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This essay is about a possible Judeo-Christian/Abrahamic systemic bias in some Wikipedia articles.

Identifying the Judeo-Christian/Abrahamic POV[edit]

Some Wikipedia editors identify as Christian,[1] and some of these editors write articles on Christian-related topics. There are thousands of religions in this world, however, and in the interests of balance, Wikipedia should also give appropriate weight to other cultures and religions.

Matters of doctrine[edit]

Wikipedia does not endorse a particular set of religious views. As with other articles, articles on matters of doctrine should therefore follow verifiability guidelines. Typically, statements on doctrine should have the form "Group X believes doctrine Y," rather than "Doctrine Y is the true doctrine."

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  1. ^ Category:Wikipedians by religion has 1,902 Christians, compared to 2,502 atheists, 914 Muslims, 802 agnostics, 587 "Pastafarians," 473 Jews, 256 Buddhists, and 222 Hindus.