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Rest in peace, deceased Wikipedians. We promise we will never forget your contributions.

Please do not add people unless you can supply verifiable information that they died. For details, please see these guidelines. If you have questions or comments, feel free to discuss here.

Bamber Gascoigne.JPG

Bamber Gascoigne was a British television presenter and author, who presented the show University Challenge between 1962 and 1987. He was an editor and supporter of Wikipedia in its first decade, describing the project as "an extraordinary global cooperative effort of which the best articles are unsurpassed and the worst rapidly improving." He died on 8 February 2022.

Nedim Ardoğa was an electronics engineer, and contributed to the English Wikipedia with Turkey related articles. He created over 2,000 articles. He died after a brief illness on February 21, 2022.

Drgnu23 (Irving Buchbinder, DPM) was a working podiatrist for forty-four years, and contributed to the English Wikipedia with medical knowledge as well as medical pictures from his practice. He died on February 23, 2022. His memorial is here.

Calton first edited Wikipedia in 2004, and had over 78,000 edits over the last 13 years. He died after a brief illness on February 25, 2022.

Meetup Manchester6 AA.jpg

Anthony Appleyard, who joined Wikipedia in 2004, was an admin who specialised in working on requests for page moves and history merges. He was also a member of WikiProject Underwater diving. He died on 28 February 2022 in Manchester. At the time of his death, he ranked in the top five (including bots) for all-time numbers of undeletions and uses of the history merge tool, per the admin stats page.

Moriori first edited Wikipedia in 2003, and had over 22,000 edits over 18 years and became an admin in 2005. He mostly focused on pages about his home country, New Zealand, but also edited military articles. He appeared in the village stocks, a humorous page, after accidentally letting a prospective new editor move the main page with his account while she was at his computer. He died on 1 June 2022 in Kerikeri, New Zealand, aged 86.

Victor Blacus, in real life Dan Horia Constatinescu [1], died in 2022. He was admin at the Romanian Wikipedia.

BeenAroundAWhile (George Garrigues) made his first edit in 2006, and had contributed over 100,000 edits to the English Wikipedia by the time he died at age 90 on August 10, 2022. A journalist and journalism professor whose published books included a biography of his father Charles Harris Garrigues, on Wikipedia he specialized in history and journalism and was a firm believer in editorial civility and politeness. He made his last edit on July 23, 2022. See his obituary on Legacy Remembers.

Peter Eckersley in San Francisco (March 2022).jpg

Peter Eckersley was an Australian computer scientist, computer security researcher, and activist. He worked at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, including as chief computer scientist and head of AI policy. While at the EFF, Eckersley started projects including Let's Encrypt, Privacy Badger, Certbot, HTTPS Everywhere, SSL Observatory, and Panopticlick.

Peter was an early contributor to Wikipedia, participating at meetups in Melbourne. He died on September 2, 2022, in San Francisco.

Andreas Hörstemeier died on September 26, 2022, after a long and serious illness. An administrator, he began editing the English Wikipedia in January 2003, being most active on the site from that year until 2008. He specialised in writing about his native Germany and Thailand, where his wife was born, especially districts of these countries, along with uploading many images to Commons and prolific editing at Wikidata. There is a condolence page for him on the German Wikipedia.

Dr Lisa Lodwick.jpg

Lisa Lodwick FSA was an archaeobotanist specialising agriculture in ancient Rome and an advocate for open access and open data in archaeology. She first edited Wikipedia in 2013, creating an article on British archaeologist Molly Cotton, and continued to edit until a few months before her death on 3 November 2022. Over that time she contributed just short of 90 articles, focusing on biographies of archaeologists and ancient historians. An active member of the Women's Classical Committee, WikiProject Women in Red, and WikiProject Archaeology, she worked hard to combat Wikipedia's gender bias, both by writing articles about notable women, and by organising editathons that inspired others to do the same. Her last article was about archaeobotanist Meriel McClatchie.

Kent G. Budge was a computational physicist and a prolific Wikipedia editor on geology-related articles. He first edited in 2016, but only became prolific in 2020, which continued until a few months before his death, following a near-fatal car accident, and continued to sporadically edit until 2 days before his death on 10 November 2022.[1] Kent was a prolific editor of Wikipedia's coverage of the geology of his native state of New Mexico, and also hugely improved Wikipedia's coverage of topics of fundamental importance in geology, such as Metamorphism, Limestone, Tuff, Aeolian processes, Orogeny, Chert, Magma, Lava and Weathering, having managed to take Banded iron formation, Alluvial fan, and Basalt to GA class. For those wanting to know more about his work outside of Wikipedia see here: Supervolcano: A Geologic History of the Jemez, and his road-trip blog Wanderlusting the Jemez.

Mary Adams Urashima was a historian with a focus on Historic Wintersburg in Huntington Beach, California. Mary wrote a book on Historic Wintersburg published in 2014 by the History Press. She passed away on November 20, 2022 after a battle with cancer.

Effie Kapsalis died on December 11, 2022. She was an inspiration and a force in the GLAM Wiki community, constantly pushing for cultural and heritage institutions to embrace Wikimedia collaboration, open content policies, and the goal of knowledge equity. As a longtime staff member of the Smithsonian Institution Archives, she pressed for more content to be released under a CC0 license for upload to Wikimedia Commons, and supported Wikimedia DC and the greater wiki community in the hiring of Wikimedians in Residence. In 2020, this culminated in the Smithsonian adopting an Open Access initiative that released more than 3 million works under a CC0 license, with that number still growing. She fostered the creation of the Smithsonian American Women's History Initiative, inspired by the gender gap work within the Wikimedia community, and infused Wikipedia and Wikidata into the work of Smithsonian's Strategy 2022 (and now 2027) plans. As a result, today there is a deep and active set of Smithsonian Institution staff working with Wikidata and other Wikimedia initiatives, all thanks to Effie's restless and passionate push for them from Smithsonian's new Office of Digital Transformation, which she helped establish. But more important than all this, she was wonderful to work with as a colleague and a person. Her legacy will live on and will not be forgotten.

The family has set up a site in her memory.

Volodymyr Vakulenko

Ukrainian children's writer, activist, and longtime Wikipedia volunteer Volodymyr Vakulenko (Ukrainian: Володимир Володимирович Вакуленко; 1 July 1972 – 2022)[2] was a prolific contributor to the Ukrainian Wikipedia, where he wrote articles on poetry and literature.

He was abducted[3] and murdered by the invading Russian army during the Russian occupation of Kharkiv Oblast.

Kaktus Kid, in real life Tancredo Westphal Junior, also known to his friends as "Tarsky", was a professor of Engineering and a prolific contributor to Wikipedia in Portuguese. He created 16,204 articles and made over 200,000 contributions to Wikimedia. Most of his edits were on improving content on science, especially Brazilian scientists, and fighting vandalism. He passed away on April 5, 2022 , and is remembered by the Portuguese-speaking community as "an exemplary editor" and a "dedicated Wikimedian".

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