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei vowed to cooperate against the West?
4th Time Around 2022-09-05 3,352 279.3 ... that Bob Dylan's "4th Time Around" has been interpreted as a parody of the Beatles' song "Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)"?
The Story of Mr Sommer 2022-09-04 3,340 278.4 ... that The Story of Mr Sommer, a 1991 novella by Patrick Süskind with illustrations by Sempé, has been described as "a children's tale for adults"?
Shin-chan: Me and the Professor on Summer Vacation 2022-09-03 3,324 277.0 ... that Sacco Saito, who arranged and performed the theme song for Shin-chan: Me and the Professor on Summer Vacation, was not told the content of the game until after the song had been recorded?
Franklin Flores 2022-09-21 6,642 276.8 ... that according to one sociologist, Franklin Flores's landslide victory demonstrated his party's ability to win the rural vote "regardless of the candidates nominated"?
The Last of Us Part I 2022-09-28 6,642[f] 276.7 ... that The Last of Us Part I features three accessibility presets for those requiring hearing, motor, or visual aids?
Euclidean minimum spanning tree 2022-09-25 6,504 271.0 ... that physical applications of Euclidean minimum spanning trees range in scale from the particles in bubble chambers to the dark matter halos of galaxies?
Madera Sugar Pine Company 2022-09-02 3,240 270.0 ... that a Chinatown in the logging community of Sugar Pine was intentionally burned down by the Madera Sugar Pine Company in 1922?
Joseph Longworth 2022-09-02 3,226 268.8 ... that while Joseph Longworth thought that he would be remembered only as "the son of his father and the father of his son", there is today a wing of the Cincinnati Art Museum named for him?
Rubicon (protein) 2022-09-01 3,216 268.0 ... that the genetic deletion of the protein Rubicon increases the lifespan of roundworms and female fruit flies?
Theodore Silverstein 2022-09-03 3,212 267.7 ... that medieval literature scholar Theodore Silverstein's unit in World War II took over the Eiffel Tower to intercept communications of German aircraft?
Sesame allergy 2022-09-18 6,314 263.1 ... that because of the increasing prevalence of sesame allergy, the U.S. will join the EU and Canada in 2023 in instituting mandatory food labeling?
Pinwill sisters 2022-09-01 3,152 262.6 ... that the woodcarver Violet Pinwill of the Pinwill sisters was still working on a life-size figure of Saint Peter days before her death in 1957, aged 82?
Hamad al-Hajji 2022-09-27 6,258 260.7 ... that Saudi Arabian poet Hamad al-Hajji lost three members of his family during his childhood and later suffered from schizophrenia until he died at the age of 49 after a lung disease?
Zdravko Ponoš 2022-09-06 3,120 260.0 ... that Chief of the General Staff Zdravko Ponoš began military cooperation between Serbia and Ohio?
Bill Renwick 2022-09-17 6,158 256.6 ... that when Bill Renwick was asked to review a neo-Nazi case at the University of Waikato it was meant to take three weeks, but instead took nearly two years?
Peachtree Arcade 2022-09-06 3,076 256.3 ... that Peachtree Arcade, a shopping arcade in the U.S. state of Georgia, was conceived after a local businessman visited the Cleveland Arcade?
Hong Taechawanit 2022-09-16 6,146 256.1 ... that "gambling lord" Hong Taechawanit's mansion in Thailand became a police station?
Serious Sam: Tormental 2022-09-14 3,064 255.3 ... that the video game Serious Sam: Tormental was originally inspired by Geometry Wars?
Michelle O'Bonsawin 2022-09-05 3,048 254.0 ... that Michelle O'Bonsawin is the first Indigenous person appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada?
Imperial Bedroom 2022-09-15 6,022 250.9 ... that Robert Downey Jr. declared Elvis Costello's Imperial Bedroom his favorite album in a 2005 article for Uncut magazine?
Shady Rest Golf and Country Club 2022-09-07 2,997 249.8 ... that the Shady Rest Golf and Country Club (pictured) was the home of John Shippen, the first African American to compete in the U.S. Open?
Basilica of St. Mary of the Assumption (Lancaster, Ohio) 2022-09-24 5,922 246.8 ... that after the Basilica of St. Mary of the Assumption (pictured) was named a minor basilica by Pope Francis in 2022, this was announced on the vigil of the Assumption of Mary?
Gemma Frizelle 2022-09-06 2,944 245.3 ... that rhythmic gymnast Gemma Frizelle won a gold medal at the 2022 Commonwealth Games performing to her mother's favourite song?
Chip Fletcher 2022-09-26 5,886 245.2 ... that according to climate scientist Chip Fletcher, "our communities are scaled and built for a climate that no longer exists"?
Platigliole Glacier 2022-09-08 2,942 245.1 ... that the melting of the Platigliole Glacier in Italy has revealed artefacts of the White War, including clothing and hay more than 100 years old?
Creekfinding 2022-09-01 2,937 244.8 ... that Creekfinding was inspired by epidemiologist Michael Osterholm's efforts to restore a creek that had been diverted decades earlier?
Ned Dobbs 2022-09-27 5,827 242.8 ... that a civil servant sued his own minister for libel?
WLMA (South Carolina) 2022-09-06 2,896 241.4 ... that U.S. regulators determined that a South Carolina radio station broadcast from unauthorized facilities for more than 15 years?
Archbishop William Henry Elder 2022-09-12 2,856 238.0 ... that artist Thomas Eakins remarked "I think you've got a heap of impudence" upon receiving the Temple Gold Medal for his portrait Archbishop William Henry Elder?
Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter to Los Angeles 2022-09-10 2,841 236.8 ... that a 65-minute concert film starring Billie Eilish was filmed all in one week?
Rob Sand 2022-09-07 2,820 235.0 ... that the Iowa state auditor Rob Sand modeled in Milan and Paris while he was in college?
Jim Nettles 2022-09-26 5,606 233.6 ... that Jim Nettles followed his older brother to San Diego State University and the Minnesota Twins, but preceded him in being diagnosed with prostate cancer?
Eileen Ramsay (photographer) 2022-09-22 5,593 233.0 ... that yachting photographer Eileen Ramsay damaged many Rolleiflex cameras by attempting to take photos at water level?
Mark Littell 2022-09-18 5,575 232.3 ... that baseball player Mark Littell developed an anatomically correct athletic cup called the "Nutty Buddy"?
Dirge 2022-09-07 1,812 151.0 ... that the word "dirge" for funeral hymns can be traced to primer prayer books?
Primer (prayer book) 971 80.9
Total 2,783 231.9
Woody Jackson 2022-09-05 2,781 231.8 ... that while experimenting for the music of Red Dead Redemption, Woody Jackson recorded the heartbeat of his unborn daughter on his iPhone?
Mehmet Şerif Fırat 2022-09-07 2,778 231.5 ... that after Mehmet Şerif Fırat helped the Turkish military defeat the Sheikh Said rebellion, he was internally exiled with relatives of the leaders of the rebellion?
270 Park Avenue (1960–2021) 2022-09-25 5,502 229.2 ... that Union Carbide bought 270 Park Avenue in 1976 while moving out of the building?
The Random Years 2022-09-24 5,477 228.2 ... that The Random Years includes a version of strip poker played to Antiques Roadshow?
Patrick Degorce 2022-09-02 2,730 227.5 ... that hedge fund manager Patrick Degorce was an early investor in Moderna, with the hope that they could find a cure for his wife's stage-IV lung cancer?
Absolutely Sweet Marie 2022-09-27 5,450 227.1 ... that Bob Dylan's "Absolutely Sweet Marie" was misspelled on several international releases of Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits 2?
KPXG-TV 2022-09-04 2,702 225.2 ... that KECH 22 was associated with two simultaneous bankruptcy proceedings?
Gilman Square station 2022-09-13 2,684 223.7 ... that a lion's head was preserved during construction of Gilman Square station?
Dolmelynllyn Estate 2022-09-09 2,678 223.2 ... that politician William Madocks built a privy in the shape of "an old broken tower" on his Dolmelynllyn Estate in Wales?
Welbore Ellis Agar 2022-09-02 2,664 222.0 ... that an auction of the art collection of Welbore Ellis Agar was abandoned when all of it, including works by Velazquez, Poussin, Lorrain, Murillo, and Rubens (example pictured) was bought by Earl Grosvenor?
Parker Goins 2022-09-06 1,396 116.3 ... that Parker Goins and Taylor Malham have played high school, club, college, and professional soccer together?
Taylor Malham 1,261 105.1
Total 2,657 221.4
Brizlincote 2022-09-09 2,647 220.6 ... that Brizlincote in Burton upon Trent, England, was formerly known as "Little Switzerland" for its charm and recreational use by locals?
Illegal operation 2022-09-22 5,236 218.2 ... that "illegal operation" was a common euphemism for abortion in early-20th-century North American newspapers?
Public services in Brighton and Hove 2022-09-13 2,617 218.1 ... that local regulation and law enforcement in Brighton's early history was carried out by the Society of Twelve, a beadle "in cocked hat and full regalia", and two "Old Charlies"?
Liu Yunbin 2022-09-17 5,223 217.6 ... that Liu Yunbin, the son of the second president of the People's Republic of China, was a graduate in radiochemistry and contributed to the development of China's first atomic bomb?
Shoshin 2022-09-29 4,212 217.1 ... that shoshin is a Zen Buddhist term that means having a "beginner's mind"?
Matti Lehtinen 2022-09-07 2,582 215.2 ... that Matti Lehtinen, a baritone of the Finnish National Opera and professor of singing at the Sibelius Academy, was the voice of God at age 93?
Helen Potrebenko 2022-09-20 5,154 214.8 ... that according to Modern Times, a San Francisco–based bookstore collective, if there was only one book that you read in 1975 it had to be Canadian author and activist Helen Potrebenko's Taxi!?
Port of Tanjung Kalian 2022-09-26 5,136 214.0 ... that the current lighthouse at the Port of Tanjung Kalian was built by a Dutch company in 1862 based on a British design?
Alpha (Shenseea album) 2022-09-08 2,563 213.6 ... that Shenseea almost named Alpha after her dead mother?
Extensa 2022-09-07 2,554 212.8 ... that the Polish science fiction novel Extensa marked the growing recognition of its writer, Jacek Dukaj, in Poland?
Reptilia (manga) 2022-09-30 4,523 211.4 ... that the manga series Reptilia was inspired in part by a story from Japanese folklore about a woman who is transformed into a snake, told to author Kazuo Umezu as a child?
Tom Alberg 2022-09-10 2,534 211.1 ... that Seattle-based Tom Alberg, one of the earliest investors in Amazon, was convinced of the company's promise when he could not find a book by Peter Drucker in his local bookstore?
George F. Kosco 2022-09-18 5,063 211.0 ... that George F. Kosco filmed the signing of the Japanese surrender in color?
Slapshot (song) 2022-09-11 2,525 210.4 ... that "Slapshot", a 1995 rock song commissioned by the New York Rangers, is widely considered to be the best goal song in the National Hockey League?
Bakmi GM 2022-09-17 5,026 209.4 ... that during the 1970s, future Indonesian president Habibie would go to a specific noodle shop every lunchtime?
Augustus Smith (politician) 2022-09-12 2,512 209.4 ... that after depopulating the island of Samson, Augustus Smith established a deer park there, only for the deer to escape to the neighbouring island of Tresco?
Constance Fozzard 2022-09-07 2,494 207.8 ... that Constance Fozzard was told during her surgical training that women with children could not become consultants?
Joseph Henry Gest 2022-09-14 2,480 206.6 ... that for fifteen years Joseph Henry Gest (pictured) was both the director of the Cincinnati Art Museum and the president of the Rookwood Pottery Company, spending mornings at one and afternoons at the other?
LARIAT (platform) 2022-09-07 2,476 206.3 ... that the LARIAT platform simulates users on computer networks to be targeted for staged cyber attacks?
Ich lobe meinen Gott, der aus der Tiefe mich holt 2022-09-01 2,468 205.7 ... that members of a 250,000-strong crowd sang the refrain of the Christian hymn "Ich lobe meinen Gott, der aus der Tiefe mich holt" during the 2015 Kirchentag?
Elden Ring 2022-09-02 2,459[g] 204.9 ... that the writer of Elden Ring compared the game's mythology to using a dungeon master's handbook in a tabletop RPG?
Edwardine Ordinals 2022-09-13 1,536 128.0 ... that despite two 16th-century books often being referred to as the Edwardine Ordinals, the word "ordinal" was not applied to them until the 17th century?
Ordinal (liturgy) 923 76.9
Total 2,458 204.9
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Factory Building 2022-09-10 2,455 204.6 ... that, before there was a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Factory Building, William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson built motorcycles in a shed?
Cauley Square 2022-09-12 2,446 203.8 ... that the man who built Cauley Square originally used the village to ship his tomatoes?
Nate Fisher 2022-09-05 2,380 198.3 ... that before he made his Major League Baseball debut, Nate Fisher worked as a commercial lending analyst for the First National Bank of Omaha?
Palu 2022-09-08 2,368 197.3 ... that the selection of Palu as capital of Palu Regency led to protests from the nearby town of Donggala, concerned they would lose out on economic development?
WGBO-DT 2022-09-05 2,365 197.1 ... that Univision bought a Chicago TV station that wasn't for sale?
WECT (New York) 2022-09-08 2,364 197.0 ... that a TV station in New York state signed on just to carry the 1953 World Series, then went off the air and did not start scheduled programming for several weeks?
Millennium Hilton New York One UN Plaza 2022-09-04 2,360 196.7 ... that during meetings at the United Nations headquarters, the United Nations Plaza Hotel was said to have more security than guests?
Daniel C. Darrow 2022-09-03 2,346 195.5 ... that the pediatrician Daniel C. Darrow "was tolerant of students, but they were rather terrified of him"?
Eocene Okanagan Highlands 2022-09-03 2,324 193.7 ... that the Eocene Okanagan Highlands span approximately 1,000 km (620 mi) through British Columbia and Washington?
Rodney Parker 2022-09-08 2,316 193.0 ... that eleven years after serving as a Super Bowl usher, Rodney Parker came back to the game as a player?
Port of Tanjung Api-Api 2022-09-28 3,150 131.2 ... that the development of the Port of Tanjung Api-Api resulted in a bribery scandal implicating the incumbent governor?
Syahrial Oesman 1,474 61.4
Total 4,624 192.6
E. J. Smith (American football) 2022-09-01 2,306 192.2 ... that Stanford's E. J. Smith, son of Emmitt Smith, the National Football League's all-time rushing leader, was named a 2022 breakout candidate at his father's position?
Chicago Radio 2022-09-05 2,300 191.7 ... that Chicago Radio public address systems were used extensively by the pro-independence Indian National Congress during the British Raj?
Prabhudas Gandhi 2022-09-09 2,290 190.9 ... that Prabhudas Gandhi invented an innovative foot-driven spinning wheel and named it "Magan Charkha" in memory of his uncle Maganlal Gandhi?
Assumption of the Virgin (Palma Vecchio) 2022-09-10 2,260 188.3 ... that the Assumption of the Virgin (pictured) by Palma Vecchio depicts the legend of the Girdle of Thomas as part of the Assumption of Mary?
Charley Frazier 2022-09-13 2,259 188.2 ... that Charley Frazier played in the American Football League even though he did not play college football?
Arnett v. Kennedy 2022-09-11 2,251 187.6 ... that in Arnett v. Kennedy, U.S. Supreme Court justice William Rehnquist said public employees must accept "the bitter with the sweet" in their due-process rights when contesting dismissal?
Brian McMahon (New Zealand Army officer) 2022-09-04 2,242 186.8 ... that medical doctor Brian McMahon was named "ANZAC of the Year" in 2011?
KTVH-DT 2022-09-02 2,240 186.6 ... that the owner of a Montana TV station changed the name of his company because he was asked why his license plate read "SUNBELT"?
Curriculum for Wales (2022–present) 2022-09-29 3,618 186.5 ... that the new curriculum in Wales allows schools to set their own curricula?
Ted Decker 2022-09-11 2,232 186.0 ... that Home Depot CEO Ted Decker ran his own landscaping business in high school?
Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center 2022-09-16 4,432 184.7 ... that upon its completion, the Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center had the largest sloped green roof in the United States?
David Dexter 2022-09-04 2,193 182.8 ... that David Dexter, who wrote the New Guinea volume in the series Australia in the War of 1939–1945, was a commando who served in East Timor and New Guinea?
Georgina Kennedy 2022-09-02 2,193 182.8 ... that 2022 Commonwealth Games women's squash gold medallist Georgina Kennedy was once a promising runner, ranked number one in England at the 1500 metres, before focusing on squash?
Communist Party of Lithuania and Belorussia 2022-09-18 4,332 180.5 ... that the Communist Party of Lithuania and Belorussia organized partisan units behind the front lines during the Polish–Soviet War?
WAZS (AM) 2022-09-29 3,496 180.2 ... that an attempt to jazz up a South Carolina radio station did not get much response from listeners?
List of National Football League career punting yards leaders 2022-09-16 4,321 180.0 ... that the National Football League record for career punting yards is more than 40 miles (65 km)?
Jamie Proctor 2022-09-30 3,816 178.3 ... that Jamie Proctor won Port Vale's Goal of the Season award after scoring a scissor-kick volley (pictured) against Sutton United?
Chestertown Armory 2022-09-07 2,136 178.0 ... that Washington College is investigating the possibility of turning the Chestertown Armory into a bed and breakfast?
Frank Goadby 2022-09-29 3,433 177.0 ... that Frank Goadby said that he served on 44 committees after his retirement from the British Army?
Douglas Chandor 2022-09-19 4,220 175.8 ... that in 1952, Douglas Chandor painted the first portrait of Elizabeth II that she posed for following her accession?
BeoutQ 2022-09-10 2,108 175.6 ... that Saudi Arabian broadcaster beoutQ pirated and resold beIN Sports programmes during the Qatar diplomatic crisis?
Green Valley State Park 2022-09-20 4,204 175.2 ... that Green Valley State Park in Iowa, which was dedicated exactly 69 years ago, had multiple species of fish added to its artificial lake in 1974?
Speedy Mashilo 2022-09-24 4,198 174.9 ... that South African politician Speedy Mashilo was kidnapped for seven hours?
Van Ness Bus Rapid Transit 2022-09-14 2,098 174.9 ... that construction of Van Ness Bus Rapid Transit uncovered tracks from the California Street Cable Railroad?
International Building (Rockefeller Center) 2022-09-03 2,094 174.5 ... that in 1933, the groundbreaking ceremony for the Italian wing of Rockefeller Center's International Building was interrupted by a fascist chant led by an unemployed bricklayer?
This Census-Taker 2022-09-28 4,170 173.8 ... that China Miéville's novella This Census-Taker fluctuates between the first and third person to convey the trauma felt by the protagonist?
Cluedo (Australian game show) 2022-09-13 2,078 173.2 ... that audience members interrogated suspects in an Australian Cluedo game show based on the board game?
KCTY (Kansas City) 2022-09-04 2,054 171.1 ... that a Kansas City TV station sold for $1 in 1953?
Assembly Rooms, Belfast 2022-09-03 1,268 105.6 ... that the Assembly Rooms in Belfast, which housed a branch of the Belfast Banking Company for more than 100 years, were the venue for the court-martial of leaders of the Irish Rebellion of 1798?
Belfast Banking Company 762 63.5
Total 2,030 169.2
The Maiden in the Tower 2022-09-23 4,045 168.5 ... that The Maiden in the Tower, the only opera by Jean Sibelius, was withdrawn after only three performances with the intention to revise it, which never happened?
Benny Lefebvre 2022-09-11 2,017 168.1 ... that Benny Lefebvre had three sons who signed professional baseball contracts and four brothers who played football?
Isabel Fernández 2022-09-08 2,016 168.0 ... that journalist Isabel Fernández likened her experience as a correspondent during periods of intense civil unrest to "[being in] a lion's cage"?
Beth Nealson 2022-09-05 1,998 166.5 ... that the first woman mayor in Metropolitan Toronto, Beth Nealson, ran against True Davidson in a 1966 mayoral race called the "Battle of the Belles"?
Linus Roth 2022-09-14 1,984 165.4 ... that Linus Roth, who plays the 1703 Dancla Stradivarius violin, recorded all compositions by Mieczysław Weinberg which feature a solo violin?
Judith Schiff 2022-09-01 1,974 164.5 ... that Judith Schiff, as chief research archivist at the Yale University Library, helped determine that skeletons exposed by a tree uprooted by Hurricane Sandy dated to the 18th century?
Treat Me 2022-09-12 1,970 164.2 ... that Chloe Bailey dances next to a leopard in the music video for her song "Treat Me"?
Freddy Mamani 2022-09-08 1,961 163.4 ... that Freddy Mamani was motivated to become a teacher in part to help his parents overcome their illiteracy?
WSNS-TV 2022-09-07 1,946 162.2 ... that a Chicago TV station was expelled from the National Association of Broadcasters by mistake?
Alnus parvifolia 2022-09-04 1,946 162.2 ... that damage patterns on Alnus parvifolia fossil leaves (example pictured) were initially misidentified as flea beetle eggs?
Midwest Food Bank 2022-09-05 1,940 161.7 ... that a two-year-old food bank contributed 150 semi-trucks of supplies to relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina?
Cowbridge Girls School 2022-09-26 3,873 161.4 ... that Cowbridge Girls School, built in 1896, was unusual for its time in providing a science laboratory for the students?
Melissa Clark-Reynolds 2022-09-07 1,920 160.0 ... that Melissa Clark-Reynolds, who was awarded the Insignia of an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit, developed the now-defunct virtual world MiniMonos?
Frabjous Days: The Secret World of Godley & Creme 1967–1969 2022-09-02 1,910 159.1 ... that before Godley & Creme were one half of 10cc, they were Frabjoy & the Runcible Spoon?
It's All About the Looks 2022-09-06 1,892 157.7 ... that a scene from the television adaptation of the manga It's All About the Looks was filmed at the Tokyo Girls Collection fashion show?
Furlong Flynn 2022-09-02 1,880 156.7 ... that after playing professional football, Furlong Flynn became an aviation pioneer?
Frequent Express 2022-09-17 3,734 155.6 ... that women- and minority-owned businesses built the Frequent Express high-capacity bus line in Portland, Oregon?
Semi-Detached, Suburban Mr. James 2022-09-10 1,788 149.0 ... that Manfred Mann's 1966 single "Semi-Detached, Suburban Mr. James" was amongst the first songs to utilize the Mellotron?
Geothermal energy in Turkey 2022-09-13 1,785 148.8 ... that the Romans enjoyed balneotherapy from geothermal energy in Turkey?
Complimentary election 2022-09-04 1,032 86.0 ... that after the Swiss federal councilor Josef Martin Knüsel lost a complimentary election to the National Council in 1875, he resigned?
Josef Martin Knüsel 716 59.7
Total 1,749 145.8
Reginald Hall (endocrinologist) 2022-09-11 1,716 143.0 ... that endocrinologist Reginald Hall, who studied the thyroid gland and its diseases, received a heart transplant in 1984?
Midnights 2022-09-17 3,388[h] 141.2 ... that Taylor Swift announced her upcoming album, Midnights, while accepting the 2022 Video of the Year award?
Nuri Ja'far 2022-09-24 3,338 139.1 ... that Iraqi psychologist Nuri Ja'far, in his youth, was denied admission to the College of Medicine University of Baghdad by Harry Sinderson?
Alexander Marble 2022-09-10 1,628 135.7 ... that Alexander Marble, an expert in diabetes, was described as one of "the giant trees among the diabetes sequoias"?
Tala Bashmi 2022-09-17 3,248 135.4 ... that Tala Bashmi played on the Bahrain women's national football team for seven years before opening a restaurant in a Manama hotel?
House of Awakened Culture 2022-09-23 3,212 133.8 ... that the Suquamish tribe opened their community house, the House of Awakened Culture, in 2009?
Rockstar Vancouver 2022-09-24 3,139 130.8 ... that Rockstar Vancouver developed most of the "Beta 5" update for Counter-Strike?
Naikilah Perusahaan Minang 2022-09-02 1,557 129.8 ... that Naikilah Perusahaan Minang is the oldest operating autobus company in Indonesia?
Wes Freed 2022-09-23 3,042 126.7 ... that Wes Freed was the secretary of Future Farmers of America before becoming the album cover artist for the Drive-By Truckers?
Milt Wilcox 2022-09-10 1,498 124.8 ... that Milt Wilcox, winning pitcher of Game 3 of the 1984 World Series, credited "throwing bowling balls" with rescuing his Major League Baseball career?
Rafael Quispe 2022-09-03 1,497 124.8 ... that Aymara legislator Rafael Quispe's humorous style of political activism led one Bolivian parliamentarian to describe him as the "Chapulín Colorado" of the Legislative Assembly?
Emory Collins 2022-09-07 1,495 124.6 ... that American racing driver Emory Collins won the International Motor Contest Association sprint car national championship in 1938, 1946, 1947, and 1948?
Rashtrapati Ashiana 2022-09-20 2,966 123.6 ... that besides official retreats in Hyderabad and in Shimla, the president of India also has one in Dehradun?
TreasuryDirect 2022-09-30 2,634 123.1 ... that TreasuryDirect, a website for purchasing US Treasury securities, originated in 1986 as a computerized service conducted over postal mail?
Moses Judah Hays 2022-09-15 2,926 121.9 ... that Moses Judah Hays leased a block of buildings to the Canadian Parliament after its seat was burned down in 1849?
KUGS 2022-09-25 2,918 121.6 ... that the radio station at Western Washington University interfered with telephone and television services in a campus dormitory?
7/11 (song) 2022-09-30 2,576 120.4 ... that the video for "7/11" by Beyoncé contains a cameo from her daughter Blue Ivy?
Drummie Zeb 2022-09-21 2,871 119.6 ... that Drummie Zeb was one of the last two original members of Aswad still playing with the reggae group by 2006?
2019 LSU vs. Alabama football game 2022-09-01 1,434 119.5 ... that the Alabama Crimson Tide's loss to the LSU Tigers in their 2019 football game broke a 31-game home winning streak?
Louisa Shafia 2022-09-10 1,426 118.9 ... that a New York pop-up restaurant opened by Louisa Shafia served stews and rice dishes described in a review as a "Persian-tapas gateway into the ancient cuisine"?
Joseph-Alexandre Baile 2022-09-09 1,424 118.6 ... that Joseph-Alexandre Baile argued against the separation of the parish of Notre-Dame in Montreal, declaring it to be against civil law?
Columbia Lectures in International Studies 2022-09-15 2,826 117.8 ... that WNEW-TV Channel 5 used its early-morning Columbia Lectures in International Studies to offset criticism of its prime-time schedule of crime show reruns?
Bangabandhu Memorial Museum 2022-09-13 1,411 117.6 ... that Sheikh Mujibur Rahman proclaimed the independence of Bangladesh from his residence in Dhaka before his arrest by the Pakistan Army?
Gavin Thomas 2022-09-05 1,407 117.2 ... that rugby union flanker Gavin Thomas had his contract cancelled by the Scarlets after he missed more than 26 weeks of the 2008–09 season due to a ruptured Achilles tendon?
Empire Cinema, Blackpool 2022-09-16 2,803 116.8 ... that a job offer from the Empire Cinema saved science fiction writer John Russell Fearn from factory-based war work that "damned near killed [him]"?
Larry Herndon 2022-09-11 1,372 114.3 ... that Larry Herndon hit a game-winning home run in the 1984 World Series and a playoff-clinching home run on the last day of the 1987 season?
KOLE 2022-09-10 1,372 114.3 ... that one DJ of a Texas radio station challenged another to a cow-milking contest on the streets of the city?
1993 Bataan gubernatorial recall election 2022-09-12 1,363 113.6 ... that Ding Roman defeated his cousin Tet Garcia in the 1993 Bataan gubernatorial recall election?
Sheila Egoff 2022-09-12 1,360 113.3 ... that Sheila Egoff, Canada's first professor of children's literature, returned to her library work immediately after retirement?
1959 NCAA University Division Basketball Championship Game 2022-09-27 2,698 112.4 ... that the California Golden Bears men's basketball team won the 1959 NCAA University Division Basketball Championship Game by a single point over West Virginia?
Surprise (song) 2022-09-09 1,344 112.0 ... that "Surprise" by Chloe Bailey was hand-picked by Beyoncé?
Queen's Road East (song) 2022-09-19 2,628 109.5 ... that the 1991 song "Queen's Road East" by Lo Ta-yu describes Elizabeth II as "beautiful even when saying goodbye"?
Hamim Tohari 2022-09-30 2,308 107.9 ... that Hamim Tohari, the current spokesperson of the Indonesian Army, was once removed from his post after being caught using a phone during a meeting with the commander-in-chief?
Bass Lake (Watauga County, North Carolina) 2022-09-24 2,569 107.0 ... that the slopes near Bass Lake at Flat Top Manor in North Carolina were covered with hundreds of apple trees?
Walter E. H. Cockle 2022-09-07 1,263 105.2 ... that papyrologist Walter Cockle produced a new edition of a tragedy by Euripides based on fragments found in the Oxyrhynchus Papyri?
Corky Palmer 2022-09-10 1,238 103.2 ... that Corky Palmer coached the Southern Miss Golden Eagles to their only College World Series appearance in 2009?
Opera in Ukraine 2022-09-05 1,238 103.2 ... that in the history of opera in Ukraine, Mykola Lysenko's historical Taras Bulba (title character pictured) was the first grand opera, but not performed during his lifetime because he refused a performance in Russian?
1919 Copa del Rey Final 2022-09-21 2,472 103.0 ... that in the lead-up to the 1919 Copa del Rey Final between FC Barcelona and Arenas Club de Getxo, fans broke the fencing twice to watch the sold-out match?
Elise Reiman 2022-09-30 2,172 101.5 ... that Elise Reiman, who taught children's classes at George Balanchine's School of American Ballet for four decades, was called "the bridge between generations"?
Kai Bumann 2022-09-01 1,213 101.1 ... that the German conductor Kai Bumann was the music director of the Warsaw Chamber Opera, and toured Japan with the company twice?
Eli N. Evans 2022-09-08 1,212 101.0 ... that Eli N. Evans authored three books about the culture and history of Jews in the American South?
Lukáš Vondráček 2022-09-08 1,211 100.9 ... that in 2016, Lukáš Vondráček became the first Czech pianist to win the Queen Elisabeth Competition?
Bhadun 2022-09-27 2,348 97.9 ... that television production companies working in Bhadun, Bangladesh, can hire a local woman as an extra for ৳500 (US$5.30) per day?
Happier Than Ever (song) 2022-09-24 2,315 96.5 ... that Billie Eilish and Finneas O'Connell wrote the melody for their four-time Grammy-nominated song "Happier Than Ever" on an $80 guitar?
Nuffield Press 2022-09-10 1,153 96.1 ... that more than 1000 tons of paper were used every year printing car literature for the British Motor Corporation by the in-house Nuffield Press?
Danylo Matviienko 2022-09-28 2,282 95.1 ... that Ukrainian baritone Danylo Matviienko, who holds a master's degree in mathematics, appeared as Demetrius in Britten's opera A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Oper Frankfurt?
Congress Radio 2022-09-11 1,135 94.6 ... that the Indian independence movement's underground Congress Radio once submerged their equipment in the Godavari River?
WEIB 2022-09-05 1,127 93.9 ... that the founder of a Massachusetts radio station credited Gayle King, then a local news anchor, for mentoring her to pursue a broadcast license?
Earle M. Chiles 2022-09-28 2,181 90.9 ... that Earle M. Chiles, a businessman and philanthropist from Portland, Oregon, was also a senator of the board of Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany?
Spannungen 2022-09-21 2,172 90.5 ... that concerts of the Spannungen festival of chamber music, founded by pianist Lars Vogt in 1998, are played in a power plant?
The Stranger (Ingrid Andress song) 2022-09-02 1,080 90.0 ... that Ingrid Andress said that she wished she had included a parrot which startled her in the music video for her single "The Stranger"?
WMYD 2022-09-15 2,150 89.6 ... that datacasting tests by a Detroit TV station included a ceremonial broadcast of an early automobile patent from 1886?
Zodiac Suite 2022-09-06 1,014 84.5 ... that nine songs from Mary Lou Williams's Zodiac Suite were composed during a live radio improvisation?
Rockstar Dundee 2022-09-16 2,014 83.9 ... that Ruffian Games co-developed Kinect games to stay in business after the release of Crackdown 2?
George Eisenbarth 2022-09-13 954 79.5 ... that George Eisenbarth conducted twin studies showing that if one twin had type 1 diabetes, the other was also at risk of the disease?
William Heath Byford 2022-09-01 900 75.0 ... that William Heath Byford performed the first ovariotomy in Chicago in 1860?
Artemy Vedel 2022-09-09 891 74.2 ... that the choral music of Artemy Vedel, who is regarded as one of the Golden Three composers of 18th-century Ukrainian classical music, was censored but performed from handwritten copies?
Open Philanthropy (organization) 2022-09-28 1,777 74.0 ... that Open Philanthropy has made grants to causes ranging from recession prevention to cancer vaccines for dogs?
Jauchzet dem Herren, alle Welt, SWV 36 2022-09-14 860 71.7 ... that Jauchzet dem Herren, alle Welt by Heinrich Schütz, a 1619 setting of Psalm 100 for double choir, was performed at the Proms at the Royal Albert Hall in 1972?
Nine Sinatra Songs 2022-09-12 855 71.2 ... that Twyla Tharp's ballet Nine Sinatra Songs, to songs sung by Frank Sinatra, features ballroom dance-inspired choreography?
Pier Giorgio Morandi 2022-09-09 824 68.6 ... that Pier Giorgio Morandi first played as the principal oboist at La Scala in Milan, and conducted a 2019 recorded production of Verdi's Il trovatore at the Verona Arena, directed by Franco Zeffirelli?
Climate change in Madagascar 2022-09-25 1,614 67.2 ... that lemur health is threatened by climate change in Madagascar due to the spread of parasites with warmer temperatures?
James W. Lugenbeel 2022-09-18 1,593 66.4 ... that James W. Lugenbeel's journal became the only known record of the proceedings of the 1847 Liberian Constitutional Convention?
Swiss Youth Symphony Orchestra 2022-09-14 788 65.7 ... that the Swiss Youth Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1969 for members from all four Swiss language regions, and meets twice a year for rehearsals and a tour program?
Narender Thapa 2022-09-04 746 62.2 ... that Indian footballer Narender Thapa played for both of Calcutta's football clubs Mohun Bagan and Mohammedan Sporting at different times in his career?
M. V. Seetharamiah 2022-09-25 1,488 62.0 ... that Kannada-language author M. V. Seetharamiah established that the Rashtrakuta emperor Nrupatunga did not write the classic Kavirajamarga?
Aaron S. Watkin 2022-09-10 686 57.2 ... that Aaron S. Watkin is scheduled to become the artistic director of the English National Ballet three decades after he first danced there?
Francesco Lanzillotta 2022-09-22 1,318 54.9 ... that when Francesco Lanzillotta conducted Dallapiccola's Ulisse at Oper Frankfurt in 2022, a reviewer noted that he "does not shy away from agglomerations of sound"?
Yuhanon Meletius 2022-09-12 657 54.8 ... that Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church bishop Yuhanon Meletius said that Christian Sangh Parivar sympathizers are "moving on a suicidal path"?
Iulia Maria Dan 2022-09-02 415 34.6 ... that the Romanian soprano Iulia Maria Dan was Hamlet's Ophelia in the Bregenz Festival's revival of Franco Faccio's revived opera Amleto?


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