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This page provides an overview of the various discussions and requests taking place throughout English Wikipedia. To ask a question or make a request, see the request directory to locate the appropriate venue(s). For a listing of current collaborations, tasks, and news, see the Community portal.

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Requests for comments

Requests for comments

For links directly to each current RFC see the navigational template below. For a listing with a brief introduction to each ongoing debate, see Wikipedia:Requests for comment/All.

Requests for third opinion

Talk:Whadjuk § Inclusion of Noongar names? The disagreement is over whether or not including the Noongar names for some of the animals and plants in the section on the seasons is relevant information. See prior version of article to see the section with the Noongar names included. 00:39, 23 February 2024 (UTC)

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>Very low pending changes backlog: 3 pages according to DatBot as of 19:00, 25 February 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Partial-block edit requests (2 pages)

2 partial block edit requests
Page Tagged since Protection level Last protection log entry
Close to Home (Aitch album) (request) 2024-02-24 16:12 Not protected (log)
Hood Hottest Princess (request) 2024-02-24 16:13 Not protected (log)
Updated as needed. Last updated: 16:13, 24 February 2024 (UTC)
Conflict of interest edit requests (84 pages)

84 COI edit requests
Page Tagged since Protection level Last protection log entry
Tak (game) (request) 2024-01-15 03:36 Not protected (log)
YouGov (request) 2024-01-16 11:50 Not protected (log) Protected by Daniel Case on 2023-01-25: "Violations of the biographies of living persons policy: per RFPP"
Kenneth C. Griffin (request) 2024-01-17 19:08 Semiprotected (log) Modified by Daniel Quinlan on 2023-11-02: "Contentious topics enforcement for WP:CT/BLP; requested at WP:RfPP"
Willett Advisors (request) 2024-01-17 19:25 Not protected (log)
Sensitivity auditing (request) 2024-01-18 11:12 Not protected (log)
Sensitivity analysis (request) 2024-01-19 15:13 Not protected (log)
Issuu (request) 2024-01-19 21:06 Not protected (log)
Athletes in Action (request) 2024-01-20 13:47 Not protected (log)
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (request) 2024-01-22 19:21 Not protected (log)
Mayo Clinic (request) 2024-01-23 14:28 Not protected (log)
Apollo Global Management (request) 2024-01-24 14:47 Not protected (log) Protected by Discospinster on 2022-08-17: "Persistent vandalism"
Programming language (request) 2024-01-25 02:23 Not protected (log)
Saint Grottlesex (request) 2024-01-25 07:37 Not protected (log)
UnitedHealth Group (request) 2024-01-25 20:28 Not protected (log) Protected by Elockid on 2010-12-01: "Excessive vandalism: Quickly resumed"
Neal D. Barnard (request) 2024-01-25 21:20 Not protected (log) Protected by RHaworth on 2019-07-18: "Persistent disruptive editing"
Robert Rubin (request) 2024-01-27 10:19 Not protected (log)
Boku, Inc. (request) 2024-01-29 12:39 Not protected (log)
Italian beef (request) 2024-01-29 16:36 Not protected (log)
Winston Swift Boyer (request) 2024-01-30 00:34 Not protected (log)
Yitzchak Mirilashvili (request) 2024-01-30 14:15 Not protected (log)
Binance (request) 2024-01-31 09:49 Semiprotected (log) Protected by MER-C on 2018-05-30: "Persistent spamming: and disruptive editing. Page level sanction under WP:GS/Crypto."
CVC Capital Partners (request) 2024-01-31 17:18 Not protected (log)
Girard B. Henderson (request) 2024-01-31 19:30 Not protected (log)
Alexander D. Henderson Jr. (request) 2024-02-01 00:22 Not protected (log)
Byington Ford (request) 2024-02-01 00:25 Not protected (log)
Hyprov (request) 2024-02-01 03:15 Not protected (log)
Viatris (request) 2024-02-01 15:33 Not protected (log)
Ann Patricia Bowling (request) 2024-02-01 16:58 Not protected (log)
Jo Boaler (request) 2024-02-01 17:55 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Primefac on 2022-08-29: "Violations of the biographies of living persons policy"
Operating system (request) 2024-02-02 03:58 Semiprotected (log) Modified by Caknuck on 2017-04-28: "Persistent vandalism"
Labaton Sucharow (request) 2024-02-02 17:42 Not protected (log)
Bulat Utemuratov (request) 2024-02-02 17:58 Not protected (log)
Standard Cross-Cultural Sample (request) 2024-02-05 16:18 Not protected (log)
MOPAC (request) 2024-02-05 16:57 Not protected (log)
Zultys (request) 2024-02-05 17:37 Not protected (log)
Don Ienner (request) 2024-02-05 19:18 Not protected (log)
Waste Management (company) (request) 2024-02-05 20:33 Not protected (log)
Gianmarco Donaggio (request) 2024-02-06 07:51 Not protected (log)
JetBrains (request) 2024-02-06 17:27 Not protected (log)
Moore College of Art and Design (request) 2024-02-06 21:23 Not protected (log)
Banyan Tree Holdings (request) 2024-02-07 02:44 Not protected (log)
Clara Wu Tsai (request) 2024-02-07 09:56 Not protected (log)
Optiver (request) 2024-02-07 11:59 Not protected (log)
HOK (firm) (request) 2024-02-07 20:52 Not protected (log)
Lewis Francis Byington (request) 2024-02-08 01:18 Not protected (log)
Robert Lewis Byington (request) 2024-02-08 01:50 Not protected (log)
Luis Jacinto Muñoz (request) 2024-02-08 21:39 Not protected (log)
Michaela Guzy (request) 2024-02-10 00:40 Not protected (log)
Dahua Technology (request) 2024-02-12 17:41 Not protected (log)
Oregon Public Broadcasting (request) 2024-02-12 21:52 Not protected (log)
Modern Meadow (request) 2024-02-13 03:47 Not protected (log)
Candalepas Associates (request) 2024-02-13 05:36 Not protected (log)
Gensler (request) 2024-02-13 17:51 Not protected (log)
Dashun Wang (request) 2024-02-14 01:53 Not protected (log)
Nyombi Morris (request) 2024-02-14 23:19 Not protected (log)
Abdul Matin Chaudhary (request) 2024-02-15 06:51 Not protected (log)
Peter F. Barth (request) 2024-02-15 14:02 Not protected (log)
Gibson Dunn (request) 2024-02-15 15:14 Not protected (log)
Amdocs (request) 2024-02-15 16:20 Not protected (log)
Infillion (request) 2024-02-15 16:26 Not protected (log)
Gulfstream Aerospace (request) 2024-02-15 20:25 Not protected (log)
The Inter Faith Network (request) 2024-02-16 13:08 Not protected (log)
United States Postal Service (request) 2024-02-16 15:33 Not protected (log)
WBQB (request) 2024-02-16 17:04 Not protected (log)
Lauri Burns (request) 2024-02-16 17:10 Not protected (log)
Anthony Marinelli (request) 2024-02-17 22:21 Not protected (log)
Families USA (request) 2024-02-18 04:05 Not protected (log)
EF Education First (request) 2024-02-19 16:15 Not protected (log)
Jeffrey Katzenberg (request) 2024-02-19 20:04 Not protected (log) Protected by Spencer on 2019-12-19: "Persistent vandalism"
Pacific Equity Partners (request) 2024-02-20 06:29 Not protected (log)
Florida Power & Light (request) 2024-02-20 16:10 Not protected (log)
Edelman (firm) (request) 2024-02-20 18:50 Not protected (log)
Nefesh B'Nefesh (request) 2024-02-21 07:06 Not protected (log)
Bruce D. Broussard (request) 2024-02-21 14:48 Not protected (log)
Andy Wright (music producer) (request) 2024-02-21 15:42 Not protected (log)
Bradley Tusk (request) 2024-02-21 19:29 Not protected (log)
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (request) 2024-02-21 21:52 Not protected (log)
Karl Lagerfeld (request) 2024-02-22 09:22 Not protected (log) Protected by Drmies on 2019-11-08: "Persistent vandalism"
Dick's Sporting Goods (request) 2024-02-22 19:55 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Muboshgu on 2018-08-26: "Persistent vandalism"
Richard Harland (request) 2024-02-23 10:58 Not protected (log)
Edmund de Waal (request) 2024-02-23 15:43 Not protected (log)
Mother Cabrini Health Foundation (request) 2024-02-23 21:17 Not protected (log)
Mike Garcia (politician) (request) 2024-02-23 22:51 Not protected (log) Protected by Scottywong on 2020-12-02: "Persistent disruptive editing"
Kofax (request) 2024-02-23 23:52 Not protected (log)
Updated as needed. Last updated: 17:06, 25 February 2024 (UTC)
Semi-protected edit requests (66 pages)

66 semi-protected edit requests
Page Tagged since Protection level Last protection log entry
Rachel Zegler (request) 2024-01-27 00:57 Semiprotected, expires 2024-07-17 at 21:54:15 UTC (log) Protected by Daniel Case on 2024-01-17: "Violations of the biographies of living persons policy: per RFPP; will also log as CTOPS action"
Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram (request) 2024-01-27 15:48 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Yaris678 on 2023-05-16: "Addition of unsourced or poorly sourced content"
List of best-selling albums (request) 2024-01-27 20:42 Semiprotected (log) From List of best-selling albums worldwide: Protected by Mfield on 2009-06-12: "excessive problematic edits - addition of unsourced content - long history of unconstructive IP edits"
Fighter (2024 film) (request) 2024-01-31 12:42 Semiprotected, expires 2024-04-25 at 08:19:25 UTC (log) Protected by Daniel Case on 2023-10-25: "Persistent disruptive editing: per request at RFPP; going longer this time"
Anti-Hindu sentiment (request) 2024-01-31 18:17 Semiprotected (log) Modified by El C on 2021-04-21: "Arbitration enforcement: critical WP:ARBIPA page"
Albert Einstein (request) 2024-02-01 01:33 Semiprotected (log) Modified by Cirt on 2009-06-10: "vandalism, prot req fm WP:RFPP"
List of massacres in India (request) 2024-02-03 09:36 Semiprotected (log) Protected by El C on 2019-06-06: "Arbitration enforcement"
List of programs broadcast by Nickelodeon (request) 2024-02-06 15:16 Semiprotected (log) From List of programs broadcast by Nickelodeon: Protected by Panyd on 2021-04-22: "Persistent disruptive editing"
Muay Thai (request) 2024-02-08 07:05 Semiprotected, expires 2024-04-25 at 14:00:54 UTC (log) Modified by Ohnoitsjamie on 2024-01-25: "Persistent sockpuppetry"
Template:Politics sidebar (request) 2024-02-09 06:02 Semiprotected (log) From Template:Politics: Protected by FayssalF on 2008-09-08: "high-profile template"
List of most-liked YouTube videos (request) 2024-02-10 00:19 Semiprotected (log) Protected by El C on 2020-04-30: "Persistent vandalism: perennial problem"
Sukhoi Su-75 Checkmate (request) 2024-02-10 16:52 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Daniel Case on 2023-03-23: "Persistent vandalism: again per RFPP; this just won't go away"
Sexism (request) 2024-02-10 20:41 Semiprotected (log) Protected by El C on 2019-08-22: "Persistent disruptive editing"
Ice (request) 2024-02-11 11:31 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Airplaneman on 2018-12-22: "Persistent vandalism"
Rupert Sheldrake (request) 2024-02-12 04:17 Semiprotected (log) Protected by JzG on 2020-06-16: "Persistent disruptive editing - restoring indefinite semi that was overridden by timed full protection."
List of Super Bowl champions (request) 2024-02-12 18:22 Semiprotected (log) From List of Super Bowl champions: Modified by Lowellian on 2010-02-18: "Excessive vandalism: vandalism peaks during and right after playoffs but is persistent throughout entire season, every single year (see log), and the large number/amount of tables/data can make subtle vandalism hard-to-check"
Cher (request) 2024-02-12 22:14 Semiprotected (log) Modified by JBW on 2021-08-28: "Violations of the biographies of living persons policy: and assorted other vandalism including page move vandalism"
Template:British honours lists (request) 2024-02-13 00:59 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Primefac on 2018-01-19: "semi-protection of high-usage templates to combat systematic vandalism"
Battle of Gettysburg (request) 2024-02-13 03:12 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Bongwarrior on 2012-02-02: "Excessive vandalism"
Jo Frost (request) 2024-02-14 05:05 Semiprotected, expires 2024-10-19 at 21:11:08 UTC (log) Protected by Ymblanter on 2023-10-19: "Persistent vandalism; requested at WP:RfPP"
Shannon Sharpe (request) 2024-02-14 06:04 Semiprotected, expires 2025-05-04 at 19:56:03 UTC (log) Protected by JBW on 2023-05-04: "persistent vandalism, over many years"
Karnataka (request) 2024-02-14 07:52 Semiprotected (log) Modified by Fvasconcellos on 2020-12-25: "Persistent disruptive editing: semi"
Smosh (request) 2024-02-14 13:05 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Ged UK on 2012-09-04: "Persistent vandalism"
Karl Malone (request) 2024-02-14 13:19 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Bagumba on 2022-05-09: "Violations of the biographies of living persons policy"
List of online payment service providers (request) 2024-02-14 13:27 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Cindamuse on 2014-03-21: "repeated bad list entries; Wikipedia:Write the article first"
W. E. B. Du Bois (request) 2024-02-14 15:36 Semiprotected (log) From W. E. B. Du Bois: Modified by TFA Protector Bot on 2017-07-29: "Upcoming TFA (bot protection)"
Wartime sexual violence (request) 2024-02-14 16:23 Semiprotected, expires 2025-01-06 at 21:13:45 UTC (log) Protected by Ad Orientem on 2024-01-06: "WP:CT A/I; requested at WP:RfPP"
New Zealand (request) 2024-02-16 12:36 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Ged UK on 2012-02-08: "Persistent vandalism"
Geometry Dash (request) 2024-02-18 06:20 Semiprotected, expires 2024-04-15 at 14:02:15 UTC (log) Modified by Ferret on 2024-01-15: "Persistent vandalism"
Anarchism (request) 2024-02-18 19:55 Semiprotected (log) Modified by El C on 2021-03-16: "Persistent disruptive editing"
Ashkenazi Jews (request) 2024-02-18 20:03 Semiprotected (log) Modified by El C on 2021-11-05: "restore indef semi"
List of Peppa Pig episodes (request) 2024-02-19 00:01 Semiprotected (log) Protected by EvergreenFir on 2021-04-11: "Persistent vandalism - Immediate resumption of vandalism after 1 year of protection. 9 past protections implemented. Indef appropriate given disruption."
Template:Taxonomy/Acrostalagmus (request) 2024-02-19 14:47 Title blacklist (log) Matching line: Template:Taxonomy\/.* <noedit|errmsg=Titleblacklist-taxobox-template|autoconfirmed>
COVID-19 pandemic in India (request) 2024-02-19 17:18 Semiprotected (log) Protected by El C on 2021-04-21: "critical WP:GS/COVID19 page"
Matthew Gray Gubler (request) 2024-02-20 01:35 Semiprotected (log) Protected by MelanieN on 2021-01-24: "replacing indefinite PC protection with indefinite semiprotection. This article is too heavily edited for PC protection to work well."
Pauline Hanson's One Nation (request) 2024-02-20 01:35 Semiprotected (log) Modified by Fuzheado on 2021-02-06: "Persistent vandalism"
Dawoodi Bohra (request) 2024-02-20 01:55 Semiprotected (log) Protected by EdJohnston on 2017-05-12: "Long term edit warring. This article is covered by WP:ARBIPA"
Chesapeake and Ohio 614 (request) 2024-02-20 04:59 Semiprotected (log) From Chesapeake and Ohio 614: Protected by Mackensen on 2017-04-01: "Persistent disruptive editing"
Susan Boyle (request) 2024-02-20 12:05 Semiprotected (log) Modified by Kww on 2010-08-26: "Pending changes trial is complete: applying standard semi-protection"
Uganda (request) 2024-02-20 15:18 Semiprotected (log) Modified by Ymblanter on 2022-07-18: "Persistent vandalism: request at WP:RFPP"
List of EastEnders characters (request) 2024-02-20 19:19 Semiprotected, expires 2024-04-02 at 17:43:14 UTC (log) Modified by Favonian on 2023-10-02: "Addition of unsourced or poorly sourced content: requested at WP:RFPP"
List of Harry Potter cast members (request) 2024-02-20 19:52 Semiprotected (log) From List of Harry Potter cast members: Protected by Neelix on 2011-06-24: "Persistent vandalism"
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (request) 2024-02-20 19:57 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Ferret on 2020-12-31: "Persistent sock puppetry"
Erling Haaland (request) 2024-02-20 23:39 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Ymblanter on 2021-12-25: "Persistent vandalism: request at WP:RFPP"
Israel Adesanya (request) 2024-02-21 02:00 Semiprotected (log) Protected by El C on 2022-02-13: "Persistent disruptive editing: perennial problem"
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937 film) (request) 2024-02-21 16:01 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Mark Arsten on 2013-01-24: "Restoring protection"
HLTV (request) 2024-02-21 21:39 Semiprotected (log) Protected by ST47 on 2019-07-11: "Persistent vandalism"
Template:United States topics (request) 2024-02-22 00:30 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Primefac on 2018-01-10: "semi-protecting highly-visible templates in response to recent template-space vandalism"
Sheamus (request) 2024-02-22 08:37 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Materialscientist on 2015-07-22: "Persistent vandalism"
List of European countries by average wage (request) 2024-02-22 12:00 Semiprotected (log) Protected by El C on 2020-08-07: "Addition of unsourced or poorly sourced content"
Tony Egginton (request) 2024-02-22 13:58 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Ronhjones on 2014-01-08: "Violations of the biographies of living persons policy: Persistant Various IP (all same area - unusual to find in UK!) all adding negative poorly sourced material - someone with an axe to grind."
List of population centres in Ontario (request) 2024-02-22 14:26 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Bearcat on 2019-03-27: "Persistent disruptive editing: constant erroneous changes to this list to make the numbers reflect something different than what the list is actually about"
Yandere Simulator (request) 2024-02-23 15:02 Semiprotected (log) Modified by Ferret on 2020-08-07: ""
Caste system in Nepal (request) 2024-02-23 15:02 Semiprotected (log) Protected by El C on 2022-09-18: "WP:CASTE"
Kim Jong Un (request) 2024-02-24 12:29 Semiprotected (log) From Kim Jong-un: Modified by El C on 2020-05-18: "Downgrade protection (testing the waters)"
Dmitry Medvedev (request) 2024-02-24 12:38 Semiprotected (log) Modified by Ohnoitsjamie on 2018-05-01: "Violations of the biographies of living persons policy"
List of cities in Pakistan by population (request) 2024-02-24 15:31 Semiprotected (log) From List of most populous cities in Pakistan: Protected by Yamaguchi先生 on 2015-12-11: "Persistent block evasion"
Template:Taxonomy/Lomandroideae (request) 2024-02-24 23:37 Semiprotected (log) Modified by Primefac on 2017-11-13: "misread earlier request - still highly visible/important, but not TE-important."
Rockstar Advanced Game Engine (request) 2024-02-25 02:50 Semiprotected, expires 2024-05-16 at 22:35:07 UTC (log) Protected by Daniel Case on 2024-02-16: "Persistent disruptive editing: per RFPP"
Tim Cook (request) 2024-02-25 04:46 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Graham87 on 2023-09-19: "restore protection"
Legality of child pornography (request) 2024-02-25 09:24 Semiprotected (log) Protected by El C on 2021-12-23: "WP:CHILDPROTECT nexus"
Google Search (request) 2024-02-25 12:22 Semiprotected (log) Protected by El C on 2019-11-30: "Persistent vandalism: sheer volume of disruptive edits is a bit much for pending changes"
2025 ICC Champions Trophy (request) 2024-02-25 12:55 Semiprotected, expires 2024-04-05 at 08:13:32 UTC (log) Protected by Materialscientist on 2024-01-05: "Persistent disruptive editing"
Axolotl (request) 2024-02-25 13:40 Semiprotected, expires 2025-10-30 at 18:04:17 UTC (log) Modified by Ingenuity on 2023-10-30: "Persistent vandalism"
Srinidhi Shetty (request) 2024-02-25 18:48 Semiprotected, expires 2024-04-08 at 07:58:15 UTC (log) Protected by Materialscientist on 2024-01-08: "Persistent disruptive editing"
Adam Schiff (request) 2024-02-25 19:11 Semiprotected (log) Modified by MelanieN on 2023-09-03: "Persistent vandalism"
Updated as needed. Last updated: 19:12, 25 February 2024 (UTC)
Extended-confirmed-protected edit requests (31 pages)

31 extended-confirmed-protected edit requests
Page Tagged since Protection level Last protection log entry
Gaud Saraswat Brahmin (request) 2024-01-06 03:47 Extended-confirmed protected (log) Modified by RegentsPark on 2023-11-27: "Persistent sockpuppetry"
Casualties of the 2023 Israel–Hamas war (request) 2024-01-20 07:28 Extended-confirmed protected (log) Protected by Daniel Case on 2023-10-24: "Contentious topic restriction: per RFPP and WP:ARBIPA; will log"
Mohammed el-Kurd (request) 2024-01-21 04:45 Extended-confirmed protected (log) From Mohammed El-Kurd: Protected by HJ Mitchell on 2021-12-06: "New editors are prohibited from editing this Arab–Israeli conflict related page"
Benjamin Netanyahu (request) 2024-01-21 14:39 Extended-confirmed protected (log) Modified by HJ Mitchell on 2023-11-04: "restore long-standing move protection"
Simferopol (request) 2024-01-22 17:24 Extended-confirmed protected (log) Modified by Daniel Case on 2023-11-30: "elevating to ECP per RUSUKR"
Arab League (request) 2024-01-24 15:35 Extended-confirmed protected (log) Modified by Samsara on 2017-01-02: "New editors are prohibited from editing this Arab-Israeli conflict related page"
Intifada (request) 2024-01-26 11:34 Extended-confirmed protected (log) Protected by Renamed user mou89p43twvqcvm8ut9w3 on 2016-10-17: "Arbitration enforcement; WP:ARBPIA3#500/30"
Israeli West Bank barrier (request) 2024-01-31 16:47 Extended-confirmed protected (log) Modified by Mifter on 2017-03-03: "Arbitration enforcement"
Minsk agreements (request) 2024-02-04 13:10 Extended-confirmed protected (log) Modified by ToBeFree on 2022-10-07: "Arbitration enforcement: WP:ARBEE // WP:GS/RUSUKR"
Haifa (request) 2024-02-09 05:17 Extended-confirmed protected (log) Protected by El C on 2020-02-17: "New editors are prohibited from editing this Arab–Israeli conflict related page"
Playboi Carti (request) 2024-02-11 11:48 Extended-confirmed protected (log) Modified by Ymblanter on 2024-01-29: "Addition of unsourced or poorly sourced content: request at WP:RFPP"
Friendly fire during the Israel–Hamas war (request) 2024-02-12 04:24 Extended-confirmed protected (log) From Friendly fire in 2023 Israel–Gaza war: Protected by ScottishFinnishRadish on 2024-01-13: "Arbitration enforcement"
Killing of Hind Rajab (request) 2024-02-14 02:16 Extended-confirmed protected (log) Protected by Ingenuity on 2024-02-11: "Arbitration enforcement"
War crimes in the Israel–Hamas war (request) 2024-02-14 04:10 Extended-confirmed protected (log) From War crimes in the 2023 Israel–Hamas war: Protected by Daniel Quinlan on 2023-10-22: "Contentious topics enforcement for WP:CT/A-I; requested at WP:RfPP"
Aafia Siddiqui (request) 2024-02-16 03:24 Extended-confirmed protected, expires 2025-06-13 at 00:15:22 UTC (log) Protected by Yamaguchi先生 on 2023-06-13: "Persistent disruptive editing: Regular semi-protection ineffective, persistent block evasion and additions of poorly sourced material."
Kryvyi Rih (request) 2024-02-16 11:59 Extended-confirmed protected (log) Protected by Favonian on 2022-11-26: "Arbitration enforcement: WP:GS/RUSUKR"
Suspicious deaths of Russian businesspeople (2022–2024) (request) 2024-02-16 14:54 Extended-confirmed protected (log) From Suspicious deaths of Russian businesspeople (2022–2023): Protected by ToBeFree on 2023-08-23: "WP:GS/RUSUKR"
Children in the Israeli–Palestinian conflict (request) 2024-02-17 00:40 Extended-confirmed protected (log) Modified by Muboshgu on 2023-11-10: "WP:ARBPIA per RFPP request"
Kannur district (request) 2024-02-17 09:02 Extended-confirmed protected, expires 2024-04-15 at 19:05:10 UTC (log) Protected by Yamaguchi先生 on 2022-04-15: "Persistent disruptive editing: Regular semi-protection ineffective, persistent block evasion and additions of unsourced material."
96th Academy Awards (request) 2024-02-17 21:36 Extended-confirmed protected, expires 2024-03-06 at 05:09:29 UTC (log) Modified by NinjaRobotPirate on 2024-02-06: "Persistent sock puppetry"
2024 Pakistani general election (request) 2024-02-18 02:01 Extended-confirmed protected, expires 2025-02-18 at 01:23:26 UTC (log) Modified by Johnuniq on 2024-02-18: "Arbitration enforcement"
Albania (request) 2024-02-18 10:54 Extended-confirmed protected (log) Modified by EdJohnston on 2016-12-14: "Apparent sockpuppetry which cannot be stopped by semiprotection. Page covered by WP:ARBMAC"
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Abu Zaabal Engineering IndustriesAichi Shukutoku Junior CollegeAISINDOAlbanian Armed Forces Central ArchiveArmenian Church Youth Organization of AmericaAssociation for Research into Crimes against ArtBrilliant LabsCalifornia Congress of RepublicansCalifornia Green Lodging ProgramCatabasis PharmaceuticalsChristian Connections for International HealthCitizen MattersClassical Association of CanadaDr. SquatchEBikeGo (2nd nomination)Hachette Distribution ServicesImage Diffusion InternationalImpala Hotel GroupInternational Association for the Study of DreamsInternational Quran News AgencyInverness Field ClubJPL (cyclecar)List of largest companies in PakistanM2Mi CorporationMars Hill Community ChurchMindanao GazetteMuseum Ethnographers GroupMuseumandNano Nuclear EnergyNassau County Sports CommissionNational Housing ConferenceNationalist Congress Party (Sharadchandra Pawar)Nemeton TVNetwork Advertising Initiative (2nd nomination)Nurul Fikri Boarding SchoolOur Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Thenkaraikottai (2nd nomination)P. V. K. N. Government CollegePotters For PeaceProbka Restaurant GroupProgressive Anti-Abortion UprisingRestorSalem Urban Development AuthoritySamsung i627 Propel ProSilvacoSMA Negeri 1 PurwakartaSMA Negeri 1 YogyakartaSt. Michael Technical School, SurakartaUniversity of Santa MonicaVerified Market ResearchZ CAM


Abul Hasnat ZulqarnainAchieng AkenaAkari Saho (2nd nomination)Albert AsriyanAlex Andreas (Australian actor)Alex HecklerAmir Ali (lawyer)Amirhossein SahebkarAmit MalviyaAna Griselda VegasAnup PandalamAsim Munir (cricketer)Brian DelateCharmaine YeeChaudhry Aurangzeb Khan (2nd nomination)Chikki PandayChiranjibi GuragainConstance DimaDadvan YousufDavid L. CookDeanne PandeyDennis Maina MachariaDiane MeierEddie JohnsElena PalmerGideon JoubertHadja Maffire BanguraHasan Fuat Sari (2nd nomination)Ihor LachenkovImre VankóIncheol ShinInge RoeckerJames Lyon (footballer)James Morton (baker)Jan SchweitermanJason Schmidt (photographer)Javier PintoJeffrey IgnacioJohn LeComptJosh Katz (journalist)Julie LorangerKai StaatsKanika DewanKarel DostálKaty Deacon (2nd nomination)Kayode AdegbulugbeKeith Lam (artist)Khalid bin Sultan bin Zayed Al NahyanLevi Addison Gardner (2nd nomination)Maguire SevenMarquez BransonMatej SenićMichael ShewmakerMichelle ÁlvarezMike SarimsakciMohamed FouzaiNeha Singh Rathore (2nd nomination)Nera CorsiPardi (lecturer)Pavel MicheevPedro José Folque de MendoçaPetia (singer)Prince Inigo of UrachRahmatollah Ghadimi ChermahiniRajat BhargavaRana Arif Kamal NoonRenata Wielgosz (2nd nomination)Robin KuehneSarah Rose KarrShan LieSheena M. JoyceShehu Ahmed TukurSigi WimalaSigne FørreSigríður Hrund PétursdóttirSimon WakelinSonny BunchSteve LevicoffSteven Jones (poker player)Tanya HeaslipThajuddinV. B. BanjkowskiWellington TairaYara MustafaYoku HataYuna OgataZapata Espinoza

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Balsamic MoonBirds in Meitei cultureCaimCampismCape Verdeans in CanadaConstitutional CommissionEmoinu Fish FestEnfant terrible (2nd nomination)Eyes in Meitei cultureFlag of PolesiaGagauz people in MoldovaGreat Four Anglican HymnsGun violence in the United States by state (2nd nomination)Hamas most wanted playing cardsMicroteachingPacific GatewayPlants in Meitei cultureQatari soft powerSexual and Gender Diversity in Social ServicesSikh Soudhan WarsSomali Patriotic MovementSudhanotiTree of Peace Memorial PlaqueUkrainian-Polish conflict in VolhyniaWorld Jenny's DayZou Presbyterian Church Synod

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PlenkenThe FuMPUprising till Overthrow

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20Q1980 Buffalo State Bengals football team1981 Buffalo State Bengals football team2025 World Men's Handball Championship qualificationAllegiance: War of FactionsAngela MaxwellCS Auxerre LugojGakuen Toshi Vara NoirKings CribbageList of historically significant college football gamesList of Meitei traditional polo and pony cultural heritage sitesList of NBC Sports golf commentatorsNetherlands Royal Shooting Sport AssociationRadoslav HolúbekRider deaths in British motorcycle racing series (2nd nomination)UCLA–UC Santa Barbara men's soccer rivalryWinning streak

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BS 7799Click-to-callComparison of neurofeedback softwareEvolution in Variable EnvironmentGreynetHermosa–Duhat–Balintawak Transmission LineIridium 77James D. Watson Institute of Genome SciencesList of apps with Google Cast supportListenBrainzNullsoft Scriptable Install SystemProcess Contention ScopeSchulze STVSonic user interfaceSuphalakTaxonomy of schools

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Amir SoleymaniCode of non-infringementDiagnostics of Karma (2 nomination)Elsa MarsGaamiHigh BrowsIan Rogers (character)L'ultima BurbaList of VTV dramas broadcast in 2024Luke DukeMasoom (2017 TV series)Miss Polly Had a DollyOver the RiverRuth EvershedSpace Top 10 Countdown

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Absheron Museum of History and Local StudiesAguamaniaAir Ceylon Avro 748 4R-ACJ bombingAlloa, OntarioAngourie PointArtesian, WashingtonArts District stationAtterbury TheatreAvtovokzalBrzozowo-KoloniaBrzozowy BorekD401 roadDidihat districtDonegall QuayEast Selah, WashingtonGievenbachHarasimowicze-KoloniaHira MosqueKaszuba, Podlaskie VoivodeshipList of capitals in Antigua and BarbudaList of largest hotels in EuropeList of traditional regions of SlovakiaŁozowo-KoloniaMahindra HyAlfaMass automobility (2nd nomination)Mimsville, GeorgiaMohsinwal railway stationNewell's car-following modelNewport Retail ParkPomona, WashingtonProhalinoShri Munjaba Tample, UkkadgaonU.S. Army Medical Materiel Center – Southwest AsiaVörehultVoting houseZujkowszczyzna

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Battle of Fuente del RodeoJohannes Winkler (disambiguation)

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