Walter Hauser

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Walter Hauser

Walter Hauser (1 May 1837 in Wädenswil – 22 October 1902) was a Swiss politician and member of the Swiss Federal Council (1888–1902).


Open to technical innovations, Hauser was one of the founders of the left bank of the Zurichseebahn in 1859, the Wädenswil-Einsiedeln-Bahn in 1870 and the Wädenswil gasworks in 1874.[1]

He was elected to the Federal Council on 13 December 1888 and died in office on 22 October 1902. He was affiliated to the Free Democratic Party of Switzerland.

During his office time he held the following departments:

He was President of the Confederation twice in 1892 and 1900.


Hauser was born into the family of Jakob Arnold Hauser and Emilie Theiler. In 1865, he married Marie-Sophie Wiedeman.[3]


Walther-Hauser-Strasse in Wädenswil is named after him.


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