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Type Non-image Image Overall
vph Article vph Article vph Article
Low 85.4 List of songs recorded by Tate McRae 304.8 Anders Bure 85.4 List of songs recorded by Tate McRae
Median 254.6 Henk Zwartepoorte 838.4 Earnest Andersson 273.0 Larry Nagler
History of Qing (People's Republic)
High 1,010.2 1997 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 1,536.5 Thirsty Beaver 1,536.5 Thirsty Beaver


Article Date Image views vph DYK hook
Thirsty Beaver 2023-12-04 36,875 1,536.5 ... that The Washington Post described a North Carolina dive bar (pictured) as "a middle finger to the development surrounding it"?
Statue of Industry 2023-12-02 24,301 1,012.5 ... that 80 police officers were needed to disperse a crowd that tarred and feathered Statue of Industry (pictured)?
1997 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2023-12-03 24,245 1,010.2 ... that NYPD officers stabbed and stomped on Barney the Dinosaur to cheers from a massive crowd?
Hamilton Grange National Memorial 2023-12-07 20,712 863.0 ... that Alexander Hamilton lived in the only house he ever owned (pictured) for just two years?
Baldwin V of Jerusalem 2023-12-09 8,556[a] 356.5 ... that art historian Zehava Jacoby was able to suggest a reconstruction of the lost tomb of Baldwin V of Jerusalem, destroyed in an 1808 fire, using an 18th-century drawing (pictured) by Elzear Horn?
Tomb of Baldwin V 6,561 273.4
Zehava Jacoby 3,162 131.8
Elzear Horn 1,930 80.4
Total 20,209 842.0
Earnest Andersson 2023-12-06 20,122 838.4 ... that despite little formal education, Earnest Andersson (pictured) was a successful inventor, businessman, amateur athlete, race car driver, pilot, photographer, radio operator, pro golfer, and composer?
Bofedales 2023-12-05 19,340 805.8 ... that the green colour of bofedales (examples pictured) stands out in the yellow surrounding landscape?
History sniffing 2023-12-05 19,202 800.1 ... that history sniffing has been used to track Papa John's customers?
Ashraf Dehghani 2023-12-08 15,944 664.4 ... that little has been known of the exact whereabouts of Iranian communist leader Ashraf Dehghani since she escaped prison in 1973?
The Math Myth 2023-12-09 15,270 636.2 ... that The Math Myth advocates for American high schools to stop requiring advanced algebra?
Operation South 2023-12-05 13,556 564.8 ... that Che Guevara was almost killed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo during Operation South?
Zavodovski Island 2023-12-09 13,070 544.6 ... that Zavodovski Island stinks?
WXLV-TV 2023-12-08 11,966 498.6 ... that a TV station in North Carolina changed its call letters in memory of its general sales manager, who was shot dead in an incident at its studios?
Schliemann's Trench 2023-12-06 11,421 475.9 ... that by digging a trench through Hisarlik, Heinrich Schliemann destroyed parts of the ruins of Troy?
Lincoln Fitzgerald 2023-12-06 11,107 462.8 ... that Lincoln Fitzgerald survived a 1949 murder attempt and went on to run three Nevada casinos?
Coins of the New Zealand pound 2023-12-02 11,030 459.6 ... that fridges filled with "frozen duck" sent to Britain actually contained illegal coins?
Fred J. Wiseman 2023-12-08 10,618 442.4 ... that Fred J. Wiseman (pictured) delivered the world's first unofficial airmail flight by airplane?
Skytrain (Miami International Airport) 2023-12-05 10,560 440.0 ... that a train runs along the roof at Miami International Airport?
Michael Goldstein 2023-12-04 10,270 427.9 ... that Patti Smith posed for a racy photograph in Michael Goldstein's rooftop wading pool?
Shukusei!! Loli Kami Requiem 2023-12-07 9,944 414.3 ... that the initial lyrics to "Shukusei!! Loli Kami Requiem" were "as painful as hitting someone with concrete"?
National Stupid Day 2023-12-02 9,910 412.9 ... that "National Stupid Day" was not intended to be on Veterans Day?
In the Village of Guaraparim 2023-12-07 9,732 405.5 ... that the 16th-century In the Village of Guaraparim, written by a Catholic saint in a now-dead American language, features a character speaking "in a way that resembles the characters of Aristophanes"?
Lepas testudinata 2023-12-04 9,627 401.1 ... that Lepas testudinata can form colonies of more than 1000 members at a time?
Snowy plover 2023-12-03 9,327 388.6 ... that female snowy plovers often abandon their families as soon as the chicks hatch?
Jet Lag: The Game 2023-12-08 9,280 386.7 ... that the contestants on Jet Lag: The Game played a game of capture the flag that spanned the entirety of Japan?
Femke Bol 2023-12-07 9,064 377.7 ... that Femke Bol broke the 41-year-old indoor world record for the 400 metres with a time of 49.26 seconds in 2023?
Palestinian hikaye 2023-12-04 7,972 332.1 ... that Palestinian hikaye is a unique form of folk culture performed by older women in winter?
Desulfovibrio vulgaris 2023-12-07 7,614 317.2 ... that Desulfovibrio vulgaris can remove toxic heavy metals from the environment?
Palestine Museum of Natural History 2023-12-01 7,579 315.8 ... that a "bat ensnared by a plant" was discovered in the garden of the Palestine Museum of Natural History?
Weekends with Adele 2023-12-04 7,377 307.4 ... that at the end of her Weekends with Adele shows, Adele vanishes?
Anders Bure 2023-12-01 7,314 304.8 ... that Anders Bure created the "first real map" of Sweden (copy pictured)?
Al Diaz (artist) 2023-12-07 7,302 304.2 ... that graffiti artist Al Diaz cuts up New York metro signs and reconfigures the letters into his own text?
Brother Jonathan (novel) 2023-12-01 7,253 302.2 ... that Brother Jonathan by John Neal has been considered the longest work of early American fiction?
Anthony Bennett (gridiron football) 2023-12-05 7,245 301.9 ... that Anthony Bennett is part of a football family, with his father, uncle, cousin, and older brother all playing professionally?
Mahasweta Chakraborty 2023-12-01 6,627 276.1 ... that 24-year-old Mahasweta Chakraborty of Operation Ganga helped around 800 students return to India during the Russian invasion of Ukraine?
History of Qing (People's Republic) 2023-12-08 6,566 273.6 ... that the Chinese government began compiling an official history of the Qing dynasty in 2002, but as of 2023 a protracted political review is forestalling its publication?
Larry Nagler 2023-12-04 6,540 272.5 ... that tennis player Arthur Ashe only realized that his doubles partner Larry Nagler was Jewish when he was invited to Nagler's home for lox and bagels?
Leonard K. Carson 2023-12-03 6,298 262.4 ... that during World War II, Leonard K. Carson led an air combat school within his fighter unit, called "Clobber College"?
Ron Monaco 2023-12-01 6,217 259.0 ... that Ron Monaco, described as the "longest of long shots", became a starter in the NFL having been just a backup in college?
KIKU 2023-12-03 6,180 257.5 ... that a Hawaii TV station's switch from Japanese-language programming to home shopping stirred viewer outcry?
Henk Zwartepoorte 2023-12-04 6,111 254.6 ... that Henk Zwartepoorte quacked at caimans?
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number 2023-12-02 6,007 250.3 ... that the developers of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number suggested that Australian customers pirate their game?
Brillante Jr. (wrestler, born 2001) 2023-12-08 5,959 248.3 ... that the wrestler Brillante Jr. is the younger cousin of the wrestler Brillante Jr.?
Ding Xuesong 2023-12-05 5,944 247.7 ... that Ding Xuesong was the first female ambassador of the People's Republic of China?
Lore Maria Peschel-Gutzeit 2023-12-05 5,940 247.5 ... that Lore Maria Peschel-Gutzeit once advocated for a "right to vote from birth"?
Andrea Carla Michaels 2023-12-06 5,822 242.6 ... that Andrea Carla Michaels, who has written more than 80 crosswords for The New York Times, is known as the "Pizza Lady" in San Francisco?
Colonial National Bank (Roanoke, Virginia) 2023-12-07 5,774 240.6 ... that five peregrine falcon chicks were released from the roof of an office building in Virginia in an unsuccessful attempt to combat an overpopulation of pigeons?
Feather (song) 2023-12-09 5,396 224.9 ... that the Bishop of Brooklyn was "appalled" that the music video for "Feather", in which Sabrina Carpenter kills several men, was filmed in a church?
Seasonal hyperacute panuveitis 2023-12-02 5,144 214.4 ... that white moths are suspected to cause seasonal hyperacute panuveitis in Nepal?
Secret Empire (1974 comic) 2023-12-02 4,968 207.0 ... that Steve Englehart wrote the Captain America comic book storyline "Secret Empire" as an allegory for the Watergate scandal?
OOB Organic 2023-12-09 4,907 204.5 ... that a founder of a New Zealand ice cream company was previously an investment banker?
Dave Barney 2023-12-03 4,735 197.3 ... that when Bob and Dave Barney won multiple intramural swimming races, their university recruiter reportedly did not realize they were twins?
Uganda Muslim Supreme Council 2023-12-02 4,726 196.9 ... that the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council became the richest landlord in Uganda after inheriting land left behind by Asian Muslims expelled under Idi Amin?
WPBF 2023-12-01 4,712 196.3 ... that a Florida TV station was late to its first broadcast because an engineer overslept?
Trần Lập 2023-12-06 4,598 191.6 ... that Trần Lập was involved in Vietnam's first internet copyright lawsuit?
Louise Franklin 2023-12-05 4,036 168.1 ... that actress Louise Franklin replaced the main dancing role in 1945's Pillow to Post after Dorothy Dandridge was injured in a car accident?
8th Session of the Central Committee of the League of Communists of Serbia 2023-12-03 3,910 162.9 ... that the broadcast of the 8th Session of the Central Committee of the League of Communists of Serbia was manipulated to remove or delay speeches critical of Slobodan Milošević?
Tshering Tshomo 2023-12-03 3,856 160.7 ... that in 2023, Tshering Tshomo was the only woman elected to serve in the National Council of Bhutan?
Bitter Legacy 2023-12-06 3,824 159.4 ... that the 1982 book Bitter Legacy by historian Richard C. Lukas describes how in the early Cold War years America lost influence over Poland, which became a part of the Soviet empire?
Satomi Ito 2023-12-09 3,740 155.8 ... that Japanese costume designer Satomi Ito has created costumes for figure skating, artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, equestrian vaulting, ballet, and ballroom dance?
Dubliany, Rivne Oblast 2023-12-03 3,690 153.8 ... that according to local legend, the St. Nicholas Church in Dubliany, Rivne Oblast, was built there by accident following a clerical error?
Herky and Timmy's Racing Coaster 2023-12-01 3,522 146.8 ... that Herky and Timmy's Racing Coaster is the first roller coaster in South Korea to go backwards?
Daniel McCaffery 2023-12-08 3,374 140.6 ... that Daniel McCaffery campaigned on protecting abortion rights in the 2023 Pennsylvania Supreme Court election, even though judicial candidates typically avoid commenting on specific issues?
List of New Orleans Saints seasons 2023-12-07 3,350 139.6 ... that the New Orleans Saints went their first 20 seasons without a winning season?
Rojin Polat 2023-12-09 3,248 135.3 ... that Turkish international soccer player Rojin Polat was named member of the "2021 All Schools Merit Girls Team" in New South Wales, Australia?
KOLT (1320 AM) 2023-12-08 3,245 135.2 ... that a Nebraska radio station chartered an aircraft to search for motorists stranded after a blizzard?
Teratoscincus roborowskii 2023-12-04 3,192 133.0 ... that the gecko Teratoscincus roborowskii eats caper fruits and disperses the plant's seeds in its feces?
November 2013 North American storm complex 2023-12-02 3,136 130.7 ... that a downed power line caused a fire spanning more than 100 acres (40 ha) during a November 2013 North American storm?
Julie Cliff 2023-12-01 2,796 116.5 ... that Julie Cliff revealed that an outbreak of konzo in Mozambique was caused by cyanide in insufficiently processed cassava?
Bogor City Regional House of Representatives 2023-12-06 2,372 98.9 ... that 32 former members of the city council of Bogor, Indonesia, were convicted of corruption in 2010, including 3 who were still serving?
International Fire Marshals Association 2023-12-06 2,251 93.8 ... that the International Fire Marshals Association is partly responsible for the ban on fireworks in some U.S. states?
List of songs recorded by Tate McRae 2023-12-09 2,050 85.4 ... that Canadian singer Tate McRae is a trained ballet dancer and started her musical career by accident?


  1. ^ Excludes 1,102.5 background views