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The Warehouse Theatre is a student-run theatre company located on the Stephens College campus in Columbia, Missouri, U.S. As a women's college, Stephens has historically admitted a very limited number of males as students in the School of Creative and Performing Arts Theatre and Dance programs. The theater typically does four shows per year, two per semester.

Warehouse Theatre
LocationColumbia, Missouri
United States
OwnerStephens College
Typecollege theater
Genre(s)plays, musicals

Mission statement[edit]

”The Warehouse fosters freedom of material and vision by producing original scripts, avant-garde pieces, and socially poignant works which, more often than not, highlight women’s issues and experiences.”[citation needed]

The Warehouse Board[edit]

There are usually 11 members on the Warehouse board. These members are in charge of different aspects of the company. As a whole, they make important decisions about the Warehouse season, including choosing the shows, and also plan and organize events, such as fundraisers or open mic nights. While the first year, second year, and conservatory representatives are elected at the beginning of the new academic year, the other board members are elected at the middle of the second semester of the previous year.


In addition to putting on four shows, the Warehouse hosts numerous events throughout the year.

Warehouse Dance[edit]

Generally at the end and/or beginning of the school year the Warehouse will host a themed dance for all to enjoy.

Open Mic Night[edit]

One Wednesday every month, the Warehouse hosts an open mic night. These open mic nights are designed as a way to give Stephens students an outlet to express themselves and entertain others. Students can dance, sing, perform, do stand-up, read poetry or do whatever they want. Students of all majors are encouraged to come and show off what they can do.


Starting in February 2012 the Warehouse hosted a 24-Play Festival. Students wrote, directed, memorized, designed, and performed an hour of 10-minute plays, all in 24 hours. In 2019, this was scheduled to be replaced with the first-ever Short Play Festival but was canceled due to COVID-19.

Past events[edit]

The Warehouse had a few traditions that have not been passed on in recent years, but up until then had been annual. Some are as follows.

Musical revue[edit]

In the past, the Warehouse presented a musical revue every year. The revue is entirely musically directed, choreographed and performed by students. In 2009, the revue was entitled Bombs Away: A Musical Revue of Flops and in 2008, it was called De-Briefing: A Night of Women Singing Some of Musical Theatre's Most Popular Songs for Men.


Show Author Year Type
Gidion's Knot Johnna Adams October 2020 Drama (filmed)
Everyman unknown February 2020 Drama
Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom Jennifer Haley November 2019 Thriller
The Amish Project Jessica Dickey September 2019 Drama
Anton in Show Business Jane Martin April 2019 Comedy
Machinal Sophie Treadwell February 2019 Drama
Sans Merci Johnna Adams December 2018 Tragedy
The Anastasia Trials in the Court of Women Carolyn Gage October 2018 Drama
Chamber Music/No Exit Arthur Kopit/Jean-Paul Sartre April 2009 One acts
Moonlight and Valentino Ellen Simon February 2009 Sentimental comedy
Bombs Away: A Revue of Flops February 2009 Musical revue
The Great Cross Country Race Alan Broadhurst November 2008 Children's show
Snake in the Grass Alan Ayckbourn October 2008 Thriller
One Act Play Festival April 2008
Triptych Edna O'Brien February 2008 Drama
The Most Massive Woman Wins Madeleine George November 2007 Drama
De-Briefing October 2007 Musical revue
Naomi in the Living Room Christopher Durang October 2007 Absurd
Marion Bridge Daniel MacIvor April 2007 Sentimental comedy
43 Plays for 43 Presidents Chicago's Neo-Futurists Theatre Collective February 2007 Absurd
Cover of Life R.T. Robinson November 2006
Extremities William Mastrosimone October 2006 Drama

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