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  • The Co-op officially opened for editors seeking mentors on 6 July 2015.
  • Once you have created a mentor profile, you can get matched with a learner at any time! HostBot will routinely search for new learner profiles and may match you to an editor if your editing topics match. Once you are matched, you will receive a notification from HostBot. If you're looking to mentor someone sooner than that, please check the following list:
Category:Co-op learners not currently being mentored
Once learners have a mentor, please remove them from the category by putting their mentor's username in the mentor field on their user profile (example here).
  • Whenever you feel like you cannot take on additional editors for mentorship, go to your profile and select "Update profile," and select the Unavailable checkbox. You can change these options at anytime on your profile.
  • Mentoring resources on a large variety of topics are available. These include documentation pages, videos, teaching programs, editing tests that Wikipedians have developed, and pages aimed at newer editors. We encourage mentors to use these pages as a means to aid in teaching, but should not replace substantive interactions with your learner.