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Type Non-image Image Overall
vph Article vph Article vph Article
Low 29.2 Salmo 150 93.3 Dance in Suriname 29.2 Salmo 150
Median 235.2 Windsor Street Gasworks 500.5 Theatre Royal, Southampton 249.5 Aerodynamic Forms in Space
Alice M. Hayes
High 1,669.0 Mario Salcedo 1,631.5 Seven Natural Wonders of the UK 1,669.0 Mario Salcedo


Article Date Image views vph DYK hook
Mario Salcedo 2022-08-06 40,056 1,669.0 ... that Super Mario has spent more than a million dollars on cruises?
Blåhaj 2022-08-21 39,652 1,652.1 ... that since 2018, IKEA's stuffed toy shark Blåhaj has become a popular Internet meme and an icon of the online transgender community?
Seven Natural Wonders of the UK 2022-08-02 19,578 1,631.5 ... that a survey found that only 10 per cent of Britons had heard of all Seven Natural Wonders of the UK (one pictured)?
Royce Williams 2022-08-22 35,690 1,487.1 ... that after U.S. Navy pilot Royce Williams engaged in a solo dogfight with seven Soviet MiG-15s during the Korean War, he was ordered never to tell anyone about it?
Shireen Abu Akleh 2022-08-03 17,807 1,483.9 ... that according to investigations by independent press agencies, journalist Shireen Abu Akleh (pictured) was killed by an Israel Defense Forces bullet while wearing a blue "press" vest?
Tailhook scandal 2022-08-29 16,162 1,346.9 ... that an incident in the Tailhook scandal involved party goers who accidentally dislodged an eighth-floor window pane while "mooning" the crowd below?
Toshiko Ueda 2022-08-03 10,391 865.9 ... that Toshiko Ueda (pictured), the author of the manga series Fuichin-san, was still actively publishing new manga at the age of 90?
Fuichin-san 5,588 465.6
Total 15,978 1,331.5
Tenta, Cyprus 2022-08-25 31,530 1,313.8 ... that Tenta's architectural remains, artefacts, human burials, flora and fauna (pictured) have been "virtually unchanged for two millennia"?
Tony Hudgell 2022-08-28 13,808 1,150.7 ... that after suffering life-changing injuries as a baby, five-year-old Tony Hudgell raised £1.7 million for a London children's hospital, and inspired English law changes on child abuse?
Indira Devi of Kapurthala 2022-08-20 25,847 1,077.0 ... that in 1935, Indian princess Indira Devi (pictured) secretly travelled to London to become an actress, telling only her two sisters?
Hazelwood massacre 2022-08-14 25,732 1,072.2 ... that the 1971 Hazelwood massacre was the largest mass murder in the history of "Murder City"?
Jim Dillard (gridiron football) 2022-08-27 12,812 1,067.7 ... that Jim Dillard (pictured) declined an offer to play in the National Football League?
55 Water Street 2022-08-19 24,156 1,006.5 ... that New York City's largest office building (pictured) is owned by an Alabama pension fund?
Mining in ancient Rome 2022-08-01 12,030 1,002.5 ... that Roman slave miners would rather die than work in the horrible working conditions of the mines?
Lee Wachtstetter 2022-08-31 11,205 933.8 ... that Mama Lee lived for more than a decade on a cruise ship?
United Nations Secretariat Building 2022-08-12 21,898 912.4 ... that when the United Nations Secretariat Building (pictured) was finished, its staff were described as "neither united nor very peaceful"?
William George Carlile Kent 2022-08-26 21,153 881.4 ... that William George Carlile Kent (pictured) was court-martialled for disobeying deposed Governor William Bligh's order to destroy Sydney?
Winifred Brown 2022-08-30 10,482 873.5 ... that when Winifred Brown (pictured) arrived for the King's Cup air race in 1930, she was not allowed to stay at the aero club but still won the race?
Lost Boy Larry 2022-08-07 20,873 869.7 ... that a boy's voice over CB radio claiming to be within an overturned truck in New Mexico sparked a search-and-rescue mission 49 years ago today?
M8 Armored Gun System 2022-08-02 10,412 867.7 ... that eight years after the U.S. Army canceled the M8 Armored Gun System, the 82nd Airborne Division requested that prototypes from the program be sent to Iraq?
Akron Baptist Temple 2022-08-10 20,421 850.9 ... that Akron Baptist Temple (pictured) once featured 6-foot-tall (1.8 m) red lettering that flashed?
Guns don't kill people, people kill people 2022-08-16 20,148 839.5 ... that according to researchers including Stephen Hargarten, the slogan "guns don't kill people, people kill people" is "scientifically inaccurate"?
Rock Road massacre 2022-08-21 18,932 788.8 ... that a livestock auctioneer and former Army sharpshooter shot and killed seven family members in the Rock Road massacre?
The Duchess of Montesquiou-Fezensac 2022-08-31 9,388 782.3 ... that Oskar Kokoschka's painting The Duchess of Montesquiou-Fezensac was confiscated by the Nazis after his work was labelled "degenerate"?
Flag of Gdańsk 2022-08-07 18,722 780.1 ... that the use of the flag of Gdańsk (pictured) was discontinued during World War II and was not restored until 1991?
Anyone Here Been Raped and Speaks English? 2022-08-19 18,242 760.1 ... that sales declined after Anyone Here Been Raped and Speaks English? was renamed by its American publisher, so the original title was restored in subsequent editions?
Charing Cross Trunk Murder 2022-08-23 17,922 746.8 ... that a dead woman's knickers helped to solve the Charing Cross Trunk Murder?
Man from Del Monte (advertising campaign) 2022-08-25 17,071 711.3 ... that the man from Del Monte never spoke on screen?
Knowles Mill 2022-08-11 16,565 690.2 ... that in 2010, a blue poison bottle inscribed "not to be taken" was excavated from the wheel pit of Knowles Mill?
Siege of Petra (550–551) 2022-08-18 16,504 687.6 ... that at the end of the siege of Petra in 551 AD, the Romans discovered that there was yet another pipe beneath the ones they destroyed that was supplying water to the besieged garrison all along?
Jieba 2022-08-30 8,070 672.5 ... that a practice known as jieba, in which a Buddhist monk has scars ritually burned into his head, was banned by the Chinese government for 300 years?
Freya (walrus) 2022-08-24 16,040 668.4 ... that a walrus named Freya was spotted riding a Walrus-class submarine, and later sank several boats in the Oslofjord?
Seminole burning 2022-08-20 15,970 665.4 ... that dozens of men were indicted for the lynching-by-fire deaths of two Seminole boys in 1898?
Lauren Mitchell 2022-08-29 7,902 658.5 ... that in 2010, Lauren Mitchell (pictured) became the first Australian female artistic gymnast to win a world title?
Daisy Belmore 2022-08-03 7,678 639.9 ... that actress Daisy Belmore disfigured her appearance for a character in a play so significantly that she was barely recognised in the street by audience members?
Patsy Pulitzer 2022-08-19 15,264 636.0 ... that model Patsy Pulitzer was called one of the "World's Loveliest Sportswomen" after catching a 1,230-pound (560 kg) black marlin, a then world-record fish for a woman?
Thomas Jeremiah 2022-08-18 14,620 609.1 ... that Thomas Jeremiah, a slaveowner, was executed for inciting a slave insurrection?
Alexander Armstrong (Royal Navy officer) 2022-08-13 14,437 601.5 ... that upon his rescue, Alexander Armstrong retrieved his journal against his captain's orders, and its publication contradicted the captain's claims about their chances of survival?
Bernard Toone 2022-08-01 7,142 595.1 ... that Bernard Toone received a standing ovation after being berated by coach Al McGuire to the point of tears?
Sarah Pike Conger 2022-08-01 7,136 594.6 ... that Sarah Pike Conger (pictured) helped defend the international legations during the Boxer Rebellion by making sandbags and carrying supplies?
Chaz Stevens 2022-08-22 14,260 594.2 ... that after Florida schools banned 54 mathematics books, Chaz Stevens petitioned that they also ban the Bible?
Cursed to Golf 2022-08-31 7,048 587.3 ... that Cursed to Golf has been referred to as the "Dark Souls of golf" due to its difficulty?
Tipping points in the climate system 2022-08-03 6,986 582.2 ... that the Amazon rainforest may change into a savanna once it passes a tipping point?
Eyes of Buddha 2022-08-31 6,948 579.0 ... that the Eyes of Buddha is a Buddhist symbol commonly painted on stupas in Nepal?
Armored mud ball 2022-08-30 6,858 571.5 ... that armored mud balls are formed underwater when fragments of clay or mud are rolled by moving currents, picking up a coating of gravel or pebbles that helps to stop them breaking down further?
Milk's gotta lotta bottle 2022-08-08 13,648 568.7 ... that milk's gotta lotta bottle?
The Strike (Westinghouse Studio One) 2022-08-07 13,509 562.9 ... that "The Strike" (1954), about an American officer's turmoil in ordering an air strike on his own men, was rated as Rod Serling's best script he had written to date?
Arnold's Christmas 2022-08-29 6,570 547.5 ... that "Arnold's Christmas", now considered one of the most memorable episodes from the animated series Hey Arnold!, was almost rejected by network executives because it depicted the Vietnam War?
From Where They Stood 2022-08-03 6,499 541.6 ... that the 2021 French documentary From Where They Stood examines photographs secretly taken by inmates of Nazi concentration camps?
6th Louisiana Infantry Regiment (Confederate) 2022-08-04 12,934 538.9 ... that the 6th Louisiana Infantry Regiment began with 916 men and ended with 52?
AMTD Digital 2022-08-17 12,920 538.3 ... that AMTD Digital had a market value greater than the Coca-Cola Company, Costco or McDonald's after its stock price rose 21,000 percent in a matter of days?
List of carillons of the British Isles 2022-08-05 12,915 538.1 ... that the carillons of the British Isles were primarily constructed in the interwar period?
Donald Stockford 2022-08-28 6,410 534.2 ... that the leader of the Quebec Hells Angels was acquitted of 13 murder charges because the star witness was unwilling to testify at trial and instead complained about how the Crown had cheated him?
Phoenician arrowheads 2022-08-13 12,621 525.9 ... that the earliest-known Phoenician inscriptions (examples pictured) were found near Bethlehem?
Coyote en Ayuno 2022-08-04 12,573 523.9 ... that the first ray of sunlight on 23 April passes through the eye of the Coyote en Ayuno (pictured), which was built to commemorate the founding of Nezahualcóyotl, Mexico?
Ruslana Pysanka 2022-08-10 12,534 522.2 ... that Ruslana Pysanka, who hosted a Ukrainian television program with Volodymyr Zelenskyy, died as a refugee in Germany?
Ardwall House 2022-08-23 12,449 518.7 ... that Ardwall House (pictured) has a garden ornament in the form of an early mediaeval Pictish slab inscribed with a Celtic cross?
Hank Goldberg 2022-08-16 12,176 507.4 ... that after Hank Goldberg (pictured) was dismissed from WIOD for publicly disregarding his program director's instructions, he joined its struggling rival, which ultimately surpassed WIOD in the ratings?
Rockwood & Company shipping department fire 2022-08-30 6,050 504.2 ... that the 1919 Rockwood & Company shipping department fire (location pictured) in New York City led to a flood of chocolate and butter sufficient to "float a rowboat for two blocks along Flushing Avenue"?
Theatre Royal, Southampton 2022-08-24 12,012 500.5 ... that the Theatre Royal, Southampton (pictured), which Jane Austen visited in 1807, was described in 2013 as having "morphed into a hideous high-rise"?
Vladimirka (painting) 2022-08-29 5,960 496.6 ... that the subject of the painting Vladimirka (pictured) is a road that was used to transport prisoners to Siberia on foot?
Jack Ferver 2022-08-10 11,796 491.5 ... that although some casting directors found Jack Ferver difficult to believe as an 18-year-old, Ferver would later portray Little Lad in a Starburst advertisement?
TV (song) 2022-08-11 11,772 490.5 ... that a Billie Eilish song references the Depp v. Heard defamation trial and the overturning of Roe v. Wade?
Stanley Stair 2022-08-03 5,781 481.8 ... that at 107 years old, Stanley Stair of Jamaica was at the time of his death the last surviving Caribbean veteran of World War I?
The Eight Great Events in the Life of Buddha 2022-08-02 5,770 480.8 ... that about 1,000 years after it was made, a stele of The Eight Great Events in the Life of Buddha is worshiped as an image of a female Hindu goddess?
Don't Pay UK 2022-08-18 11,492 478.8 ... that Don't Pay UK plan to encourage UK households to cancel their energy bill payments on 1 October 2022 if their pledge reaches 1 million signatures?
Lake Brunner 2022-08-04 11,486 478.6 ... that 100-year-old logs, perfectly preserved and good enough to mill, have been retrieved from the bottom of Lake Brunner?
Poverty in ancient Rome 2022-08-27 5,729 477.4 ... that the poor of ancient Rome were compared to dogs by the Roman writer Martial?
WBKO 2022-08-03 5,722 476.8 ... that in 1969, unknown persons dynamited the tower of a Kentucky TV station, leaving it leaning at a 15-degree angle?
David J. Brewer 2022-08-02 5,652 471.0 ... that according to Theodore Roosevelt, U.S. Supreme Court justice David J. Brewer had "a sweetbread for a brain" and was a "menace to the welfare of the Nation"?
Daniel Arnoldi 2022-08-26 11,214 467.2 ... that in 1836, a jury ignored the judge's advice and found Daniel Arnoldi guilty of assaulting a black man?
Lipstick Building 2022-08-05 11,165 465.2 ... that a New York City office building was nicknamed for its resemblance to a lipstick tube?
Gyarah Murti 2022-08-01 5,566 463.9 ... that the Gyarah Murti statue was featured on the Indian 500-rupee note (pictured)?
Taxation in ancient Rome 2022-08-14 11,001 458.4 ... that taxation may have played a part in the fall of the Roman Empire?
Michael Phillips (historian) 2022-08-08 10,813 450.5 ... that in 2022, Michael Phillips became the third professor in a year to sue Collin College for retaliating against protected speech?
Alena Analeigh Wicker 2022-08-09 10,672 444.6 ... that Alena Analeigh Wicker is the youngest Black person to be accepted into medical school in the United States and the youngest person to work as an intern at NASA?
Juan José Cabezudo 2022-08-23 10,658 444.1 ... that Juan José Cabezudo was an openly gay chef and street-food seller in 19th-century Lima?
Elizabeth Thorn 2022-08-24 10,628 442.8 ... that Elizabeth Thorn was six months pregnant when she buried approximately one hundred fallen soldiers after the Battle of Gettysburg?
William Pinckney 2022-08-15 10,537 439.0 ... that William Pinckney was the second Black American to be awarded the Navy Cross, the second-highest decoration for valor in combat, after the Medal of Honor?
Venus in fiction 2022-08-28 5,264 438.7 ... that as the reality of Venus's harsh surface conditions became known from the mid-20th century, the early tropes of adventures in Venusian tropics gave way to more realistic stories?
Trevor Hill (producer) 2022-08-17 10,470 436.2 ... that in 1944, at the age of 18, Trevor Hill was responsible for broadcasting Eisenhower's D-Day announcement of the Normandy landings?
Loli (district) 2022-08-18 10,306 429.4 ... that people in Loli traditionally derive their social identity from the village in which they were born?
6th Military Police Group (United States) 2022-08-23 10,210 425.4 ... that the area of responsibility of the 6th Military Police Group includes all of the United States west of the Mississippi River?
Donald Trump and American football 2022-08-18 10,164 423.5 ... that in 2018, Donald Trump disinvited the Philadelphia Eagles from a Super Bowl LII victory ceremony at the White House after several players said they were not going to attend?
Tayaw kinpun 2022-08-17 10,039 418.3 ... that the traditional shampoo tayaw kinpun (pictured) has been used by successive Burmese kings to wash their hair ritually to cast away evil, and augment their powers?
Logan v. Zimmerman Brush Co. 2022-08-24 9,931 413.8 ... that Logan v. Zimmerman Brush Co. was the first time a majority of U.S. Supreme Court justices agreed that a challenged statute failed the rational basis test?
Wood type 2022-08-15 9,891 412.1 ... that wood type for printing (example pictured) was invented in China, first mass-produced in the United States, and later exported back to China for use by missionaries?
Franco-Greek defence agreement 2022-08-15 9,794 408.1 ... that the Franco-Greek defence agreement is the first intra-NATO defensive alliance?
A Book of Ryhmes 2022-08-20 9,776 407.4 ... that a miniature book written by a 13-year-old sold for over $1 million?
Zionism as settler colonialism 2022-08-08 9,523 396.8 ... that according to historian Rashid Khalidi, "Israel has been extremely successful in forcibly establishing itself as a colonial reality in a post-colonial age"?
Not My Responsibility 2022-08-01 4,760 396.7 ... that singer Billie Eilish wrote and produced a film that critiques body shaming?
Zeitenwende speech 2022-08-31 4,684 390.3 ... that Chancellor Olaf Scholz has announced a €100-billion investment in the German armed forces?
The Sofia 2022-08-02 4,683 390.2 ... that the Sofia, a condominium building in New York City, was originally a parking garage?
Clifford G. Grulee 2022-08-30 4,618 384.8 ... that Clifford G. Grulee died while attending a dinner hosted by the American Academy of Pediatrics in his honor?
Kyaymyin Mibaya 2022-08-16 9,132 380.5 ... that Kyaymyin Mibaya was King Mindon's youngest, last and richest queen?
Emma Hunter (telegrapher) 2022-08-23 9,130 380.4 ... that telegraph operator Emma Hunter may have been the world's first electronic commuter?
Flag of Barbados 2022-08-01 4,514 376.1 ... that the man who designed the flag of Barbados also made the first few flags himself out of fabric from a department store?
Adrian Becher 2022-08-12 8,876 369.8 ... that during the First World War, Adrian Becher received his second Military Cross for leading the defence of a position for five days, despite having been buried by a shell explosion on the first day?
Corner chair 2022-08-03 4,430 369.1 ... that seats of some roundabout chairs have corners?
Lechmere station 2022-08-28 4,410 367.5 ... that Lechmere station was proposed for replacement in 1924 – yet was in use until 2020?
Stray (video game) 2022-08-11 8,814[a] 367.2 ... that a reviewer said that playing as a cat "is at least 50% of the appeal" of Stray?
Mario Fiorentini 2022-08-28 4,328 360.7 ... that Mario Fiorentini was Italy's most decorated World War II resistance fighter?
Prosantosaurus 2022-08-02 4,328 360.7 ... that skeletons of a Triassic marine reptile were discovered at an altitude of about 2,700 metres (8,900 ft) above sea level?
The Corner That Held Them 2022-08-29 4,292 357.7 ... that the 1948 novel The Corner That Held Them uses subversion of history that includes a nun who enjoyed the Black Death?
Munida gregaria 2022-08-05 8,532 355.5 ... that shoals of Munida gregaria, the gregarious squat lobster, can be up to 5 km (3.1 mi) long?
Moto Hagio 2022-08-25 8,478 353.2 ... that while Moto Hagio's parents discouraged her interest in manga as "an impediment to studying", she would go on to receive a Medal of Honor for her contributions to the medium?
David Belchem 2022-08-08 8,411 350.5 ... that David Belchem was awarded the DSO for leading a tank regiment in Tunisia that took 749 prisoners?
Desert Reconnaissance Battalion 2022-08-06 8,303 346.0 ... that the majority of the members of the Israeli Desert Reconnaissance Battalion are Bedouin Arabs?
Alice Kuperjanov 2022-08-28 4,114 342.9 ... that Alice Kuperjanov (pictured) was one of the founders of the Estonian women's movement and assisted military efforts during the Estonian War of Independence?
Mike Goodman 2022-08-29 4,058 338.1 ... that casino pit boss Mike Goodman was the author of a book that sold over a million copies?
Suzie Zuzek 2022-08-05 8,115 338.1 ... that Suzie Zuzek's impactful 1960s and 1970s textile designs for Lilly Pulitzer dresses (examples pictured) were recovered from under floorboards?
William H. Davis (educator) 2022-08-14 8,014 333.9 ... that William H. Davis (pictured) was the first teacher of Booker T. Washington and the first African American to be nominated as a candidate for West Virginia governor in 1888?
PJ and Thomas 2022-08-18 7,926 330.2 ... that PJ and Thomas were the first gay couple to host an HGTV show?
Irene Desmet 2022-08-31 3,952 329.3 ... that Irene Desmet, a Liverpudlian paediatric surgeon, was described by one of her trainees as "an iron fist in a velvet glove"?
Eurovision Song Contest 1956 2022-08-30 3,917 326.4 ... that voting in the first Eurovision Song Contest was conducted in secret, with countries able to vote for their own entries, and only the winner of the contest being announced?
Edward N. Hall 2022-08-18 7,786 324.4 ... that Edward N. Hall is known as the "father of the Minuteman ICBM" but his brother Ted was a Soviet spy?
List of roles and awards of Oscar Isaac 2022-08-03 3,886 323.8 ... that actor Oscar Isaac contributed to the creation of his character's background history in the film A Most Violent Year (2014)?
2003 La Paz riots 2022-08-23 7,748 322.8 ... that when the US government offered Bolivian president Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada US$15 million to help quell riots in La Paz, he said that with that amount he couldn't even afford to pay for the cigars he smoked?
Chicago Rising from the Lake 2022-08-21 7,648 318.7 ... that the sculpture Chicago Rising from the Lake was meant to show the city's rebirth after the Great Chicago Fire but it went missing twice and was eventually found by a Chicago firefighter?
Tashfiniya Madrasa 2022-08-03 3,804 317.0 ... that the 14th-century Tashfiniya Madrasa in Tlemcen was demolished by French colonial authorities in 1876?
Battle of Dunsinane 2022-08-28 3,770 314.2 ... that contrary to Shakespeare's play, Macbeth was not killed during the Battle of Dunsinane?
Kit Malone 2022-08-15 7,511 313.0 ... that LGBT rights activist Kit Malone helped create the first transgender organized marching group in the Indianapolis Pride Parade's history?
2000 Pasay mayoral recall election 2022-08-02 3,754 312.9 ... that the "candidate of God" badly lost the 2000 Pasay mayoral recall election?
John Caffey 2022-08-18 7,505 312.7 ... that John Caffey (pictured) was the first to describe the condition now known as shaken baby syndrome?
Scilly Boys 2022-08-26 7,487 312.0 ... that the Scilly Boys' idea to try and beat the transatlantic rowing record was started while they were at the pub?
Alice King (novelist) 2022-08-02 3,720 310.0 ... that Alice King overcame her disability to lead Bible classes and write eleven novels?
Robert Armour 2022-08-02 3,690 307.5 ... that Robert Armour was entrusted with his children's inheritance from his dead wife, but used it to buy the Montreal Gazette instead?
17 State Street 2022-08-29 3,656 304.6 ... that 17 State Street, near the southern end of New York City's Manhattan Island, was described as "quite literally a beacon for Lower Manhattan"?
Ann Kiemel Anderson 2022-08-02 3,622 301.8 ... that American religious speaker Ann Kiemel Anderson ran in two Boston Marathons and two Israel marathons near the Sea of Galilee to promote Christianity?
Seckinger High School 2022-08-06 7,123 296.8 ... that Seckinger High School was created in 2022 with an artificial intelligence–themed curriculum?
Statue of Mahatma Gandhi, Parliament of India 2022-08-17 7,076 294.9 ... that Gandhi's statue in the Indian parliament is frequently used as a protest site by members of parliament?
Vanitas (The Case Study of Vanitas) 2022-08-07 7,011 292.1 ... that Natsuki Hanae was chosen to voice Vanitas to give the character more sexual appeal?
Mexican Pizza 2022-08-09 6,978 290.8 ... that Taco Bell initially commissioned a TikTok musical for their Mexican Pizza?
Aquis Querquennis 2022-08-29 3,478[b] 289.8 ... that the Roman fort Aquis Querquennis periodically emerges from a reservoir?
Herb Roedel 2022-08-31 3,442 286.9 ... that Herb Roedel retired from professional football after only one season to become an engineer?
Abdülhamid Han (drillship) 2022-08-16 6,858 285.7 ... that Turkey's newly acquired fourth drillship, Abdülhamid Han, is able to drill up to 12,200 m (40,000 ft) and in a maximum water depth of 3,665 m (12,024 ft)?
Ken Russell (politician) 2022-08-25 6,854 285.6 ... that Ken Russell went on international yo-yo tours before turning to politics?
The Exposé 2022-08-30 3,416 284.7 ... that The Exposé's false claims that COVID-19 was created by Moderna were republished by Chinese state media outlets?
Baer's pochard 2022-08-28 3,407 283.9 ... that Baer's pochard (example pictured), found in eastern Asia, has seen a population decline of more than 99 percent in past decades, and is no longer migratory in central and eastern China?
Tomoi (manga) 2022-08-22 6,750 281.2 ... that the 1985 manga series Tomoi contains the first depiction of HIV/AIDS in any literary medium in Japan?
Avelina Carrera 2022-08-08 6,740 280.9 ... that Avelina Carrera (pictured) made her debut at the Liceu in Barcelona in 1889, stepping in as Elsa in Wagner's Lohengrin, and created the role of Maddalena in Giordano's Andrea Chénier at La Scala?
Joseph-Alfred Archambeault 2022-08-01 3,352 279.3 ... that Joseph-Alfred Archambeault threatened to excommunicate a writer who criticised the Catholic Church's opposition to the theory of evolution?
Brad White (defensive lineman) 2022-08-29 3,339 278.2 ... that Brad White was a potato farmer who went on to play six years in the National Football League?
Henry Jackson (surveyor) 2022-08-30 3,302 275.2 ... that Henry Jackson served for 44 days, the shortest tenure of any New Zealand member of parliament?
Bill Hatfield 2022-08-11 6,519 271.6 ... that Bill Hatfield, the oldest person to have sailed solo around the world, had previously narrowly survived a shipwreck with his young family?
Iron diplomacy 2022-08-06 6,510 271.2 ... that Oleksandr Kamyshin, the head of Ukrainian Railways, who runs the iron diplomacy program that brings world leaders to Kyiv by rail, carries his gun and his son's stuffed owl with him?
Northup Avenue Yard 2022-08-08 6,484 270.1 ... that Northup Avenue Yard in Providence, Rhode Island, was described as "the finest in the New Haven system"?
Crossmichael Parish Church 2022-08-09 6,390 266.2 ... that within the graveyard of the Category A–listed Crossmichael Parish Church, there is a memorial (pictured) to William Gordon of Greenlaw that is itself designated Category A in its own right?
Art collection in ancient Rome 2022-08-31 3,183 265.2 ... that Pliny used the term insania to describe a Roman art collector's love of citron tables?
Larry Kelley 2022-08-28 3,154 262.9 ... that Heisman Trophy winner Larry Kelley turned down multiple offers to play professional football to become a school teacher?
Sand Springs Railway 2022-08-29 3,135 261.2 ... that for decades, the Sand Springs Railway gave all of its profits to a children's home?
Ashley Ellis 2022-08-28 3,116 259.6 ... that ballerina Ashley Ellis started her own dancewear brand after her colleagues at Boston Ballet asked her to make leg warmers for them?
Johannesburg (song) 2022-08-31 3,024 252.0 ... that Gil Scott-Heron's 1975 song "Johannesburg" was banned in South Africa during apartheid?
Flinders Reef (Coral Sea) 2022-08-24 6,036 251.5 ... that coral cores from Flinders Reef capture environmental changes caused by the use of nuclear weapons?
Currambine railway station 2022-08-12 6,030 251.2 ... that 11 years after it opened in 1993, Currambine railway station was rebuilt 60 metres (200 ft) to the east?
Alice M. Hayes 2022-08-27 3,006 250.5 ... that British horse trainer Alice Hayes rode a zebra sidesaddle in the late 19th century?
Aerodynamic Forms in Space 2022-08-11 5,964 248.5 ... that when creating Aerodynamic Forms in Space in 2010, Rodney Graham was inspired by photographs of misassembled toy model gliders he took in 1977?
Sejm of Central Lithuania 2022-08-19 5,951 248.0 ... that the main activity of the short-lived parliament of Central Lithuania of 1922 was to request annexation by Poland?
Eunice Newton Foote 2022-08-22 3,463 144.3 ... that the unacknowledged contributions of Eunice Newton Foote to climate change research were recovered by Elizabeth Wagner Reed, whose research in genetics was also obscured?
Elizabeth Wagner Reed 2,444 101.8
Total 5,907 246.1
Education for Economic Security Act 2022-08-01 2,942 245.2 ... that the Education for Economic Security Act prohibited secular humanism in magnet schools?
Tigor Silaban 2022-08-29 2,926 243.8 ... that Tigor Silaban vowed to work far from Jakarta and not to open a private practice?
Rina Amiri 2022-08-19 5,826 242.7 ... that the US Special Envoy for Afghan women and girls, Rina Amiri, is a former refugee who told US Senator John Kerry that "the Afghan population is not the Taliban"?
Crippled 2022-08-26 3,994 166.4 ... that in Crippled, author Frances Ryan describes a disabled British woman who was unable to afford heating or her specialist meals due to an austerity programme that began in 2010?
Frances Ryan 1,828 76.2
Total 5,822 242.6
Little Rock campaign 2022-08-09 5,818 242.4 ... that after the Little Rock campaign, Union forces held three-quarters of Arkansas?
Roman Bunka 2022-08-11 5,802 241.7 ... that the German guitarist Roman Bunka (pictured) studied the Arabic oud in Egypt and played in Mohamed Mounir's band at the Pyramids of Giza to celebrate entering the year 2000?
Tigris (roller coaster) 2022-08-28 2,872 239.3 ... that the design of the train for the roller coaster Tigris was revealed in the form of a cake?
Leafpad 2022-08-30 2,850 237.5 ... that Leafpad is a text editor for Linux that is comparable to Notepad for Windows?
Harris Computer Systems 2022-08-15 5,676 236.5 ... that Harris Computer Systems specialized in making computers for real-time simulation?
Windsor Street Gasworks 2022-08-03 2,822 235.2 ... that three gasholders at the Windsor Street Gasworks were painted in the claret and blue colours of local football team Aston Villa?
International Institute of Modern Letters 2022-08-30 2,816 234.6 ... that the name of the International Institute of Modern Letters has been criticised by its founder Bill Manhire for being "almost at odds with the fine use of language"?
East Louisiana Railroad 2022-08-28 2,799 233.2 ... that the East Louisiana Railroad, which removed Homer Plessy from a train, actually did so to help him start Plessy v. Ferguson, an attempt to overturn segregation in the United States?
William White (American football) 2022-08-30 2,706 225.5 ... that William White's last NFL game was Super Bowl XXXIII, in which he made a team-high nine tackles for the losing Atlanta Falcons?
Blue Ridge Sanatorium 2022-08-30 2,704 225.4 ... that Blue Ridge Sanatorium was once a prizewinning pig farm?
Sweet Vengeance Mine 2022-08-27 2,688 224.0 ... that the Sweet Vengeance Mine was owned and operated by Black miners during the California Gold Rush?
Nintendo Entertainment System models 2022-08-19 5,274 219.8 ... that Sharp Corporation produced three official variants of Nintendo's Famicom in Japan, one of which was a television set that was subsequently released in the United States?
Esther Cuesta 2022-08-29 2,632 219.3 ... that Esther Cuesta was an undocumented migrant in the United States long before she was elected to represent about 800,000 Ecuadorian migrants?
Suay Sew Shop 2022-08-28 2,600 216.6 ... that Suay Sew Shop plans to be owned by its sewers?
Communist Party of Italy (Marxist–Leninist) Red Line 2022-08-12 5,144 214.3 ... that after a 1968 split in the Communist Party of Italy (Marxist–Leninist), the Black Line and Red Line groups would engage in reciprocal acts of violence and vandalism?
A. O. Granger 2022-08-26 5,134 213.9 ... that amateur astronomer A. O. Granger expanded his home to include the largest observatory and telescope in the southeastern United States?
Federico Gatti 2022-08-27 2,552 212.7 ... that Federico Gatti went from playing in the Italian sixth division and doing menial jobs to joining Juventus and playing for the Italy national team?
I Pity the Poor Immigrant 2022-08-05 5,078 211.6 ... that Bob Dylan's song "I Pity the Poor Immigrant" uses phrases from the Book of Leviticus?
Kaze wo Matsu 2022-08-24 4,964 206.8 ... that the lineups for two songs in the single "Kaze wo Matsu" were determined by the century in which the singers were born?
Julian MacKay 2022-08-08 4,934 205.6 ... that Julian MacKay moved to Moscow at the age of 11 to attend the Bolshoi Ballet Academy, and later became the first American to complete both the lower and upper schools there?
Bkub Okawa 2022-08-09 4,858 202.4 ... that Pop Team Epic creator Bkub Okawa is also a virtual YouTuber?
Walter Nolen 2022-08-27 2,426 202.1 ... that Walter Nolen was ranked by ESPN and USA Today as the number-one player in the 2022 college football recruiting class?
Fabio Miretti 2022-08-24 4,761 198.4 ... that Fabio Miretti received a standing ovation from Juventus fans after his Serie A debut as a starter?
Danket, danket dem Herrn 2022-08-27 2,336 194.7 ... that the 18th-century "Danket, danket dem Herrn", a thanksgiving round based on Psalm 106:1, has been described as one of the most widespread rounds in German?
Peter Corby 2022-08-31 2,308 192.3 ... that Peter Corby's electric trouser press used technology designed for Concorde?
Baya Gamani of Singu 2022-08-14 4,612 192.1 ... that Baya Gamani was freed from prison by his captor, King Mohnyin Thado, to defend the capital region of Ava?
Jack Deloplaine 2022-08-21 4,560 190.0 ... that Jack Deloplaine was nicknamed "Hydroplane" because of his running ability in wet conditions?
New Galloway Town Hall 2022-08-01 2,278 189.8 ... that New Galloway Town Hall's clock mechanism was replaced in 1872 because the original was "utterly worthless as a time keeper"?
2022 National Arena League season 2022-08-16 4,534 188.9 ... that during the 2022 National Arena League season, a player hit a referee?
This Tender Land 2022-08-16 4,482 186.8 ... that This Tender Land is a retelling of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn set in the 1930s and incorporating elements of Homer's Odyssey?
Youlgrave Waterworks 2022-08-29 2,224 185.3 ... that Youlgreave in Derbyshire is one of only a few villages in the United Kingdom to be supplied by its own private waterworks?
José Ramón Balaguer 2022-08-04 4,400 183.4 ... that José Ramón Balaguer fought as a soldier-medic for Fidel Castro's rebel army before becoming Cuba's minister of public health?
Suleman Raza 2022-08-07 4,386 182.8 ... that Suleman Raza was coincidently awarded an MBE while his organisation Uplyft received the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service in the 2022 Birthday Honours?
For the Girls (song) 2022-08-27 2,191 182.6 ... that Hayley Kiyoko aimed for a fully LGBT cast while casting the video for her song "For the Girls"?
Collingham Gardens 2022-08-13 4,373 182.2 ... that when reggae musician Bob Marley was arrested in London for cannabis possession, he falsely told the police he lived in Collingham Gardens?
Colonia Federal 2022-08-02 2,161 180.1 ... that the neighborhood of Colonia Federal was built by employees of the Mexican Secretariat of the Interior to create exclusive housing for civil servants?
William Savage (ornithologist) 2022-08-02 2,154 179.5 ... that American ornithologist William Savage painted pictures of birds (example pictured) that he hunted or received?
Angelina (Bob Dylan song) 2022-08-30 2,114 176.2 ... that Bob Dylan rhymes "Angelina" with "concertina", "hyena", "subpoena", "Argentina" and "arena"?
WPMT (Maine) 2022-08-03 2,085 173.8 ... that among the special events broadcast by the Maine Television Network during its brief existence were a fashion show, a basketball tournament, and an ordination ceremony?
6.0 system 2022-08-11 4,170 173.7 ... that the 6.0 system of judging figure skating was replaced in 2004, as a response to the scandal during the pair skating competition at the 2002 Winter Olympics?
Jacob Saunders 2022-08-21 1,416 59.0 ... that Canadian brothers Graeme and Jacob Saunders learned to sail at the Chester Yacht Club, and campaigned a two-person dinghy in the 2016 Summer Olympics?
Chester Yacht Club 1,408 58.6
Graeme Saunders (sailor) 1,295 54.0
Total 4,118 171.6
Rufina Peter 2022-08-28 1,088 90.7 ... that until Rufina Peter and Kessy Sawang's election in August 2022, Papua New Guinea was one of only three countries without a woman in parliament?
Kessy Sawang 953 79.4
Total 2,041 170.1
Humanitarian impacts of U.S. sanctions against Iran 2022-08-13 4,069 169.5 ... that U.S. sanctions against Iran have adversely impacted Iranian children with epidermolysis bullosa, among other patients?
Thomas Peel Dunhill 2022-08-04 4,006 166.9 ... that Sir Thomas Peel Dunhill used to milk the goats at St Vincent's Hospital?
Carl-Gustav Groth 2022-08-03 1,997 166.4 ... that Carl-Gustav Groth was the first surgeon in Sweden to perform pancreas, liver, and islet cell transplants?
Edward Duplex 2022-08-11 3,988 166.1 ... that in 1888, Edward P. Duplex became the first African American to be elected a mayor in California?
Herb Wong 2022-08-15 3,968 165.3 ... that zoologist Herb Wong wrote the liner notes for more than 600 jazz albums, by his own count?
Sensory friendly 2022-08-22 3,950 164.6 ... that people with sensory processing disorders often require sensory friendly environments which are designed to accommodate their condition?
Ryan Roberts (American football) 2022-08-25 3,928 163.7 ... that Ryan Roberts, a defensive end for Notre Dame, was a soccer player in high school?
Claudia Winterstein 2022-08-20 3,896 162.4 ... that after Claudia Winterstein dropped plans to become an architect because of the Berlin Wall, she led her party as a member of the Bundestag?
Kommt her, ihr Kreaturen all 2022-08-04 3,848 160.4 ... that "Kommt her, ihr Kreaturen all", a Catholic hymn first published in 1687, is still commonly used for Corpus Christi processions?
Highway 51 Blues 2022-08-10 3,838 159.9 ... that "Highway 51", the closing track on Bob Dylan's debut album, incorporated elements from earlier songs by Curtis Jones, Tommy McClennan, and the Everly Brothers?
Fateh Muhammad Panipati 2022-08-15 3,831 159.6 ... that Fateh Muhammad Panipati has been called the al-Jazari of contemporary times?
Roland Jefferson 2022-08-17 3,797 158.2 ... that Roland Jefferson, the first African-American botanist to work at the U.S. National Arboretum, helped preserve the famous flowering cherry trees in Washington, D.C.?
St. Martinus, Hattersheim 2022-08-27 1,878 156.5 ... that when the new church of St. Martinus (pictured) in Hattersheim was built in 1915 with Jugendstil elements, the architect incorporated parts from the earlier church?
Kamome Shirahama 2022-08-01 1,874 156.2 ... that Kamome Shirahama, in addition to writing and illustrating her best-selling Witch Hat Atelier manga series, has created variant covers for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and the Star Wars franchise?
Victória Pitts 2022-08-19 3,738 155.8 ... that Victória Pitts from Brazil portrayed characters in all three parts of Puccini's Il trittico at the Oper Frankfurt in 2022, including Zita in Gianni Schicchi?
Katja Husen 2022-08-01 1,847 153.9 ... that Katja Husen was the speaker of the Green Youth, a member of the Hamburg Parliament, and the CEO of the Centre for Molecular Neurobiology Hamburg?
Hani al-Rahib 2022-08-04 3,648 152.0 ... that Syrian novelist Hani al-Rahib had a deaf-mute father and an illiterate mother?
Thomas Dickson Archibald 2022-08-02 1,820 151.6 ... that Thomas Dickson Archibald, when speaking against increasing fines for violating liquor licenses, said "we need only go a step further and make the violation a hanging matter"?
Dawn Gan 2022-08-06 3,620 150.9 ... that Singaporean singer Dawn Gan played herself in a television drama about aspiring singers?
WTVE (New York) 2022-08-17 3,612 150.5 ... that after the tower of a New York state TV station was toppled by Hurricane Hazel, it did not return to the air for more than 18 months?
WXIX-TV 2022-08-23 3,574 148.9 ... that the main studio of a Cincinnati TV station occupies the one-time gymnasium of a former Black junior high school?
Maewa Kaihau 2022-08-30 1,781 148.4 ... that New Zealand composer Maewa Kaihau sold her rights to the song "Now is the Hour" for £10, a decade before it became a hit in the United Kingdom and United States?
Hussars of Junín 2022-08-27 1,768 147.3 ... that the decisive participation of a Peruvian cavalry unit in the Battle of Junín led Simón Bolívar to rename them the Hussars of Junín?
Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 2 2022-08-03 1,750[c] 145.8 ... that Calvin Harris's 2022 album Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 2 features nearly 20 collaborators, including Justin Timberlake, Snoop Dogg, and Busta Rhymes?
Martha Wolfenstein 2022-08-05 3,487 145.3 ... that Martha Wolfenstein wrote stories based on her father's experiences in a Moravian Judengasse?
Emma Reaney 2022-08-19 3,430 142.9 ... that Emma Reaney is the only Notre Dame Fighting Irish swimmer to win an NCAA championship?
Balanda Atis 2022-08-30 1,700 141.6 ... that cosmetic chemist Balanda Atis created the foundation worn by Lupita Nyong'o in advertisements for Lancôme?
Jump!! The Heroes Behind the Gold 2022-08-01 1,688 140.6 ... that as women's ski jumping was not then an Olympic event, Yoshiko Kasai participated as the only female test jumper at the 1998 Winter Olympics, as dramatized in Jump!! The Heroes Behind the Gold?
A. K. M. Miraj Uddin 2022-08-05 3,304 137.7 ... that A. K. M. Miraj Uddin set a Pakistani national record in the pole vault by clearing 12 feet 2 inches (3.71 m) with a bamboo pole instead of a carbon-fiber pole?
Akbar Bhawan 2022-08-09 3,232 134.6 ... that Akbar Bhawan, which houses the South Asian University and offices of India's Ministry of External Affairs, was originally a hotel?
You're No Good (Jesse Fuller song) 2022-08-13 3,220 134.2 ... that Jesse Fuller's first release of his song "You're No Good" was more than a year after Bob Dylan had included it on his debut album?
Spy Princess 2022-08-08 3,208 133.6 ... that Spy Princess by Shrabani Basu tells the story of Noor Inayat Khan, a British secret agent in France who was executed by the Nazis?
The Scent of Joseph's Shirt 2022-08-10 3,180 132.5 ... that The Scent of Joseph's Shirt was said by Iranian director and screenwriter Ebrahim Hatamikia to reflect his perception of waiting for Imam Mahdi?
Eliane Capobianco 2022-08-30 1,572 131.0 ... that Eliane Capobianco's election to the Bolivian Constituent Assembly reflected the propensity of the country's agribusiness elites to occupy positions that granted them influence over land reform policy?
Lillian Chase 2022-08-13 3,099 129.1 ... that Lillian Chase became interested in diabetes after meeting the first patient to receive insulin, and went on to become an expert in the disease?
Adolphe Smith Headingley 2022-08-12 3,072 128.0 ... that British writer Adolphe Smith Headingley popularised the singing of the socialist anthem "The Red Flag" to the tune of "O Tannenbaum" against the wishes of its lyricist?
Colin Stubs 2022-08-07 3,070 127.9 ... that Colin Stubs spent the prize money from his first international tennis title on an old Volkswagen to travel around Europe?
Rana X. Adhikari 2022-08-25 3,016 125.6 ... that it was Caltech experimental physicist Rana X. Adhikari's idea to build a gravitational-wave observatory in India?
Going Down Home with Daddy 2022-08-27 1,484 123.6 ... that the Caldecott Honor–winning illustrations for Going Down Home with Daddy contain Adinkra symbols that represent various concepts in Ghanaian culture?
Laura J. Crossey 2022-08-06 2,967 123.6 ... that Laura J. Crossey has shown that travertines (example pictured) are more likely to form when meteoric groundwater mixes with deeper groundwater from the Earth's mantle?
KUSI-TV 2022-08-31 1,464 122.0 ... that when the sale of its San Diego TV station failed, United States International University asked some of its employees to wait to pick up their paychecks?
Roslyn Lindheim 2022-08-24 2,915 121.5 ... that Roslyn Lindheim, who designed hospitals, was the first architect to be elected to the National Academy of Medicine?
Larry Jeffrey 2022-08-03 1,438 119.8 ... that Canadian professional ice hockey player Larry Jeffrey had eleven knee surgeries in a span of nine years?
Divertimento (Bernstein) 2022-08-31 1,412 117.7 ... that at its premiere at Symphony Hall, Leonard Bernstein (pictured) described his suite Divertimento as a "fun piece" that "reflects my youthful experiences here where I heard my first orchestral music"?
Juanita Lascarro 2022-08-09 2,819 117.5 ... that Colombian singer Juanita Lascarro became a soprano at the Oper Frankfurt, where she appeared as both Calypso and Penelope in a new production of Dallapiccola's Ulisse?
Antar Lintas Sumatera 2022-08-31 1,408 117.3 ... that at over 2,800 kilometres (1,700 mi), Antar Lintas Sumatera's Medan-to-Jember service is the longest bus route in Indonesia?
Two for the Knight 2022-08-14 2,788 116.2 ... that the Manila Standard described the concert Two for the Knight as the "biggest team-up of a foreign and local artist" in the Philippines?
Cello Sonata (Debussy) 2022-08-22 2,778 115.8 ... that Claude Debussy (pictured) described his Cello Sonata, composed within a few weeks in July 1915 at a Normandy seaside town, in a letter to his publisher Durand as of "almost classical form"?
Maya Pindyck 2022-08-12 2,775 115.6 ... that creating visual art led Maya Pindyck to write poetry?
Touch the Sky Tour 2022-08-27 1,368 114.0 ... that Kanye West performed an additional Touch the Sky Tour date at the University of North Carolina Wilmington after coming third in a student survey?
Gleaners Food Bank 2022-08-17 2,719 113.3 ... that Gleaners Food Bank has served more than 700 million pounds (320 million kg) of food in Indiana?
Margono Djojohadikusumo 2022-08-20 2,714 113.1 ... that when the deputy finance minister rejected his proposal to create a national bank, Margono Djojohadikusumo tried again with the Vice President?
Gian Franco Bottazzo 2022-08-21 2,706 112.8 ... that Gian Franco Bottazzo (pictured) and Deborah Doniach proved that type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease?
Khalil Farah 2022-08-14 2,622 109.3 ... that hostile references towards Anglo-Egyptian rule in Sudan by Khalil Farah were hidden in colloquial Sudanese Arabic?
Werner J. Dannhauser 2022-08-01 1,308 109.0 ... that political philosophy professor Werner J. Dannhauser was the basis for a character in a Saul Bellow novel?
WDDO (1240 AM) 2022-08-29 1,288 107.3 ... that radio station WBML made its first broadcast just one hour after the funeral of its manager-to-be?
Dir, dir, Jehova, will ich singen 2022-08-28 1,278 106.5 ... that "Dir, dir, Jehova, will ich singen" is a 1697 Lutheran hymn, translated into English by Catherine Winkworth in 1863 as "Jehovah, let me now adore Thee"?
Jinx (Crumb album) 2022-08-07 2,552 106.3 ... that the indie band Crumb wrote Jinx after a near-fatal car accident?
Thomas Yarborough 2022-08-13 2,524 105.1 ... that in 1948, Thomas Yarborough became the first African American to be elected as a city council member in California?
Shanti Devi (social worker) 2022-08-04 2,480 103.3 ... that Shanti Devi was awarded the Padma Shri Award for her social work, including eradicating the yaws disease in a village in Odisha?
The Captain (miniseries) 2022-08-20 2,474 103.1 ... that Derek Jeter discusses his biracial upbringing and experiencing racism in Michigan in the 1980s and 1990s in The Captain?
T. Mohandas Pai 2022-08-31 1,226 102.1 ... that Indian philanthropist and business executive T. Mohandas Pai has been called the "architect of modern Manipal"?
Zahia Mentouri 2022-08-06 2,442 101.8 ... that Zahia Mentouri was credited with training all pediatric anesthetists in western Algeria?
John Dique 2022-08-29 1,214 101.1 ... that John Dique constructed the machine used by the first Australian patient to receive dialysis?
Bill Harkin 2022-08-29 1,204 100.3 ... that Bill Harkin designed the original Glastonbury Festival Pyramid Stage, which was built from scaffolding and plastic sheeting?
WNLR 2022-08-31 1,184 98.7 ... that a Virginia radio station built a house to raise money for operations?
Fuente de la República 2022-08-10 2,354 98.1 ... that the idea for the Fuente de la República arose after Manuel Felguérez suggested a fountain to accompany his newly inaugurated Puerta 1808 to the mayor of Mexico City?
Appraisal rights 2022-08-01 1,174 97.8 ... that shareholders who object to some transactions can use appraisal rights to make the company buy their shares?
Curtis Imrie 2022-08-09 2,340 97.5 ... that Curtis Imrie won three world championships as a pack burro racer?
Sean Hurson 2022-08-16 2,277 94.9 ... that the coin used by Gaelic football referee Sean Hurson bears his initials and was presented to him by one of his umpires shortly before the latter died?
Dance in Suriname 2022-08-31 1,120 93.3 ... that there is an annual holiday for dancing pallbearers in Suriname (examples pictured)?
Dwight Smith (baseball) 2022-08-07 2,232 93.0 ... that baseball player Dwight Smith recorded a demo rhythm and blues album during the 1993–94 offseason?
Everything We Need 2022-08-01 1,100 91.7 ... that Kanye West recorded "Everything We Need" as a new version of his leaked track "The Storm"?
Mary Getui 2022-08-10 2,189 91.2 ... that Kenyan theologian Mary Getui was named a Moran of the Burning Spear?
Russell Strong 2022-08-16 2,150 89.6 ... that Russell Strong pioneered multiple techniques for liver transplantation, including splitting a donor liver between multiple recipients?
Acoustic Atlas 2022-08-26 2,120 88.3 ... that the Acoustic Atlas at Montana State University Library helped to create a public domain archive of sounds from Yellowstone National Park?
Barry Downs (architect) 2022-08-31 1,032 86.0 ... that Canadian architect Barry Downs contributed to the redevelopment of the Expo 86 site in Vancouver, the largest private development in North America at the time?
Jack Michaels 2022-08-27 1,028 85.7 ... that ice hockey commentator Jack Michaels began his career announcing an ostrich race?
Abd al-Quddus al-Ansari 2022-08-27 1,006 83.9 ... that The Twins, a 1930 story by Abd al-Quddus al-Ansari, was called the first Saudi Arabian novel?
Rogers Covey-Crump 2022-08-17 2,006 83.6 ... that Rogers Covey-Crump, once the high tenor of the Hilliard Ensemble, is known as a leading Evangelist in Bach's Passions?
Pramod Kapoor 2022-08-05 2,000 83.3 ... that Indian author and publisher Pramod Kapoor was made a Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur for his contribution to promoting India's heritage?
Richard Peck (RAF officer) 2022-08-20 1,933 80.5 ... that the de Havilland Mosquito was almost cancelled in 1940, but Air Vice-Marshal Richard Peck persuaded Air Marshal Wilfrid Freeman to continue the programme?
Jerold F. Lucey 2022-08-03 946 78.8 ... that Jerold F. Lucey introduced phototherapy to the United States as a treatment for jaundice in newborns?
Wheelie (song) 2022-08-20 1,836 76.5 ... that in the music video for her song "Wheelie", Latto shows off a diamond cryptocurrency wallet made by celebrity jeweler Greg Yuna?
Concerto for Two Trumpets (Vivaldi) 2022-08-02 914 76.1 ... that the only trumpet concerto by Antonio Vivaldi is for two trumpets?
Academy of Music (Sioux City, Iowa) 2022-08-13 1,814 75.6 ... that women's rights activist Susan B. Anthony spoke twice at the now defunct Academy of Music in Sioux City, Iowa, during the 1870s?
Gilbert Eastman 2022-08-22 1,809 75.4 ... that American educator Gilbert Eastman, who acted in and wrote American Sign Language plays, won an Emmy Award in 1993?
Henry Janzen 2022-08-23 1,782 74.2 ... that Henry Janzen was the first coach to lead his team to back-to-back Vanier Cup championships?
Daniel Camargo 2022-08-10 1,748 72.9 ... that in his early career, Daniel Camargo was cast to dance a lead role at the opening night of Don Quixote at Stuttgart Ballet, over the principal dancers?
Indianapolis Community Food Access Coalition 2022-08-27 868 72.3 ... that the Indianapolis Community Food Access Coalition was created to resolve food deserts in the city of Indianapolis?
Freies Deutsches Hochstift 2022-08-06 1,648 68.7 ... that the Freies Deutsches Hochstift association acquired Goethe's birthplace in Frankfurt am Main in 1863, but did not fully restore it until 1926?
BlossomWatch 2022-08-21 1,644 68.5 ... that as part of its #BlossomWatch campaign, the National Trust plans to plant trees along a circular bus route in Birmingham?
Hold On Baby 2022-08-12 1,605 66.9 ... that the late Foo Fighters member Taylor Hawkins plays the drums on the closing track of King Princess's album Hold On Baby?
Regina coeli (Mozart) 2022-08-25 1,568 65.3 ... that the last of three Regina coeli settings written by Mozart for Salzburg Cathedral is scored for four soloists, choir and orchestra?
Missa brevis in C (Brixi) 2022-08-12 1,552 64.7 ... that the Missa brevis in C by František Brixi, an 18th-century kapellmeister at Prague Cathedral, was not published until 2004?
Arizona Public Media 2022-08-02 772 64.3 ... that in 1951, the University of Arizona radio bureau produced four different programs that aired on four different Tucson stations?
Ananta Prem Tumi Dao Aamake 2022-08-25 1,532 63.9 ... that many fans of Ayub Bachchu's Bangladeshi rock watched the film Loot Toraj in theaters just to hear the love song "Ananta Prem Tumi Dao Aamake"?
Songbird Sings Legrand 2022-08-01 726 60.5 ... that Regine Velasquez had to audition for composer Michel Legrand before collaborating in the concert Songbird Sings Legrand?
KUSD (AM) 2022-08-14 1,452 60.5 ... that when the University of South Dakota started a radio station, the transmitter was built by student and future Nobel Prize winner Ernest Lawrence?
El Financiero 2022-08-02 687 57.2 ... that the administration of Carlos Salinas de Gortari barred El Financiero from the Mexican presidential press plane for its reporting on foreign debt negotiations?
Songbird Sings the Classics 2022-08-26 1,311 54.6 ... that in the concert Songbird Sings the Classics, Regine Velasquez paid homage to the music of Burt Bacharach, Leonard Bernstein, Michel Legrand, Henry Mancini, and Barry Manilow?
Iain MacNeal 2022-08-21 1,286 53.6 ... that when the Canadian baritone Iain MacNeal appeared as Odysseus in Dallapiccola's Ulisse at the Oper Frankfurt, a reviewer noted that he portrayed the "character's self-exegeses"?
Twenty (concert) 2022-08-27 510 42.5 ... that at the request of Regine Velasquez, her former manager Ronnie Henares directed the concert Twenty?
George Verdak 2022-08-26 994 41.4 ... that Ballet Russe de Monte-Carlo dancer George Verdak was awarded an honorary doctorate by Butler University?
Huliya (poem) 2022-08-22 896 37.4 ... that Nirmalendu Goon shared his doubts about Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's political decisions during the 1969 East Pakistan mass uprising in his poem Huliya?
Scotch Symphony 2022-08-28 424 35.3 ... that George Balanchine's ballet Scotch Symphony, set to Mendelssohn's Scottish Symphony, evokes the style of La Sylphide, a romantic ballet set in Scotland?
Salmo 150 2022-08-15 700 29.2 ... that in a choral tour program titled Salmo!, Bach's 18th successor first conducted Salmo 150, an a cappella setting of Psalm 150 by the Brazilian composer Ernani Aguiar?


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