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Rest in peace, deceased Wikipedians. We promise we will never forget your contributions.

Please do not add people unless you can supply verifiable information that they died. For details, please see these guidelines. If you have questions or comments, feel free to discuss here.

Gérald Anfossi (Nataraja)

Gérald Anfossi (Nataraja)

Gérald Anfossi, username Nataraja, died of cancer on March 17, 2006. Gérald was an administrator and one of the most active editors on the French Wikipedia, where he contributed to numerous articles on South Asia. He also contributed many of his personal images to commons (such as Image:Sanchi2.jpg, which is featured on the History of India page, among others) and coordinated interwiki work between the English and French Wikipedias. He made 31,781 contributions to 11 projects, the vast majority to French Wikipedia.[1] His funeral was in his beloved adopted land of India.[2]

Xavier Bonnafous (Xulin)

Xavier Bonnafous, a Wikipedian who primarily edited in the French Wikipedia under the username Xulin, died on May 7, 2006, during a hang gliding accident, according to online reports. Xavier also edited the English Wikipedia using Xulin, although this account was mainly used for interwiki work. On his French user page, Xavier said he was interested in free software and ecology issues. A memorial for Xavier has been established on the French Wikipedia.[3] He made 866 contributions to three projects, the vast majority to French Wikipedia.[4]

Neil Morris (Neilm)

Neil Morris lived in Southsea, England, where he worked as a Chartered Engineer and for IBM. Neil was also an inventor, holding a patent to a drop detection device.[5] Among the articles edited by Neil were Parallel SCSI, SCSI Enclosure Services, and Enclosure Services Interface. He died on September 17, 2006, according to a notice left on his user page.[6] Further information on his life would be appreciated.

Caroline Thompson (Caroline Thompson)

Caroline Thompson, a Wikipedian who primarily edited articles relating to quantum mechanics, died on February 8, 2006, according to her family.[7] The cause of death was cancer. Thompson, who had written papers on the subject of quantum mechanics while a student at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, had edited sporadically in the months leading up to her death, last editing on January 10, 2006.[8] She also maintained a website[9] on her theories regarding physics.


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