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December 2004 Election
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In August 2004, special elections for the Arbitration Committee were held. There were two open positions on the Arbitration Committee. These positions were voluntarily vacated by UninvitedCompany and Eloquence, two of Jimbo's original appointees.

The winners of the election were Jwrosenzweig and Raul654, served until December 31, 2004. New elections will be held in December for these two positions, along with those of The Cunctator and James F., whose terms end at the same time. The Arbitrators will be eligible to run for re-election if they wish.

The full results were:

The election was co-ordinated by Danny with technical assistance from Tim Starling.

The election candidates were all volunteers who presented themselves before August 2 by placing brief candidate statements at Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee Elections July 2004/Candidate statements.

The vote was held from 5 August to 14 August using the Special:ArbComVote software. Anyone who had been a registered user for at least 3 months was eligible to vote.

The vote method was approval voting, meaning users could vote for as many candidates as they liked, though they could vote for each person only once. A list of voters is at Special:ArbComVote/list.

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