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African Collaboration of the Week
African Collaboration of the Week

Welcome to Wikipedia:Africa-related regional notice board's collaboration of the month. Each month, an Africa-related article is selected on this page to become the African Collaboration of the Month (ACOTM).

The aim is to take an Africa-related article with potential and elevate it to good or featured status through cooperative editing. When the current ACOTM article's month long improvement period expires, the nominated article that has received most support votes is selected for the next collaboration. Any editor, registered or not, can help the collaboration by contributing to the selected article.

  • Previous collaborations can be found here.

How to nominate an articles[edit]

Any Africa-related article, except those that are current featured articles, featured article candidates, good articles or good article candidates, may be nominated. New nominations can be made at any time.

To nominate an article, add the following to the bottom of the section "Nominees":

===[[Name of article]]===

Nomination text. ~~~~


# ~~~~


Note that you must fill in the name of the article and the nomination text (which should indicate why the article would benefit from a collaboration).

Please add the following template to the nominated article's talk page: {{NomACOTM}}.

Selection process[edit]

  • The collaborations are selected by approval voting.
  • Please add only support votes. Opposing votes do not affect the result, as the "winner" is simply the one with the most support votes (see Approval voting).
  • A vote for an article does not require you to fulfill any commitment, but by sincerity and decency you should vote for articles that you are able to contribute to, so that that the collaboration's goals of expanding and improving articles can adequately be achieved.
  • The article with the most votes at selection time will become the next collaboration of the Month.

When an article has been selected as the collaboration of the Month, add the template {{AFRICOLL}} to its talk page, and edit Wikipedia:African Collaboration of the Month/current, which acts as a template and adds the current collaboration to Template:Announcements/Current collaborations and some other places.



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