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Papua New Guinea Visitors must obtain a visa on arrival or e-Visa to enter the country. Visitors can also apply for a visa from the PNG diplomatic missions. All visitors must have a passport valid for 6 months.

Visa policy map[edit]

  Papua New Guinea
  Individual visa on arrival (60 days) / Easy Visitor Permit (60 days)
  Group visa on arrival (30 days) / eVisa
  Easy Visitor Permit (60 days)
  Easy Visitor Permit (30 days)

Visa on arrival[edit]

Citizens of the following countries and regions may obtain a visa on arrival valid for 60 days (unless otherwise noted) at Port Moresby International Airport.[1][2]

1 - For diplomatic or official passport holders.
2 - For ordinary passport holders who are tourists travelling in organised tour groups.
3 - 30 days

Holders of passports from all Pacific Island States are eligible for Visa on arrival at all authorized ports of entry in Papua New Guinea, specifically Jacksons International Airport and Wutung land border post.[3]

In addition,visa agreements have been signed with India and South Korea for diplomatic and official passport holders. And awaits ratification by the National Parliament of Papua New Guinea before these agreements can enter into force.[2]

The Immigration Department said VOA does not apply to diplomats and civil servants on formal long-term contracts, but only to those visiting on short-term contracts.[2]

Electronic Visa (e-Visa)[edit]

Citizens of all countries and regions may apply for e-Visa according to their purposes of visit.

E-Visas have the following classes:

  • Business Visa Classes
  • Entertainer Visa Classes
  • Restricted Visa Classes
  • Special Exemption Visa Classes
  • Visitor Visa Classes
  • Working Resident Visa Classes

Among them, there are the following types of Visitor Visa Classes:

  • Easy Visitor Permit
  • Journalist
  • Sportsperson
  • Tourist - Own Itinerary
  • Tourist - Tour Package
  • Visiting Relatives
  • Yachtperson

Visa fees vary for each class and type.[4]

Easy Visitor Permit[edit]

Citizens of the following countries and regions may obtain an Easy Visitor Permit (EVP) whose duration of stay is 30 or 60 days online. The EVP cannot be extended.[5][6]

Applications lodged via the e-Visa portal will attract a fee of 50 USD. This EVP is valid for a single entry and expressly prohibits the holder from engaging in paid work.

60 days

30 days

1 - Also applicable to passports issued to residents of French and Dutch territories in the Caribbean.
2 - Also applicable to passports issued to residents of Cook Islands, Niue and Tokelau.
3 - Also applicable to passports issued to residents of Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands.

Tourist Visa[edit]

Tourist Visa

Citizens of countries not included in the Easy Visitor Permit and regions may apply for Tourist Visa according to their purposes of visit. Tourist visas are classified into Own Itinerary for individual tourists and Tour Package for group tourists.

These visas can be obtained by paying 50 USD online lodgement fee, it is valid for 6 months, single entry and allows visitors stay up to 60 days. Tourist Visa can be extended.[5]

APEC Business Travel Card[edit]

Holders of passports issued by the following countries who possess an APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) containing a "PNG" code on the reverse side, which indicates that it is valid for travel to Papua New Guinea, can enter Papua New Guinea without a visa for business trips for up to 60 days.[7]

ABTCs are issued to citizens of:[8]


Most visitors arriving to Papua New Guinea were from the following countries of nationality:[9]

Rank Country or territory 2016 2015 2014
1  Australia 88,092 91,368 93,433
2  Philippines 14,090 13,569 13,745
3  China 12,937 10,255 8,970
4  United States 12,181 12,762 11,668
5  New Zealand 10,265 10,149 10,698
6  Indonesia 7,827 6,763 5,896
7  United Kingdom 6,974 7,399 6,994
8  Malaysia 5,558 5,306 4,759
9  India 4,293 4,012 3,476
10  Germany 3,276 3,557 3,300
Total 197,632 198,685 191,442

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