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This is a small list about various terms, useful to analyse the trends of the pageviews of Wikipedia in various countries:

  • Monsoon spike: In India and Bangladesh, Wikipedias have a particular trend on how the pageviews are going: From October to May, pageviews are generally stable. The same happens for the figures of active users. However, the two figures (pageviews and users), record a substantial growth from June until September, during the monsoon season and the figures remain stable after the growth until the next growth cycle in the same period of the next year. This growth usually amounts around to 30%. It happens every year, but Covid pandemic disrupted it for 2020. In 2021 the active users didn't grew very much, but the cycle largely returned. For 2022, it seems that there is another disruption happening, due to the food crisis (probably): Examples -> here, here, here, and here. From Hindi, Bengali, Tamil and Kannada wikis.