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Wikipedia has thousands of lists of things; some are even lists of other lists. This is a non-comprehensive list of such lists, arranged by item type (not all of which are physical). For the highest quality lists, see Wikipedia:Featured lists. Note, that outlines and indexes are also lists, but, since they overlap with each other, they both have their own contents page.

General reference

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Culture and the arts

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DancesDance styles


Actors and characters: Actors, by television series • Touhou Project characters • Celebrities on The Simpsons • Characters from The Simpsons • Characters from The SopranosCharacters in 24 • Game show hostsGuest stars on Friends • Guest stars on Will & Grace • Sesame Street human characters • Sesame Street Muppets • Star Trek races
Music: Concert tours • Musical events • Music genres • Musical instruments • Opera houses • Schools of music
Electronic music: Music genresRecord labels
Musicians and musical groups
Composers: Classical music composers • National Academy of Popular Music/Songwriters Hall of Fame
Bands: Hardcore punk bands
Musicians: Alternative music artists • Ambient artists • Disco artists • Grammy Hall of Fame Award recipients • Hip hop artists • R&B musicians • Soul musicians • List of best-selling music artists
Record labels
Songs and compositions: Albums • Best selling singles by year (UK) • Christmas carols • Christmas number one singles (UK) • Compositions of Johann Sebastian Bach • Famous operas • Operettas
Video game music: Video game musicians
Film: Actors • Directors • Film festivals • Film institutes • Film source material • Film awards
Films: Computer-animated films • Preserved films • Highest-grossing • Most expensive • Rated NC-17 • Film series • Trilogies • Greatest • Worst
By title: # • A • B • C • D • E • F • G • H • I • J–K • L • M • N–O • P • Q–R • S • T • U–V–W • X–Y–Z
By year: 1920s • 1930s • 1940s • 1950s • 1960s • 1970s • 1980s • 1990s • 2000s • 2010s
By genre: Cult • Fantasy • Noir • Horror • Musicals • Science fiction • War • Westerns
Television: by year • Television networks • Television stations • TV stations in North America
Television channels
By country: Australia • Canada • Denmark • Ireland • United Kingdom • United States
By language: Spanish • French • German • Greek • Italian • Tamil
Television programs: Animated series • Lists of anime • UK television series • British TV shows remade for the American market • Children's television series • Comedies • Cult television shows • Dramadies • Most-watched television episodes • Sci-fi TV programs • Spin-off shows • Soap operas • TV shows by city setting
By broadcaster: BBC • ABC • CBS • Fox • MTV • NBC • UPN • Cartoon Network • ANT1 • ERT • MEGA Channel
By program: Invader Zim
By characters: Muppets

Sports: Shared franchise names • Judo techniques • Martial arts (Weapons) • Gay athletes • Sports leagues, Defunct sports leagues • Ski areas • SurfingList of sports

Baseball: Highest paid baseball players • Major league baseball players • Lifetime home run leaders • Triple crown
AL Gold Glove Winners at: Pitcher | Catcher | 1st Base | 2nd Base | Shortstop | 3rd Base | Outfield
NL Gold Glove Winners at: Pitcher | Catcher | 1st Base | 2nd Base | Shortstop | 3rd Base | Outfield
Football (soccer): Football teams100 Greatest Living Football Players • Football clubs in France • Women's association football clubsNational association football teams by nickname
Olympics: IOC country codes • Olympic medalists

Gaming: Games, by year (non-video) • Board game publishers • Japanese board games • Mancala variants • Miniature wargames

Chess: Games • Terms • Openings • World records • Players • World championship matches • Tournaments • Books • Fairy pieces
Video games: Arcade games • Console palettes

Literature: By yearPublishersScientific journals

Books: (By genreBanned books) • WritersLiterary awardsList of best-selling books
Electronic literature: List of electronic literature authors, critics, and works
Fiction: Fairy talesFictional characters • Fictional computersFictional robots and androids
Comics: MangaList of best-selling mangaComic strips
Comic books
DC Comics: CharactersElseworldsJustice League membersLegion of Super-Heroes membersSuperman enemiesLocations of the DC Universe
Marvel Comics: CharactersX-Men Avengers
Fictional places: Fictional countries • Fictional planets • Imaginary universes • Middle-earth
Major themes: Adultery • Family • Sadomasochism • Science fiction •Travel
Magazines: Men'sWomen'sTeenNewspapersBy circulationAnomalous phenomena

Mythology: Celtic mythological beings • Demigods • Greek mythological characters • Nordic Gods

Other: Artworks known in English by a foreign title • Colors • Public Art • Calendars • Gardening • Goethe-Institut locations • Headgear • Holidays • Knots • Mascots • Museums • Paintings (most expensive) •


Geography and places

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Countries • Country-related topics

Lists by country – Flags • Politics

Country subdivisions – Cities • Counties • Neighborhoods • Places

Geographical features

Land features • Deserts • Highest points • Islands • Mountains • Mountain passes • Mountain ranges • Volcanoes
Bodies of water • Canals • Lakes • Oceans • Reservoirs and dams • Rivers • Straits • Waterways
Man-made boundaries • Countries that border only one other country • Enclaves and exclaves • Border irregularities of the United States
Other: List of slums

Health and fitness

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History and events

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General: Archeological sites (By country, By continent and age) • Civil wars • Cyclones • Extinct states • Famous deaths by cause • Guerrilla movements • Historians (by subfield) • Historical anniversaries • Historical sites • Inventors killed by their own inventions • Missing treasure • Defunct buildings (Spain) • Roman sites (Spain, UK) • World records in chess
Time periods: On this day (April 4) • Months • This Year (2024) • By year • By decade, century, or millennium

Timelines of events

By chronology: Big Bang • Ancient Mesopotamia • Ancient Greece • Rome • Roman Empire • French Revolution • World War I • World War II (Evacuations)  • Space Race • Cold War
By event type: Battles • Coups d'état and coup attempts • Disasters (By death toll) • Earthquakes • Epidemics • Famous speeches • Fires • Foreign policy doctrines • Helicopter prison escapes • Invasions • Inventions • Industrial disasters • Judgments of the Constitutional Court of South Africa • Kidnappings • Military disasters • Musical events • Military operations • Natural disasters • Nobel Prizes • Nuclear accidents • Power outages • Recessions • Revolutions and rebellions • Riots • Roman Governorships of Britain • Scientific discoveries • Sieges • Space Shuttle missions • Strikes • Tariffs • Terrorism • Ticker-tape parades in New York City • Treaties • United States Supreme Court cases • UN peacekeeping missions • Wars
By field: Agriculture • Archaeology • Architecture • Art • Aviation • Biology • Chemistry • Communication • Computing • Evolution • Film • Geography • Human evolution • Invention • Literature • Mathematics • Medicine • Meteorology • Photography • Physics • Poetry • Psychology • Science • Scientific discoveries • Scientific experiments • Scientific thought • Scientific method • Sociology • Transport

Human activities

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Mathematics and logic

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Mathematics lists 


Basic mathematics • Trigonometric identities
Algebra • Algebraic structures • Reciprocity laws • Cohomology theories
Calculus and analysis • Integrals • Mathematical series • Vector spaces
Geometry and topology • Geometric shapes • Algebraic surfaces • Points
Logic • First-order theories • Large cardinal properties • Paradoxes
Number theory • Prime numbers
Differential equations • Nonlinear partial differential equations
Game theory • Games
Operations research • Knapsack problems

Methodology • Graphical methods • Mathematics-based methods • Rules of inference

Mathematical statements • Algorithms • Axioms • Conjectures • Erdős conjectures • Combinatorial principles • Equations • Formulae involving pi • Mathematical identities • Inequalities • Lemmas • Mathematical proofs • NP-complete problems • Statements undecidable in ZFC • Mathematical symbols • Undecidable problems • Theorems (Fundamental theorems)

General concepts • Dualities • Transforms • Recursion

Mathematical objects • Mathematical examples • Curves • Complex reflection groups • Complexity classes • Examples in general topology • Finite simple groups • Fourier-related transforms • Mathematical functions • Mathematical knots and links • Manifolds • Mathematical shapes • Matrices • Numbers • Polygons, polyhedra and polytopes • Regular polytopes • Simple Lie groups • Small groups • Special functions and eponyms • Algebraic surfaces • Surfaces • Table of Lie groups

Natural and physical sciences

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List of sciences • Superseded scientific theories

Biology  • Biological journalsCauses of deathFeeding behavioursHuman anatomyMusclesGene familiesLatin and Greek words commonly used in systematic names

Species and specimens – The World's 25 Most Endangered PrimatesDomesticated animalsList of dinosaursGenera in CaesalpinioideaeGenera in FaboideaeGenera in MimosoideaeOrganisms by populationOrganisms named after famous peopleOrganisms named after works of fictionOrganisms with names derived from indigenous languages of the AmericasQuercus species (oak) • Smilax speciesBirds by region • Mammals by region • Utricularia speciesCryptids
Plants • Arecaceae Genera (palm tree family) • Acer species (maple) • Sequoia grovesDomesticated plantsEdible seedsFamous treesFruitsGarden plantsHerbsVegetables
Insects • Insects of Britain
Fish • Fishes of the Coral SeaFishes of Great BritainFish of IrelandFish of MontanaFish in SwedenList of fishes of West Virginia
Diseases – Banana and plantain diseasesSweet potato diseases

Physical science

TelescopesTelescope typesOptical telescopesLargest optical reflecting telescopesLargest optical refracting telescopesLargest optical telescopes historicallySpace telescopesX-ray space telescopesProposed space observatoriesAstronomical interferometers at visible and infrared wavelengthsLargest infrared telescopesSolar telescopesHighest astronomical observatories
Astronomical objectsConstellationsConstellations by areaExoplanetsSupernovaeSupernova remnantsBrown dwarfsGamma-ray burstsBlack holesVoidsMost distant astronomical objectsAstronomical objects named after peopleInterstellar and circumstellar molecules
ObjectsSizeGravitationally roundedMeteor showersMoonsTallest mountainsGeological featuresLargest lakes and seasExtraterrestrial volcanoesMinor planetsMinor planet moonsTrans-Neptunian objectsUnnumbered minor planetsPossible dwarf planetsComets by typeNumbered cometsExtremesObjects at Lagrangian pointsHypothetical objects
MercuryMercury-crossing asteroidsGeological featuresCratersAlbedo features
VenusVenus-crossing asteroidsMountainsGeological featuresCratersTerraeCoronae
MoonCratersFeaturesMountainsmountains by heightMariaValleysLists of eclipses
MarsMars-crossing asteroidsRocksCratersMountainsMountains by heightVallesMeteoritesAreas of chaos terrainChasmataCatenaePlainsTerraeLabes
Geological features on PhobosGeological features on Deimos
AsteroidsNoteworthy asteroidsAten asteroidsApollo asteroidsAmor asteroidsApohele asteroidsAsteroids with moonsCentaursAsteroids named after important peopleExceptional asteroidsNear-Earth asteroids by distance from SunAsteroid groups
JupiterJupiter-crossing asteroidsMoonsGeological features on Jupiter's inner moonsJupiter trojans (Trojan camp)Jupiter trojans (Greek camp)Events
IoMountains on IoGeological featuresVolcanic features
EuropaGeological featuresCraters
GanymedeGeological featuresCraters
CallistoGeological featuresCraters
SaturnSaturn-crossing asteroidsGeological features on Saturn's smaller moonsGeological features on MimasGeological features on EnceladusGeological features on TethysGeological features on DioneGeological features on RheaGeological features on Iapetus
UranusUranus-crossing asteroidsGeological features on PuckGeological features on MirandaGeological features on ArielGeological features on TitaniaGeological features on OberonCraters on Umbriel
NeptuneNeptune-crossing asteroidsMoonsGeological features on Triton
StarsBy constellationBrightestNearest brightMost luminousMost massiveLargestHottestLeast massiveNearestTraditional star namesArabic star namesChinese star namesNamed after peopleVariableSemiregular variableWith proplydsX-ray pulsars
NebulaeDark nebulaeDiffuse nebulaePlanetary nebulaeProtoplanetary nebulae
Star clustersGlobular clustersOpen clustersStellar streams
Galaxiesnearest galaxiesgalaxies named after peopleSpiral galaxiespolar-ring galaxiesquasars
Other astronomical listsAstronomical cataloguesAstronomical symbolsAstronomical societiesFuture astronomical eventsAstronomical instrumentsAstronomical instrument makers
Chemistry  • BiomoleculesCompoundsEnthalpy change of formationFunctional groupsIsotope table (divided)Isotope table (complete)Stable isotopesStandard electrode potentials
Elementsby numberby symbolPeriodic table
Earth sciences
Geology  • BirthstonesEarthquakesLandformsMineralsOil fields Uranium minesRocksTectonic platesVolcanoesGlobal Boundary Stratotype Sections and Points
Meteorology • Tropical cyclone namesWeatherCloudsPrecipitation
Physics  • Artificial Radiation BeltsColorsCyclesEquations in classical mechanicsLaws in scienceLetters used in mathematics and scienceNoiseParticlesRelativistic equationsResistivitiesQuantum field theories

People and self

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Philosophy and thinking

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Philosophy list templates – Philosophy topics • History of Western Philosophy
Philosophical timelines  – PhilosophersEastern & Western

Religion and belief systems

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Society and social sciences

(see in all page types)

Corporate assetsStrikesStock market indicesStore brandsTraded commoditiesU.S. states by unemployment rateEuropean sovereign-debt crisis: List of acronyms

Businesses, organizations, and companies: Assets owned by Microsoft CorporationAssets owned by The Coca-Cola CompanyBritish natural gas companiesCompaniesCooperativesBanksDepartment storesEmployee-owned companiesEmployer associationsStock exchangesSupermarketsThink tanksTrade unions
Business people: Business theoristsEconomists

Economics: Economists

National accounts: Countries by nominal GDPCountries by nominal GDP per capitaCountries by PPP GDPCountries by PPP GDP per capita

Education: Academic fieldsFields of doctoral studiesAdmissions testsUniversities and collegesSchools by country

Environmental issues

Law: Case lawCivicsInternational public law

Linguistics: LanguagesEnglish wordsAcronymsConsonantsVowels (table) • HieroglyphsEmoticons • French words and phrases used by English speakersPhoneticsShibbolethsSymbolsWriting systems

Organizations: British professional bodiesCivic, fraternal, service, and professional organizationsEmployer associationsEnvironmental organizationsLGBT-related organizationsTrade unionsUnited States MintsWomen's organizations

Politics: by countryList of California suffragistsPolitical parties (Generic names of political parties) • National legislaturesNational anthemsGreen topicsIntelligence agenciesSecret police organizationsUnited Nations member statesUnited States federal agenciesCurrent members of the United States CongressList of US Presidents with facial hair • Micronations • Scandals with "-gate" suffix

Psychology (Lists): AutismClinical psychologistsCognitive biasesCredentials in psychologyDSM-IV CodesDSM-IV Codes (alphabetical)Diagnostic classification and rating scalesDrugsEmotionsFictional psychiatristsMental illnessesMemory biasesNLP-related articlesNeurological disordersPsychiatric drugsPsychiatric drugs by condition treatedPsychology disciplinesPsychological schoolsPsychologistsPsychotherapiesScientific journals in psychologyWeb experiments

Social psychology: Social psychologists

Sociology: Children's rightsEthnic groupsFeminismFeminist economistsLifestylesSocial science journalsSociologistsSubfields of sociologyTimeline of sociologyYouth rights

Society: Guide Dog SchoolsHonorary societiesPrizes, medals, and awards

Urban studies: Public utilities

Technology and applied sciences

(see in all page types)

Emerging Technology

Architecture and Construction

Buildings and structures: Tallest (London) • Irish buildingsDemolished landmarks in SpainHistoric landmarks
Lighthouses and lightvessels: BelgiumCanadaFranceGermanyItalySwedenUnited States
Windmills: UK
Watermills: UK
Energy infrastructure: LargestCoalFuel oilNatural gasNuclearHydroelectricGeothermalPhotovoltaicSolar thermalTidal • Wind (OnshoreOffshore)
Water infrastructure: LargestReservoirs and damsTallestCanals

Computing: AMD microprocessorsIntel microprocessorsIntel chipsetsSoftware bugsOpen source software packagesGNU packagesOperating systemsUnixesUnix programsMachines running CP/MIBM productsUNIVAC productsMicrocomputersGraphics file formatsTest automationScreen readers

Internet and World Wide Web: TCP and UDP port numbersInternet top-level domainsNewsgroupsHTTP status codesXML and HTML charactersDigital library projectsColorsHTML editorsWikis
Web technologies: Java APIs.NET APIsWeb 2.0Ajax
Computer science: AlgorithmsData structuresPublicationsOpen problems
Programming languages: Alphabetical listCategorical listChronological listGenerational list
Character sets and encodings: ASCIIEBCDICISO 646ISO 8859-1ISO 8859-2ISO 8859-3ISO 8859-8ISO 8859-11ISO 8859-15UnicodeUTF-7UTF-8UTF-16UTF-32Windows-1252

Electronics: Home computers

Engineering: Branches

Events: List of years in science: 2024 in scienceTimeline of historic inventions




Military strategies: Thirty-Six StrategiesMilitary tactics
Air forces of the world
Military air bases: Royal Air ForceRoyal Canadian Air ForceUS Air ForceUS ArmyUS Coast GuardUS Marine CorpsUS Navy
Air force commands: Royal Air ForceUSAAF NAF Component Commands
Aircraft groups: Royal Air Force
Aircraft squadrons: British Army Air CorpsBritish Fleet Air ArmRoyal Air ForceUS Air ForceUS ArmyUS Marine CorpsUS Navy
Aircraft wings: Royal NavyUS Navy
Armies of the world
Armies (by number) • Military corps (by numberby name) • Military divisions (by numberby name)
United Kingdom: Regiments of FootRegiments (1881)Regiments (1903)Regiments (1922)Regiments (1962)British Forces in the American Revolutionary War
United States of America: ArmiesCorpsDivisionsDefense contractorsMilitary bases
Navies of the world: Fleets
Military groups in WWI and WWII
Australia: Divisions in WWIWWII
Britain: Groups in WWII • Armies in WWIWWII • Corps in WWI • Divisions in WWIWWII
Canada: WWII
Germany: Prisoner of War Camps in WWII
India: Corps in WWIIDivisions in WWII
Poland: Divisions in WWII
United States of America: Groups in WWII
Terrorists of the world: Terrorist groupsTerrorist incidents
Military bases
Military events: BattlesGuerrilla movementsInvasionsMilitary missions, operations, and projectsTerrorist incidentsWars
Weapons and miscellaneous topics
Military technology and equipment: WeaponsAircraft weaponsWorld War II weaponsMissilesArmoured fighting vehiclesNATO reporting namesSwords
Artillery: By countryWWII • Largest cannons by caliber
Military aircraft: LuftwaffeSoviet Union and CISUnited StatesBritish Army Air CorpsRoyal Air ForceFleet Air ArmIsraeliAustralian Air ForceAustralian NavyCanadian Air ForceCanadian NavyNew Zealand Air Force and NavySouth AfricanIrishFrench Air ForceNATO reporting names for misc aircraftNATO reporting names for transport aircraftUS X-planes
Naval technology
By era/war: World War II
By type: Aircraft CarriersBattleshipsCruisersDestroyersLSTs
By operator: AustraliaCanadaGermanyIndiaJapanNetherlandsUnited KingdomRoyal Fleet Auxiliary (UK)United StatesMilitary Sealift Command (US)Soviet Union

Space exploration: Unmanned space missionsHuman spaceflights(by program)Space disastersAstronautsTimeline of astronauts by nationalityList of NRO Launches

Transportation: Transport museums

Aviation: AircraftManufacturersEnginesEngine manufacturersWeaponsBy date and use
Aviation accidentsBy airlineBy locationBy year
Land transport
Automobiles: ManufacturersTrucks
List of convoy codes
Cycles: Bicycle parts
Rail transport
Heritage railways
Light-rail transitMelbourne tram routesMetrosLondon Underground stationsclosed London Underground stationsMelbourne railway stationsclosed Melbourne railway stationsList of famous trainsList of railway stations – UKclosed New York City Subway stations
Road systems
Roads and highways: US InterstatesUK motorwaysHighways in AustraliaList of U.S. RoutesUS state highwaysRoads and Transport Authority serving Dubai
Tunnels: NLCLNZUKUSCHAUIRICALBCNSPGermanySwitzerlandSwedenSlovakiaPortugalBrazilCroatiaThe Alps
Nautical / Shipping technology: ShipsFictional shipsSailboatsMarinas
Space transport: SpacecraftList of unmanned spacecraft by programList of Solar System probesList of landings on extraterrestrial bodies

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