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Kirill Lokshin
Adminship Anniversary
AnemoneProjectors (2007)
First Edit Day
Awilley, Maxim, EchidnaLives

This template is part of the Wikipedia:Birthday Committee.

  • Birthday – This is your real life birthday.
  • Adminship Anniversary – This is for those users who have been promoted to sysop status. This is the day in which their nominations passed. Place the year in parentheses after the username. Some editors may also have a "Bureaucratship Anniversary", the day on which they became a bureaucrat.
  • First Edit Day – (a.k.a. WikiBirthday) This is your first day that you edited on Wikipedia. You can use the first edit you have with your current account, or use the one started with an IP address.

Please add your special days to the calendar if you would like to participate. If you would like to add a holiday (or update one whose day of celebration varies from year to year), you will need to add the extra code here.

For more information, please see the project page or the calendar page.