Voiced epiglottal affricate

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Voiced epiglottal affricate
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The voiced epiglottal affricate ([ʡ͡ʢ] in IPA) is a rare affricate consonant that is initiated as an epiglottal stop [ʡ] and released as a voiced epiglottal fricative [ʢ]. It has not been reported to occur phonemically in any language.


Features of the voiced epiglottal affricate:


Language Word IPA Meaning Notes
Haida Hydaburg dialect[1] [example needed] May be a stop [ʡ] instead.[1]
Somali cad [ʡʢaʔ͡t] white Only pronounced as [ʡʢ] when 'c' occurs initially, otherwise realized as [ʡ][2]


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