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In general, there are three different levels of volunteers for the Wikipedia abuse response. Each level of participation has specific roles in the project. If you want to help out with the project beyond reporting abuse to us you may nominate yourself at the self nomination form. You can find out more about the roles on the guide to abuse response. Before adding yourself to the list, please nominate yourself for consideration and allow for confirmation by the Wikipedia community. This is required to ensure quality of the reports.

Please sign up for the mailing list once you are on the list.


Username Country Languages Comments
Active team members

Team members process and investigate cases and liaise with the organisation responsible for the abusive IP.

Ebe123 (talk · contribs) Canada English, French with Cajun French and Acadian French. Some Italian. See my userpage for more. Can email worldwide. Mainly the initial sorting of cases.
Damirgraffiti (talk · contribs) USA English Can contact only by email. Will do telephone contact at some point in the future. Checking Abuse reports mainly. I also do investigations. I do sometimes reporting and being the requester and then the investigator and then the contactor. I do it sometimes every 2 or 3 months.
M.O.X (talk · contribs) Australia English, Mandarin, some French, Italian and Japanese Able to email ISPs internationally and call all Australian/New Zealand ISPs.
Inactive team members

Those listed here are presumed to be taking a break from Abuse Response and who may participate again at any given time.

MacMed (talk · contribs) Canada English and some French. Can email and make some calls via Google Voice if necessary.
Joe_Gazz84 (talk · contribs)[Notes 1] USA English Will contact ISPs by email or by phone (in US or Canada). Mainly investigations.
Acather96 (talk · contribs) UK English Able to contact ISP's by e-mail
AndrewN (talk · contribs) USA English Network Engineer, and active MIS student, specializing in Information Security and Information Assurance.
Able to contact via e-mail. Can contact US based ISPs via phone in emergency only.
MikeLynch (talk · contribs) India English, Kannada and Hindi. Able to Email anyone, can make calls anywhere within India, and sometimes internationally (US, UK and Canada) as and when my operator allows me.


Users are removed from this list altogether if they have retired or have not edited at all for 2 months, they may also remove themselves if they don't foresee any future activity at Abuse Response.


You can add the Abuse Response userbox to your userpage using the following:
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  1. ^ Confirmed