Vice President of Bangladesh

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Vice-President of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
গণপ্রজাতন্ত্রী বাংলাদেশের উপরাষ্ট্রপতি
National emblem of Bangladesh.svg
StyleThe Honorable
ResidenceJamuna State House
Hare Road, Ramna, Dhaka
AppointerPresident of Bangladesh
Formation17 April 1971
First holderSyed Nazrul Islam
Final holderShahabuddin Ahmed
Abolished6 December 1990

The vice-president of Bangladesh was formerly the second highest constitutional office in Bangladesh, when the country was governed under a presidential system. The Vice-President was the first person in the presidential line of succession, in the event of a President's resignation, removal or death. The post was held by several Bangladeshi statesmen during different periods of the country's history. The inaugural office holder was Syed Nazrul Islam during the Bangladesh Liberation War. The final office holder was Shahabuddin Ahmed. Abdus Sattar was the only vice-president to succeed to the presidency in 1981.

The office was first created in the Provisional Government of Bangladesh in 1971. It was later revived in 1977, abolished in the 1982 coup d'état; and reinstated in 1986. It was abolished again during the Twelfth Amendment to the Constitution.


Political parties
Other factions


Portrait Term Party President Notes
Syed Nazrul Islam
Sayed nazrul islam.jpg 17 April 1971 – 12 January 1972 Bangladesh Awami League Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Acting President during the Bangladesh Liberation War.[1]
Abdus Sattar
No image.png June 1977 – May 1981 Bangladesh Nationalist Party Ziaur Rahman Succeeded Zia as president in 1981.[2]
Mirza Nurul Huda
No image.png 24 November 1981 – 23 March 1982 Independent Abdus Sattar Resigned after conflict with BNP.[3]
Mohammad Mohammadullah
No image.png 1982 Bangladesh Nationalist Party In office for 24 hours; deposed in the 1982 coup d'état[4]
A. K. M. Nurul Islam
No image.png 30 November 1986 – 1989 Jatiya Party Hussain Muhammad Ershad Former Supreme Court Justice and Law Minister.[5]
Moudud Ahmed
No image.png September 1989 – December 1990 Jatiya Party Former Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.
Shahabuddin Ahmed
No image.png 6 December 1990 - 10 October 1991 Independent Former Chief Justice of Bangladesh. Served as Acting President after Ershad's resignation and led transitional government to the parliamentary period.[6]


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