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In order for the reader to be able to distinguish between and better understand various Christian faiths, it would be useful to identify it beliefs and how it differs from or is similar to other Christian faiths.

Sample text[edit]

A simple description of a Christian belief or religion might say, "The Reformed Community Church of the Angels" split with the "Community Church of the Angels" over the principle of [[non-denominationalism]] in 1832. Deacon Calvin Phineas formed the first church in Misagola, Minnesota. It has since grown to 23,000 members in the United States and 4,000 internationally.<ref>proper reference</ref>

Christian principles[edit]

Note that the following do not need to be covered in any detail for many mainline Protestant, Orthodox, or Fundamentalist or Evangelical churches. They can state that they uphold the same principles as stated in another article with certain exceptions.

Coverage of Christian principles might include:

Jesus Christ[edit]

What does the church hold about Christ? Was he a man or divine? Was he both simultaneously? Was he divine on earth?


Does the church believe in God, the Father, God, the Son, and God, the Holy Spirit in one person? If not, how does it relate?


Which of the councils of the church does the denomination recognize, if any? Does it uphold the Nicene Creed and Apostles Creed?


What books do the bible contain? Are there apocrypha? Is there a supplemental book with spiritual authority (such as the Book of Mormon for the Church of the Latter Day Saints.


Who are the primary leaders of the church, ministers or priests? What is their position to the congregation or individual members of the church? What formal education is required? How many years of school is required before a person can become a minister? What degree, if any, is required? Must this degree be from an accredited school? Are educational credentials for ministers sometimes or often waived?


Does the church believe in any sacraments? If so, which ones?


What is the church's position on commemorating the Last Supper? Is wine used? How does the church perceive the bread and wine?


Does the church allow or require infant baptism? Is total immersion used?


Is marriage indissoluble? If not, under what circumstances?

Icons or statues[edit]

Are icons or statues of religious figures displayed in places of public worship?


What significant practices are allowed or prohibited that would distinguish it from other Christian faiths?