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This page helps editors correct probable typos in one click, based on edit distance 1 between GNU Aspell words and actual words in dumps. It lists entries formatted as paragraphs each consisting of:

  • page name
  • available functions (for those who have enabled the script—see below)
  • suggested correction (e.g., byeond->beyond?)
  • error type in parentheses, such as (omit)
  • surrounding context where the suspected error was found on the given page

There may be multiple listings of the same page, as when an error has been repeated.

This page and subpages are generated via semi-automated processes from Wikipedia dump files. As there may be some time difference between the generation of the dumps and the moment a user tries to correct a typo, the correction might have already been made, the context of the error changed slightly, or an entire sentence, paragraph, or section removed from the target article.

Over 100,000 typos have been fixed in the project as of 18 January 2022 (Quarry).

Enabling the script[edit]

Add this to Special:MyPage/common.js:


and do a hard refresh.

Using the script[edit]

Likely typos are detected, and corrections suggested, by a script. They are not always accurate. Before using the correction buttons, please check that the existing text is genuinely wrong, and that the suggested replacement is correct in context.

You should see the following buttons on the lists of typos, under each individual page entry:

  1. Replace: changes the article according to the offered replacement.
  2. Remove: removes paragraph from this list and marks the word as dismissed, so that it won't appear in future lists.
  3. Type: if the offered replacement isn't accurate, you can type the right replacement
  4. check template: tags the word in question with {{typo help inline}}

The script uses the paragraph's number, so you should work from bottom to top on a list page to prevent a "paragraph is missing" notification.

Of course, you can use the lists to spot typos and then click on the linked heading to make corrections manually. This is a good idea when you see from the context that several errors appear to be on the target page. It would be helpful, in that case, to click on "Remove" for the entry so as to save other editors time trying to fix an already-corrected error.

The lists[edit]

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Typos: 152 77 157 99 124 142 190 181 132 142 212 186 180 165 156 167 25 122 15 2624